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EurasianPersuasion – Chastity Footjob Extreme

You come over thinking you are just going to receive a sensual footjob from me. When I find out that you have never been in chastity before my devious imagination starts going. This 4k video begins with you locked up with my beautiful blue pedicured toes rubbing up and your tightly caged cock. Teasing you with my soles and ass. I even lick the cage but not you. Enjoy the most extreme footjob ever. Beg to be let out so you can cum all over my perfect feet.
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DirtyTransDolls – Sexy footjob for tranny slut part 1

Vicky and Nesty love playing with their tranny slut, she is always so horny! But they decide to tease her a lot, especially with their nyloned feet…it will surely make her cock grow in her lace panties…
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GloveMansion – Seductive black satin glovejob

Are you ready for my soft touch? My satin gloves and silky stockings are going to make your cock so hard. I love feeling it throb between my gloved hands and nyloned feet. Lay back and enjoy a sensual glovejob.
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Chateau-Cuir – Lesbian wife cuckolds hubbie part 2

While she makes out with her hot blonde girlfriend, he can only watch and naturally fall in to his new rank in the house: at the bottom of her beautiful feet. A woman will now pleasure her but he needs to learn how to please her in other, non-sexual ways in the future.
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GoddessFootJobs – Stepdad Makes Me Feel Better – Ashlynn Taylor

When Ashlynn Taylor’s boyfriend turns down her request for a foot massage, she knows exactly where to turn. Her loving stepfather has always been helpful and shows particular attention to her sexy feet. He doesn’t delay to give her what she needs. The foot massage is mixed with sensual foot worship, just the way Ashlynn loves. She knows how much he cares for her and she’s more than willing to give back. She extracts his cock from his shorts and begins caressing it between her curvy soles. Ashlynn loves how hard he gets for her feet and pays close attention to his most sensitive areas; gripping the shaft between her toes and flicking the tender helmet. There’s a lot of love in this family and the hot load of cum on Ashlynn Taylor’s fabulous feet is proof that this taboo relationship will endure.
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GoddessFootjobs – Failing English Class – Nicole Grey

Nicole Grey is having a one-on-one meeting with her teacher. Unfortunately the young girl is failing her English class. He implores her to spend more time studying, but the desperate Latina asks if there is any other way to pass the course. The old pervy teacher has something in mind for sure. Nicole doesn’t understand why he asks her to remove her shoes. How can this possibly help improve her English grade? The teacher goes down on her small brown feet and you can see how much of a foot fetish he has. Nicole has beautiful feet and the teacher wants more. The educator whips out his cock and begins fucking her petite feet. The confused student finds the whole thing odd, but it certainly beats the other options of failing or studying. Teacher eagerly slides his boner between her slender feet until he spurts a white load onto her tanned feet. Nicole Grey now understands that bringing up the teacher regularly will also bring up her grades.
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GloveMansion – Sensual satin glovejob

Are you ready for my soft touch? My satin gloves and silky stockings are going to make your cock so hard. I love feeling it throb between my gloved hands and nyloned feet. Lay back and enjoy a sensual glovejob.
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GoddessFootjobs – Stepdaughter Can’t Get Pregnant – Luna Jinx

Luna Jinx is missing her mother who’s traveling for work. She’s a little uncomfortable being alone around her mom’s new husband Tom. With his wife away for several weeks, Tom is getting a little horny. After admiring her new pedicure he begins rubbing her bare feet without asking. Luna is clearly uncomfortable. Tom helps himself to a taste of his new stepdaughter’s toes, and then begins reaching up her skirt. Luna explains that she doesn’t want to have sex: both because it’s a weird situation and she isn’t on birth control. The old guy is being driven by his lower brain, so Luna suggests a footjob instead of intercourse. He’s already raring to go, so Luna wraps her feet around his hard cock and begins pumping. Stepdad enjoys the foot loving and spews a hot load onto her waiting feet. Luna Jinx isn’t yet aware of what she’s started, but we can safely bet she’ll be getting more of this type workout over the next few weeks.
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GoddessFootDomination – Let’s Make A Deal – Goddess Brianna

Goddess Brianna is in a particularly generous mood today. Slave R has been invited into her prescence for the third time to serve her. She’s pleased with his servitude thus far and proposes a deal. If he can handle a footjob from her for a full five minutes without cumming, she’ll permit him to become a sex slave.

