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GoddessAlexandraSnow – More Feet, More Poppers

Hello foot slut. I know you love two things: being humiliated, and my exquisite feet. Today I’m going to take your love of both of these to the next level. Now, for this video you’re going to need to grab yourself some poppers and a sizeable dildo. You’re going to jerk to my feet and sniff those poppers. You’re going to imagine you’re sniffing my beautiful soles in all their sweaty glory. You’re going to keep jerking and sniffing until you feel like you can’t take it anymore and your mind is jello. Then you’re going to show me what a horny, pathetic, little slut you are by shoving a dildo up your ass. Watch my feet, fill your ass and sniff those poppers. Be reduced to the filthy whore you are. By then end, you won’t even remember what being a real person feels like.
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Eurasian Persuasion – Goddess Party Prequel: Suck 3 Cocks & My Toes

What happens when 3 subs visit me for a Goddess Party rehearsal? I use them all accordingly. One sub gets a face harness and big cock strapped to his face. A Goddess like myself needs to be pleasured and I sure as hell won’t be getting it from his puny cock. Sub number two is ordered to worship my feet while I ride that dildo front and back. I grasp the sub’s cock with my toes and make the one worship my feet while I give a little foot job. So orally incline that I direct his mouth on a third sub’s cock until he explodes. This is a first time swallow. Last but definetly not least the cock that’s been in my pussy gets a proper tongue bath since its the closest thing… All 3 guys get a pass to the next event!
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Brianna – New Gift Vans

Goddess Brianna loves getting new shoes from her footslaves. You can almost smell the clean, new rubber sole and feel the soft, white laces. Just imagine how they’re going to smell after Goddess Brianna has worn them, without socks of course, and the scent of her sweat embeds forever within the fabric. Goddess Brianna is going to have so much fun teasing you with these brand new sneakers as she breaks them in. It looks like they have a touch of dust from the box… you need to clean the soles with your mouth. Stick out your tongue and show the Goddess the appreciation she deserves.
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Jerk To My Feet – Goddess Olivia Blu – Country Girl | Release Date: Jul 4, 2017

I know you don’t see many girls with feet as gorgeous as Olivia Blu’s. Most country girls around here keep them covered up in boots, and you never get to see a beautiful pair of bare feet. Fortunately for you, Olivia Blu is different. She has pedicures once a week at least and loves to have your full attention on her perfect heels, arches, and toes. In scandalously short Daisy Dukes, this cowgirl will tell you exactly what she wants from you. Kiss the top of her feet and lick each of her toes. Make sure your mouth and nice and wet and show her your skills. She knows you enjoy this as much as she does.
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Jerk Off To My Feet – Jericha Jem – I Don’t Kiss on the First Date | Release Date: Jun 23, 2017

Jericha Jem doesn’t kiss on the first date, but she’s noticed your long, lingering stares at her small feet and how many times you’ve complimented her tall, sexy, suede heels. Jericha has figured out your secret foot fetish–and she loves it. She invites you to kiss her soft, wrinkled soles and wrap your mouth around her pink toes. Your date is so turned on by your foot worship that she wants you to stroke your cock as you touch her feet. Won’t you please cum for her, letting her feel your warm, slick load drip in between her girly toes?
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