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MeanBitches – Stephanie West – Femdom Sex

Your wife went out of town and your stepdaughter has decided to make you her sex slave. You wait obediently in front of her bed (which used to be your bed) for her commands.. She tells you that your cock is owned by her now… then she rides your cock! HOT FEMDOM SEX!
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MistressEzada – Suck Yourself, Senator!

This is a custom clip, with no name mentioned. I decided to publish it as We had great fun filming it and I think the result is just awesome.

“Senator H**e visits House of Sinn dungeon to close it, as he leads a campaign to close all BDSM dungeons. When he walks into the reception, he meets Mistress Sarah, who he treats improperly and asks for the dungeon license in order to close it. She leaves him alone to get the papers. Mistress Ezada then walks into the reception and She thinks he was a new slave. She slaps him and when he tries to explain, She ball-gags him, then She pulls him into the dungeon.

In the dungeon Mr. Hyde is humiliated, whipped, put in a chastity, treated like sissy. Then he is left alone. When Mistress Sarah comes back to the reception, She finds him on the floor horny and She is shocked when he crawls to Her shoes to worship them. She humiliates him, orders him to suck his dick and cum on Her shoes, then lick it clean.”
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Clubstiletto – Show Me How Desperate And Pathetic You Are

Russian Queen M is sitting while her slave kneels at her feet in a dog mask and chastity. She tells him that because he has taken his beating so well she might actually let him cum. “Although there is no need for you to ever come” she reminds him. She then has him show his devotion by licking her boots and if he gets them clean enough he might be allowed to cum. She tells him others have licked her boots and some have even cum on them but it doesn’t matter, he does as told. Sitting back on her throne she spreads her legs and asks the slave if he wants to lick her pussy. She makes him kiss her silky thighs, directing him close to her silky panties but as he gets half an inch from here divine temple she pushes him away and says he is not good enough for her pussy. She slaps his face repeatedly, angered that he would even think such a thing is possible. Real men get her pussy, not weak beta boys. Regardless of how long she makes him wait she expects him to be happy about all decisions she makes. Now Queen M stands in front of him and runs her hand over her ass and tells him millions of men lust for her ass and pay for the privelege and he better appreciate it as he can be easily replaced. Now kneeling on the throne she lets the slave worship it with kisses, she even lets him sniff her butt hole… but not before he begs for it and promises to take any amount of punishment from her for the privilege. She then spits in his mouth and seductively uses her tongue to push it into his mouth completely.
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AmericanMeanGirls – Platinum Takes Over

This is more of an “announcement” than a “clip”. You see, I have officially taken over “The Mean Girls”. I run things around here now. The Mean Girl Compound, all the slaves, have been purchased by ME. I own them now. So this clip is just a formal announcement of that. And just to drive it into the house slaves’ heads, I make them literally bow down before me and WORSHIP ME as I take my rightful place upon my throne.
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PantyhoseTherapy – Quick Dirty Tapejob

Oooh, don’t you just love curvy, dark-haired, don’t-even-treat-you-like-a-person Christina? (For the curious, right now I’m blonde Fun-In-The-Sun Christina.) But this steamy scene is from the winter, and a little mean streak shows itself…
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Chateau-Cuir – Leather sex in the office part 2

Raunchy leather sex in the office is the best! Especially with a hot leatherclad babe like Coco. She loves to get all messy and wet in her leather business outfit, to fuck hard and to make his cock cum in her mouth and letting the warm juices drip on her leather jacket.
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KinkyMistresses – Used On The Military Base By Severa

Goddess Severa is using her little Slave on a old army facility. This amazing, told Goddess loves to play with little helpless man.
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Clubstiletto – Princess Lily – It’s The Best Part Of My Workout

Today is exercise day for Princess Lily and she is working up a sweat on the elliptical. “It’s how I keep my ass perfect” she says as you get an amazing view of her divine butt. Her slave is kneeling at her side holding her water bottle. Next Lily moves to the weight bench where she does some bench presses, the slave again at her side. If you like sweaty armpits you will like this portion. She tells the slave that he is mainly there to lick her clean after she is done.
She then moves to the stationary bike where the slave has his head laying in place so she can use it as her seat. Again some incredible angles of her ass that will have you holding off an orgasm right there and then but try to hold off until the end. She tells her slave he is now going to be her towel. She lays on the mat and has the slave lick her from foot to armpits. “Getting licked clean is the best part of my workout” she says as the slave sucks her toes, licks her soles and works his way up her body until she rolls over so he can lick her ass cheeks and crack too. After he has licked one armpit she has him get on his back so she can pit-smother him with the other. Just a routine workout day for a Princess.
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PantyhoseTherapy – Whining and Moaning

I have to stop making bets. Especially with clients. Especially when they involve orgasms. Or money. Or orgasms. Definitely bad idea to gamble on an orgasm… ohmygod I have to stop gambling. No, shut up, I’m gonna stop. ….Bet you $10 I’m gonna stop…!
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RubberEmpire – Madame Gillette und Lady Ashley – Extremly Tubed and Milked

You want to be the absolute Playtoy, anal pluged, gagged, helpless fixed tubed to the pantys from your goddess and totally committed to the sadistic treatment from 2 Ladies… here you are! Your Tripp into orgasm control Fantasy for hours is starting right here… Lets Milk!!!
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DirtyTransDolls – Creating My new rubber doll part 1

I love creating new rubber dolls at my medical facilities. Turning men in to female looking toys! My specimen is ready for it’s feminization treatment. This includes corset waist training, the wearing of high heels, make-up, wearing a wig and best of all: having nice big silicone tits. Watch me take you through each step of this sexy ransformation.
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Chateau-Cuir – Horny leather sex with Nikki part 2

Nikki loves having sex in her full leather business suit. It feels extra horny!Especially with a big load of cum on her black skirt.
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AmericanMeanGirls – No Ash Left Behind

Queen Quenzi and Duchess Danni are two of the newest Mean Girls. They are quickly learning to use the slaves in any way they want. Today they have a slave serving as their human ashtray. The slave is lying naked on the cement beneath them as Queen Quenzi and Duchess Danni take a cigarette break and flick their ashes onto the slave’s chest and blow smoke right into his face. Whenever any ashes fall on their boots or on the ground the slave has to lick it up. After a while they decide to start depositing their ashes directly into the slave’s mouth. The slave is commanded to open his mouth as they ash on his tongue and make him swallow it while they watch. They enjoy the sizzling sound the ash makes when it hits the slaves tongue. Queen Quenzi comes up with the idea to tap their cigarettes against the slave’s teeth. Queen Quenzi explains that moisture on the slaves tongue can put the ash out but if you tap it properly against his teeth the hot ash will fall right down his throat! It’s so great to see two of the newest and youngest Mean Girls eagerly using a slave like this and abusing him with no regard for his wellbeing.
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RubberEmpire – Trapped in a Rubber Jail – The Baroness

Anyone who holds a living rubber object must also provide the necessary “Fun” and some “Sport Lessons”. At night the Object had to stand alone tied up in his Rubber Jail and thing about what come over him the next day. For breakfast, of course, there is first some Mistress champagne and then some “morning exercise” with breathing training and walking training announced. Crazy Rubber at its Best!
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