Slave R lays on his back before his Goddess as she unstraps her shoes, releasing her gorgeous bare feet. Goddess Brianna begins working his cock with her feet, rubbing it up and down. She humiliates the slave by working one foot back and forth from his cock to his mouth. The slave worships at her feet, licking her soles and sucking on her toes. Goddess Brianna reminds him what’s at stake, the opportunity of a lifetime to experience her heavenly pussy wrapped around his cock.

Feeling his climax coming, the slave feebly asks her to slow down. Goddess Brianna disregards this request and laughs as he spurts his load onto his stomach well short of the required five minutes. She smirks and rolls her eyes as Slave R claims he’ll do better next time.
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GoddessFootjobs – Borrowing Step Dad’s Car – Nicole Grey

Nicole Grey is sitting on her bed when her stepdad comes in. She asks him for money to buy a new car. He’s willing to consider it, that is if she’ll play ball. Stepdad reaches for her feet and begins kissing them and sucking on her toes one by one. He can definitely help her if she’s willing to indulge him.

Stepdad lays back as Nicole starts rubbing his cock with her feet. He groans in pleasure as his cock is worked between her supple, young soles. Nicole works her stepdad’s cock with ease, flipping onto her knees and stroking as he admires her tight ass. He sneaks in a grope of her tits and then erupts all over her feet. Stepdad sighs in relief and agrees to take her to look for a new car.
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GoddessFootDomination – Footjob Tease and Denial – Goddess Brianna

Goddess Brianna has a potential sex slave on her hands. She’s decided to test his staying power by teasing him with her oiled feet. Brianna lets him know he’ll need to hold off and he struggles immediately as his cock is rubbed by the slick, sexy soles of his Goddess. She takes her time, alternating between squeezing him tightly between her toes and resting to taunt him with her sexy voice.

The slave is shaking under her expert manuevers, eager to prove he can pass her test. Goddess Brianna keeps up the pace until she is eventually satisfied the slave has proven himself. She now wants to see what kind of a load he can produce for her. The slave proves up to this challenge as well and sprays all over his Goddess’s beautiful feet. Pleased, she entices the slave that he may yet one day serve her sexually.
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GoddessFootjobs – Family Forever – Lexi Rainz

Lexi Rainz can’t wait to show her father-in-law her new tattoo. She got a nice Family Forever inked onto her ankle to immortalize her relationship to his son, Jimmy. Her father-in-law sadly informs her that Jimmy doesn’t like tattoos on women. He even divorced his last wife over getting one. Lexi and her husband’s father hatch a plan to take care of it. She’ll cover it up until they can have it removed. Dad will even pay for it.

With that settled, Lexi notices her in-law seems to be rubbing her foot on his cock! She’s taken aback but agrees that since he’s helping her she can help him. Dad is soon licking her feet and sucking on her toes. Lexi begins milking his cock with her feet as her father-in-law rubs her tits through her shirt.

Old dad groans in approval as Lexi works his cock between her long, sexy feet. She moves through a few positions before the old man has had enough. He lets loose all over her feet and collapses back into the couch totally spent.
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GoddessFootjobs – Release My Sins – Ashlynn Taylor

Ashlynn Taylor is at an interview at her hometown church. She and her pastor reminisce about the old days, back when she was known as the “Barefoot Torpedo”. The church is producing a promotional video and the pastor suggests featuring her bare feet in it. Ashlynn props her feet up on the pastors desk so he can take a closer look at them.

The audition for the video begins and Ashlynn recites her lines from the script. As she reads through, the pastor walks behind her and begins adjusting and then feeling her feet. On her second take, Ashlynn looks back to see the pastor has taken his cock out and is fucking her feet!

Ashlynn lays there horrified and paralyzed by the situation. Her pastor informs her this is the result of her placing impure thoughts in his head with her bare feet. He thrusts his cock in and out, relishing the friction of her young succulent soles. Ashlynn is reminded that this is all the result of her sin of temptation.

Summoned to kneel before him, Ashlynn is told to jerk the twisted clergyman off. As he nears climax he has her cup her hands to receive his creamy offering. The pastor then has her commit her final penance for her sin by rubbing the offering into her sinful feet.
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