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EvolvedFights – Billy Boston, Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre is Laughing at the fact that she is wrestling Billy Boston. She is small and got destroyed by Lance Hart but now that she is impregnated by Lances Power seed, she has a new set of skills and power to show off. Billy Boston thinks he just hasn’t been able to get a break with his match ups. Evolved Fights has been throwing him to the wolves his previous pairing with the likes of Cheyenne Jewel and Tori Avano who both have formal wrestling training. Billy is certain that because Charlotte is so submissive and small that he will finally be able to get his win and prove he’s not a worthless male. He shows off a little in round 2 which puts him in a good position for round 3. Round 3 is do it time for both wrestlers. No one wants this sex fight to go to the judges decision so they are going all out to inflict the coveted OOTM (Orgasms on the Mat). One wrestler fails completely and gets the utter humiliation. The winner uses the loser for pain only. The loser must endure over the knee OTK Spanking and painful camelclutch submission holds. The Winner Squats over the losers face as if they are sitting on a toilet and makes the loser like their asshole clean with their “toilet…
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Bella is at the controls again in this series directing and guiding, Raven Wild this time. This allows Bella to be sadistic and mean, all the while get turned on by seeing exactly what she wants, so she hires Raven for this clip. As Raven and chad are ready for the count, once Bella hits three, Raven literally jumps at chadam and nearly body slams him to the mats. Raven slides up securing his arms then begins facesitting him. Bella moves in for a closer look, instructing Raven to lean back and put more weight down onto his face. As he taps, Raven asks Bella, “do I let him breathe?” Bella told her “no, make him fight for it”. As chadam struggles for air, Bella said I want you to be mean as Raven says back fine I won’t let him go. Bella then really goes in for a close look seeing chadam’s face rammed in Raven’s pussy, as she suffocates him. It was evident that Raven was enjoying him struggle under her, as it pleasured her. Raven then asks Bella ” is this supposed to feel really really good?” Bella retorts back saying “I hope so”. Raven gets comfortable on his face while Bella says “I hope its getting you off, because it’s getting me off now”. Raven was then told by Bella ti turn and do a reverse facesit now, and she told Raven to shake and grind her ass all over his face, then bounce on it. Bella and Raven were both becoming sexually aroused the more punishment they dished out. Bella kept giving commands to Raven to do to Chadam all the while he was being verbally trashed. His face takes quite a bashing from being trapped in Raven’s ass as she jumps, grinds and uses his face to get off on, all the while Bella looking on with sheer excitement. After quite a bit of breath depriving facesitting, Bella told Raven that if he wants air, he has to slap and grab her ass. This was something that really got both of them hot and bothered as each time he slapped and grabbed Raven’s ass, it was getting redder and redder. Raven turns back into forward and facesits chadam again. Raven was so into the facesitting and burying his face deep into her crotch, that he went into panic mode a few times needing air, as she was enjoying it so much she forgot to let him breathe. She also uses full weight to grind down even harder on his face. Bella kept shouting out things to do to him, just so she can get off on watching him suffer. Raven flips into reverse, and grabs a handful of his hair pulling his face amazingly deep into her ass as she literally fucks his face now. She pinches his nipples so he would scream into her crotch and ass, as she was practically orgasming, her ass cheeks trembling as he hits her clit ample times with his nose buried. Raven could barely contain herself as her legs were shaking, her sexual urges overflowing now onto his face. With Bella coaching and guiding Raven, both girls were overcome with excitement, and Raven transitions back into forward. Bella tells Raven to spit on him, she missed twice but decided to wipe it all over his face instead. As the end was near, Raven was still trembling as she was very sexually charged up, she looks down at his face, and he went out. Bella said I think he’s out, as she slowly climbs off grabbing her pussy. Both girls then thank one another, as Bella said ” I am going to play this back again tonight”. Chadam was left on the mats, both girls with huge smiles on their faces knowing they did a superior job of dominating and humiliating chadam.
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The Scissor Squad – Part 2. The Date!

What better way to pick up where we left off in our ‘Scissor Squad’ series than featuring one of the hottest new session girls on the scene today…welcome Hungarian BEAUTY Sheena to the ScissorVixens lineup!

