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PantyhoseTherapy – Scissor Virgin

Pantyhosed foot tease, spandex, metallic lycra, nylon encasement, pantyhose cbt, foot job, tight headscissor indoctrination.
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Scissorvixens – Friday The 13th Crush!

Welcome new red-hot redheaded ScissorVixen, Alexa Nova, to our family of female SKULL CRUSHERS! We first noticed Alexa over a year ago when she caught our attention on a social network showing off her petite but very fit body and in particular, her muscular thighs! As a former gymnast and cheerleader, it’s no wonder Alexa Nova has the kind of thighs built for SQUEEEEZING the daylights out of her victims! Alexa is no stranger to scissor holds, having shot for a popular female vs. female website, where although often facing opponents larger and heavier than her, she knew her best chance was to get her POWERFUL LEGS around her opponents and make them pay! And that’s exactly what she does to this poor man who should have known better than to even get out of bed on Friday the 13th! He’s on the phone complaining to a friend that his car broke down while having to pay for a tow since his AAA membership had expired and to cap things off…his employer seems to have forgotten to deposit his check into his account! So he decides the only way to turn his bad Friday the 13th around is to hire some friendly female companionship.
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Ina Black in Facesitting and Ropes

“This guy, who you saw in the previous clip, “the scissoring match”, thought that the lesson he got was enough for him today. However Ina, his instructor, had other plans for him. She didn´t reveal that to him because she wanted to surprise him. It all started like usual, Ina taking control, locking him up in various positions and he being totally unable to escape. Eventually she gets a bit frustrated because he doesn´t even try to defend himself. “Try at least to submit”, she says. He tries and everything is back to normal, that is, she takes control and he is on his back, completely at her mercy. He tries desperately to escape but his arms are locked and his face is smothered by her breasts. Then comes the surprise because what she does is to pick up something from the floor, and when he sees it, he realizes what the surprise was, the ropes. What is she going to do with the ropes? You can probably guess. She enjoys this rope game but the guy sure doesn´t. The last 8 mins are pure humiliation, degradation coupled with endless facesitting. A poor guy **** to a woman who truly enjoys every single minute.”
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Interrogation of Agent 38051, Part 2

Agent 38051 is in deep water still. After a failed mission to retrieve a chip from a competing government agency he was captured in interrogated by the best agent in Europe. After tormenting him with her body in the initial interrogation, this special agent is going to wring out the information from him with her powerful thighs. He gasps and chokes in her grip. She’ll get the information out of him somehow. Totally exposed and alone there’s no one in the world that can help him now. Either he gives up the location of the chip, or he suffers a slow, breathless demise.
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Dr. Janira Wolfe

This is the first half of the exciting Sleep Therapist shoot I did with the wonderful goddess Janira Wolfe! Janira is just so sexy and so strong at the same time, and her and I thought a great way to show this off would be to have a session with Dr. Wolfe, Janira’s sultry, trust-worthy, very-professional and very caring alter-ego. In this clip she introduces me to scissorhold sleep therapy, strips down, works me over good in a figure 4, and then gives me a 10 second count-down to sleepy-time in a masterful attempt at curing my otherwise incurable insomnia. Full honesty, I did not survive the 10 seconds of the count-down, but it worked wonderfully anyway.
Finally, here is the exciting second half of my Dr. Wolfe shoot! She helps me further my sleepiness by taking me down to the floor and putting me into a hot reverse headscissor, cranking her thighs on and off around my throat. She eventually gives me a wonderful little countdown from 10 to put me to sleep; she loves timing it so I actually go out at 1, which she does by slowly tightening her thighs, inner thighs, and finally glutes. It’s pretty fantastic, put me to sleep pretty good. I awoke to her lovely face above me, and then we jumped into a reverse using the couch as support to do it allll over again.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Interrogation of Agent 38051, Part 1

This was supposed to be a simple mission. Agent 38051 was supposed to steal a chip from a competing government agency and return back to the States. That’s all it was. He didn’t expect to be pitted against the best agent in Europe. Her skills perfected over many years are only matched by her extreme beauty. He got in over his head. He was captured and is now going to be interrogated for the location of the chip he stole. She’s going to squeeze every drop of information from him and leave him gasping. Her powerful, gorgeous body is going to take all of his secrets. He’s going to find out why she’s the most feared agent in Europe, and why he should have never left home.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Creep Catcher Part 5

