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FemmeFataleFilms – September 11, 2019 – Silvia Rubi, Slave

Suck For My Pleasure

Ludy Rubee has a real man to pleasure her, so the day after she’s had a wild night of passion with him, in front of her lowly slave, she decides to relive the memories and masturbate, but again only allowing her slave to stay at her feet while she does so. She knows it hurts him psychologically and teases him by playing with herself directly over his face, reminding him of the night before where she made him watch. She reaches orgasm as he sucks on her toes and then wipes her cum juice over his face. He doesn’t even get a taste of what he’ll never have, after all, it’s all about Lady Rubee’s pleasure.
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If the Dean wants to cum, if he wants to any Cheerleader Pussy, he better not squirt until he is giving All The Cheerleaders ‘A’s’.
Two Stunning Cheerleaders make Dean Johnsons cock hard. Making him ache to release. Delaying his release while they tease the cock more and make his pre-cum ooze out in long shiny streams. They won’t let him cum until he agrees to their demands. They enjoy making his frustration grow and grow – 4 hands on his cock. They will do anything for the Team. Slowly they rub the pre-cum around the tip of his cock. Just the tip. Not letting him cum, just milking the drip..drip of pre-cum out of his frustrated cock. Laughing at his moans and how he wants it so bad.

How long can he hold out, on the brink of orgasm?
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DDFNetwork – September 17, 2019 – Mugur, Cathy Heaven, Tiffany Doll

Sex Without Sanity

Cathy Heaven is a corrupt doctor at a mental institution. In a sterile white-tiled room, Cathy is free to indulge her own perversions with patient Tiffany Doll, naked under her hospital gown, and Mugur, playing a tongue-wagging lunatic in a straitjacket and wheelchair. It’s clear that Dr. Heaven has a fetish for having mental patients do her sexual bidding, like suck her tits, as well as directing Mugur’s meat into Tiffany’s face. She has Tiffany get on the wheelchair to squat on Mugur’s cock, then she crams Tiffany with a strap-on. She even gets Mugur sucking the strap-on, too! Mugur, breaking out of his straitjacket, is soon fucking Tiffany’s ass while Tiff rides the doc’s dildo. It all ends with two blasts of cum–the doc’s strap-on can actually shoot a load–and Tiff’s big anal gape, as this Full HD fetish XXX video of truly extreme sex races to a close.
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Young Goddess Kim – Pantyhose Prisoner

You have k*dnapped a new slave and have him mummified, gagged and blindfolded and you come in wearing a leather skirt, sexy top and tan pantyhose with high heel sandals. You taunt the man and tell him that he is going to be your new pantyhose footjob slave. You then laugh and cut a hole where his cock and balls are and get his cock hard fast before making him cum from nothing but your tan pantyhose feet and then you laugh, get up and kick his a little bit before telling him how much fun that was and that this is going to be the rest of his life. Leaving you tell him to rest well because you’ll be back to milk him again with sexy pantyhose feet.
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Becky – Bubble Butt Blonde Smothers And Scissors Her Slave

Goddess Becky has the most amazing bubble butt! She sits directly on the slave’s face and uses him as a chair while on her cellphone. She happily texts away as the slave struggles to breathe. Pretty girls love human furniture! Becky smiles and bounces. This is the only way a loser could be involved in a pretty girl’s life, as her chair. Just to make him suffer, Becky puts the slave into a scissorhold. She squeezes its neck between her thighs. This is the closest a pathetic male will ever get to a Goddess as perfect as Becky.
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Clubstiletto – Lady Bellatrix is The Cock Whisperer

Lady Bellatrix is the Cock Whisperer and she knows the way to a man’s soul is through his cock and when you cage the cock you control the man. In this revealing POV clip, Bellatrix explains how she conquers the opposite sex. All smart Ladies know a locked cock is the way of the future.
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Flip the Switch – J and Elise Graves

Playing with Elise can be a bit of a shoot – sometimes it is pure bliss for her play partners and other times, it is absolute suffering. Elise is most entertained, however, when her friend, J, is vacillating between anticipation and regret. Elise straps straitjacketed J into a police chair donning a gas mask. She then hooks him up to her laptop which controls a timed valve, which opens and closes at a set interval. This allows Elise to focus on adjusting the electro levels in J’s ass as well as the Hitachi strapped to his dick as J focuses on when to take his next sip of air. Good times.
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A sissy should practice being a submissive cum-dump every day – no exceptions. A sissy needs to prepare herself for the real humiliation of kneeling in front of a real man or a group of horny guys to be sprayed with their cum. So, every day I want you to make yourself girly an pretty. Pick out a favourite sissy dress-up uniform – your dainty French maids uniform, your cute schoolgirl outfit, a naughty cheerleader costume or some slutty streetwalking whore clothes. Get dressed, fill your bra, fix your makeup, put on your long blonde wig and strap yourself into some high heels. Look at yourself in the mirror sissy – this is the effeminate, defeated sissy real men will see when they use you for real. Now lie on your back, pull your frilly panties down to your knees and contort yourself into the sissy facial position. Throw your legs up into the air and over your head – get that pathetic beta dick pointing straight into your own face. Bend yourself so that it’s as close to your face as possible and then start jerking yourself off. Does it feel humiliating sissy? You’re all feminized, staring at cock and waiting for a face full of cum. This is EXACTLY what a sissy is made for – and someday it’s not going to be your own cock inches from your painted face but another guys! Jerk your cock – imagine there’s a big alpha stud using you as his personal cumdump at the other end of it. I’m going to count you down from 10 and then you’re going to cover your own face with sissy cum.
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TeaseandThankYou – Goddesses At Play feat. Mandy Marx

The house is bouncing these days with Lucy learning, me being katty, and Mandy coming and going every day. It’s so much fun to be running a ball-busting scene and just say “Hey, Mandy, want to kick a dude? He can’t stop us!”

Also–first news to members–starting the beginning of Octobah we’ll be offering bonus updates every month, a selection of scenes up each month from the best and most exclusive of mistresses, of course. A batch of clips will go up, but that same batch will come down at the end of the month to be replaced by another batch. So stick around, and enjoy!
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Rubber Doll: Transformed and Milked

Nurse Allens transforms her patient into a perfect rubber doll complete with a thorough brainwashing on her helpless subject. Now completely compliant to any orders she suggests the transformation process can fully start to take place. Gigi pulls out his new outfit and piece by piece she slowly transforms him into his new rubber doll wardrobe. A huge electrical butt plug gets implanted into her doll’s pussy and she turns on the Extractor 7500 to milk his cock and swollen balls completely dry. Her creation is now ready for the final surgery in becoming a true rubber doll for life.
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