Anyone who has followed Sheena since first appearing on the scene about a year ago knows that this blonde fitness girl is much more than a pretty face and LETHAL BODY…Sheena has world-class judo (black belt), jiu-jitsu and grappling skills from nearly two decades of training from the time she was a very young!

And we were privileged to watch Sheena in REAL competitive action at the 2019 Las Vegas NAGA grappling event just a few days after our shoot with her! Watching her toss opponents around on the mat like rag dolls made us thankful that we didn’t piss her off during our shoot!
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It’s a compilation of Andi Page knocking me out 14 times by way of squeezing every hold at 100% power for 10 seconds; I did not stay awake through a single one!
First she puts me out back to back with 2 sleeperholds. Then she puts me out in 3 face to face headscissors. Then she puts me out 4 times using the standing headscissor while my head is over the bedside. Then she puts me out 5 more times; first the rear naked choke RNC, then a straight scissor, then a figure 4, then a side scissor, all one after another, finishing off with another figure 4 after Andi puts on these incredibly sexy knee-high spandex heels!
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Clubstiletto – Stupid Little Bitch – Miss XI

Miss Xi is in the bedroom and has her slave at her feet kissing her feet. She steps over his neck and scissors his neck while ordering him to kiss her heels despite his discomfort. She then sits on the edge of the bed and tells him to again kiss her feet but when he does she starts kicking him in the head and then kneels over his neck and again scissors him while spanking his ass. She then orders him to kneel facing away from her and while sitting on the beg wraps her thighs around his neck. This time she really leaves him breathless but only laughs at his struggles. You get some nice angles of her soles and armpits along with her sexy lean legs.

She pulls one leg up under the other and literally wrings his neck. As the slave coughs she slaps him and then pushes him to the ground where she again straddles his neck and again squeezes him with her legs. When she lets him breath it’s only to kick him in the face a few times. When she orders the slave to get on the bed he probably thinks she is going to sit on his face but no, just more scissoring from under him and then on top of him. This time as he coughs and kicks she uses her hands to slap his cock and balls. Miss Xi is very sadistic and enjoys a slaves pain as you see clearly in this scene.
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Spandex Figure 4

Mysteria pins Kevin and facesits him, then puts him in figure 4, her strong legs and ass squeezes his face hard, Kevin taps, but she is not ready to let him go yet….
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EroticMixedFighting – Nubia vs. the Destroyer

Nubia challenges her arch enemy, The Destroyer, to an all-out fight. She controls the action with her superior punching and kicking skills until he decides to “go low.” Thinking he’s won, he begins to exit, but is in for a surprise.
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TheVenusGirls – Jenna Ivory, Slave Fluffy, Jason Katana

That’s a good little ass licker.. Jenna puts every new husband through a rigorous training program. She wants her new hubby to understand his husbandly duties, which include paying for her, keeping her in tip-top shape, and of course eating her ass and pussy daily making sure she gets multiple orgasms every hour of the day. To begin the day she strengthens her legs by putting one of her ex-husbands into multiple scissorholds.
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Clubstiletto – You Slaves Don’t Mind Sharing Me Do You?

Miss Muscle scissors one slave while she orders the other one to worship her boots. She explains that when she can’t make it to the gym, she likes to work out using her slave’s neck. You can see her muscles ripple as she clamps down on his neck with her powerful thighs. She inadvertently kicks her other slave in the head, but naturally he doesn’t complain as he continues to lick her dirty boots. Miss Muscle asks you which of the two slaves you would like to be, the boot licker or the one fighting for air? She changes position so she’s lying on her stomach on top of the slave.

She wraps her powerful legs under his head so you can really see her ass and muscle bound legs while she flexes. She has both slaves lie on the bed so she can face sit them one at a time, but she can’t resist scissoring the boot licker first. She moves to the other one’s chest and plays with her pussy through her crotchless panties. Again, she shifts to scissor the boot licker before she sends both slaves to their knees on the floor. She tells each one to worship a boot while she plays with herself. She touches herself before reaching for a black dildo so she can fuck herself while her sluts watch. She tells them to lick the sole of each foot simultaneously while she fucks herself with the dildo. After she cums, she presents the moist dildo to the two slaves and asks “Now which one of you gets this?”.
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GoddessJasmine – Jasmine Mendez Latinass Locas wrestling Sex Challenge

Сustom: You and a guy friend are at your house he’s been trying to sleep with you for years so you offer him a wrestling challenge. If he wins you’ll sleep with him but if he loses he has to be your lifetime slave.