Miss XI continues to have the creep back every week for more abuse. She caught him peeking through her window blinds some time ago, and has blackmailed him into showing up at her place weekly to use as she desires… or be exposed to his wife, church, friends, and employer. She has all the info she needs, which she craftily took from his phone, and she can easily ruin him. Today she has him lying on the floor with his head back on the couch so she can facesit him. Since it’s cold outside, XI wants to feel a warm mouth on her ass while she watches TV. The creep no longer has a sex life since his wife started fucking real men, and is probably happy just to have his mouth this close to a pussy, but XI is not here to make this fun for him. She drapes her legs over his body, places her stilettos on his little cock, and gives him a full weight sit, tightly sealing his face with her ass. She makes him kick before allowing a short breath. He seems to be really uncomfortable in this position and she tells him she couldn’t care less about his comfort. You get some particularly hot angles of her ass when she uses him as a seat cushion.
She tells the creep she might duct tape one of her lovers’ condoms into his mouth next time before she uses his face as a cushion. She asks whether he has questioned his wife about the lovers she has now taken and she wonders how it makes him feel. The creep cannot let his wife know that he knows she’s fucking other men for fear XI will reveal all to her and he’ll end up divorced and penniless. XI tells him that if his wife knew everything, maybe she’d show compassion and keep him around as her own seat cushion and fluffer. The creep is conservative, however, and although the thought makes his boil, there’s nothing he can do. XI says that the next time she makes him suck cock, she’ll have him watch a video of his wife getting gang banged. Through it all, she continues to deny him air until he kicks, desperate for air. Now, just for fun XI decides to scissor him with her legs while she pulls his hair. She threatens to have ‘loser’ tattooed on his forehead. She squeezes his neck with all her strength because she just loves to see his discomfort. Finally she makes him slap his own balls and says if he doesn’t do it hard enough she will stick her heel down his cock. Disgusted with his poor effort, she gives him a hard slap on the nuts and tells him he’s pathetic.
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The Queendom – Madam Jada: Squeeze!

Its been a long day of being crushed, facesat, and smothered for the slave, but the Torment is far from over! “You know I’ve been talking about all of these leg exercises that I’ve been doing so of course I’m gonna show you just how strong my legs are!” Madam Jada certainly has been working out and she wraps her powerful thighs around the slave’s head while she talks. The slave tries to say that he doesn’t need a demonstration, but its too late! Jada straightens out her legs and squeezes tight before her slave can try to get away. “Do you feel that?” she asks, obviously proud of how her workouts have paid off. The veins in the slave’s forehead swell up and look like they’re about to burst from the pressure. His head stays a lovely shade of purple and red, but Jada just laughs and keeps her thighs clamped together. The slave tries to pry her legs apart, but its hopeless. Jada is going to keep squeezing the slave all night long! Also check out the other clips in this series: This is Just the Beginning Days Not Hours
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Perverted Teacher Honor Student Part 2

This is the second last clip in the series. In part 1 XI has tricked her teacher into coming over to help with her homework. When he arrives, she lures him into the bedroom and is soon sitting on his face. There, she reveals that she has blackm@iled him and that hidden cameras are snapping that very second. He has no choice but to agree to her demands for straight As and a spending allowance. In today’s scene, XI has the teacher back for more. In the bedroom, she tells him she’s happy with the money and the marks, but it’s still not enough. She wants him to write letters of recommendation to various colleges to help her get a scholarship. She pushes him up against the wall and slaps his face. He asks if she isn’t worried about what might happen when she actually goes to college and can’t do the work. She laughs and tells him she’ll just do the same thing she’s doing to him now. She doesn’t appreciate his remark either and punches him repeatedly in the stomach. “Who gave you the right to ask me questions?” she asks, and delivers further blows to his face followed by additional punches to the stomach.
Teacher doesn’t enjoy the punishment but there’s nothing he can do about it. XI calls him a pervert and reminds him that she would enjoy showing the pictures to his wife. She throws him on the bed, grabs him by the neck, slaps his face, and knees him in the nuts, before crawling onto his chest and wrapping her legs around his neck. The poor pervert is so close to her pussy but he can’t budge because the breath is being pushed out of him. She reverses position to sit on his face and punches him in the stomach again for good measure. She tells him her favorite thing is to mock him in class in front of the other students, knowing he can’t say anything in his defense for fear she will reveal their little secret. She lies on top of him and wraps her legs around his neck again, reminding him that everything is being videotaped and how surprised people would be to see him in this position. “You’ve got your hands on my legs practically all the way up my skirt. Wouldn’t that get people talking?” She jumps up, sits on his face, and says she’s going to knock him out. As soon as he kicks for air, however, she shifts forward and wraps her legs around his neck. She taunts him by saying “You probably want to kiss my ass cheeks, don’t you?” She gets up and hovers above his face with her amazing ass. She tells him to kiss it because she wants the photos to ruin his life. In a moment of passion, the stupid teacher reaches up and kisses her pussy. Enraged, XI calls him an idiot and slaps his face repeatedly. She sits back on the bed, and this time, shows no mercy when she wraps her legs around his neck and slaps his face again and again. As he goes under, she spits on him and slaps him one more time for good measure.
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Kinky Mistresses – Bad Fitness Girl

The young girl is doing her workout very bad, so Mistress Susi and Jet Set Jasmine giving some lessons to her. But a special tickling lessons
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