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Hello boy. I have a little assignment for you. I want you to begin to optimize your abilities as a hypn*tic subject. I’m going to give you two sets of audio training to listen to. You’ll listen to one in the morning, and one at night. I want you to be able to go down for me at a moment’s notice so each audio training will have a set of linguistic triggers to help you. This particular audio is the morning training. As you open your eyes to begin your day, I want you to let me guide you through the icy river of your subconscious. Your mind is a fortress of ice and cold biting water. You’re going to feel that water rushing into you, taking the breath from you, until I reach in my hand and bring you to the surface. I will bring you away from those icy walls of consciousness into the sweet warmth of pleasure. Feel that numbness fade into warmth and bliss. My warmth is the only thing that will keep you alive in this glacial world of your conscious mind. **This is the version containing complimenting visual effects to enhance the audio experience**
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