Since he figures there’s no way he can lose to a girl he accepts. You then proceed to destroy him will all types of different scissors with reverse being my favorite. As he’s gasping for air you then tease him about being your slave and how he didn’t think this through.

You tell him he’ll be permanently in chastity and be financially dominated and pegged regularly. Feel free to add anything you wish .

After about 10 minutes or so he get’s knocked out. When he wakes he’s in some form of bondage all locked up in chastity with a collar on his neck.

You then decide you like this arrangement much better than before and tease the hell out of him causing him much suffering in chastity. He begs and begs for mercy to which you laugh just before gagging him.
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Part 1
Erika is challenged by Alex to fight his younger brother, Gunner. He offers her a hefty reward for winning, but Erika has little interest in the prize, just the fight.

Part 2
Having totally dominated Gunner in Part 1, Erika now turns her attention to his older brother, Alex. Fighting the powerful Erika was not something Alex figured he’d ever have to do. Now he’s scared, and faced with almost certain destruction, he has good reason to be.
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Mistress Kiana sits down today with her hot ass on the face of the Slave so that his nose is deep in her ass and he can enjoy the and sniff the ass of his Mistress.
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Playobey – Rise of The Face Raider – Miss Jasmine, Mistress Blaze

Miss Jasmine and Mistress blaze are sitting on the throne and talking about their stilettos. They talk about how the shoes get subjected to all sorts of nasty things and that makes Jasmine think about their loser slaves who will have to lick the mess up. The slaves are beckoned into the room and they crawl in on all fours. naturally. They start by kissing the top of the shoes before they are sent down to the soles and heels. These slaves are honored to be in this position and what’s on the shoes does not concern them, they just want to please the Goddesses.

After a few minutes the slaves are ordered to remove the shoes and are now blessed with their sweaty feet. The slaves, sniff and lick and suck the toes. This is a real reward for slaves after a hard day of work and being disciplined. The Ladies even swap slaves to decide who is more talented of the two. While the slaves worship feet, the ladies talk about other skills the slaves have, including sucking cock. Jasmine has her slave lay on his back and rests her feet on his face. Blaze decides to do the same thing. The slaves are then told to lick the soles and also to use their hands to massage the feet. The slaves lick the soles, suck toes, and use their hands to please superior women. then they are ordered to crawl back to their cages.
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Clubstiletto – I’m In Charge Little Man – Scissored For Being So Tiny – Mistress Irene

Mistress Irene continues her abuse of her puny bitch boy as this scene opens with him kicking between her legs as she scissors the [email protected] out of him. Irene never lets this slave outside because she loves how pasty white it leaves him and what a sight he is kicking between her powerful amazon legs. Only his head has any color to it as it turns bright shades of purple and red. While the slave struggles the camera man gets high marks for bringing the camera around and giving you an up close view of Irene’s soles and mind blowing ass. Her ass, it’s literally a national treasure and if you should magically appear in the scene you would crawl to kiss it without reservation. Imagine gliding your tongue into her amazing ass crack.

Anyway, back to the story at hand. “Is that the best you’ve got, my grandmother could do better than you, not that I’ve been scissor holding her lately” she tells the little man. The struggle goes on for sometime and Irene really enjoys the contrast between his head and body and then when she looks at his little cock she comments “Just looking at that little cock makes me want to ch0ke you.” Soon the slave starts begging for mercy, so Irene hops up and sits on his face, settling in so he can’t breath at all. He kicks and then in a second she shifts back to scissoring him, his face looking like more and more like a tomato. Again some amazing views of Irene’s ass as she now lays on her side. She encourages you to move in to kiss her ass and not to mind the other slave. Irene torments the slave further by telling him if he can stroke one out she’ll let him go. Poor guy can’t even get anything close to an erection so she tightens the grip with her legs and says “time to put him to sleep.”
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