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KinkyMistresses – CBT with Ezada & Gaia

The slave was bound by the two ladies in a steel pillory, so they can play with his cock & balls like they want. They stretch his balls with the humble and punish his cock with a electric device and a pinwheel. They realy enjoy to punish this Slave and they have a lot of pleasure with this
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Men Are Slaves – Lady Edyn – Better Stay Standing

It’s a simple task really, all this slave has to do is stay standing for Lady Edyn. Easy right? For the most part yes with one simple catch, she is electrocuting his cock and balls in the process, something that she absolutely delights in.
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Astro Domina – Say Moo To The Cattle Prod

Goddess Sydney has a new toy. And a willing (kind of) sub to test it on. She got herself a cattle prod. What is that? It’s like a taser, except for cows. As you can imagine, the sub isn’t too thrilled about the prospect of getting juiced with a high voltage and he squirms and squeals throughout the whole video. Say “Moo” loser.
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Men Are Slaves – Electric Cock Massage

While the girls relax and sip wine, the slave has his cock electrocuted. It’s a fine way for Keegan and Belle to unwind after a long day of spending slave money, and it let’s the girls casually chat with the slave’s pain serving as their amusement.
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Men Are Slaves – The Tale Of Catpig, Part 3

Slaves that fail can expect to suffer. This slave was supposed to endure whipping for Princess Leya and her friend Goddess Karley, but his pain tolerance for the whip didn’t please either lady so now his cock and wallet must suffer. His cock will be electrocuted for the amusement of the ladies, and his wallet will suffer as both girls take whatever cash he has on him. After all why else would Princess Leya keep catpig around if not to use him as a human atm.
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Femdom Empire – Lexi Sindel – Stanley

I purchased this giant electro butt plug called the “Stanley”. Nobody has been able to fit it, until today. Slave Tony is my guinea pig. The acrylic plug is conductive in four different areas to make his anus contract and pulse uncontrollably. I position the plug to shock directly on the prostate. I try different methods to see how much I can make his internal organs spasm out of his control. I decide that the slow, steady fuck to his ass looks the most interesting. The plug slowly sucks in and out of his ass uncontrollably. His prostate begins to make leak pre-cum. I am sure with time I could train him to orgasm with only anal stimulation via the electro plug.
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Men Are Slaves – Show Me How Thirsty You Are, Part 2

Princess Leya isn’t sure if this slave has earned the gift of drinking her wine, but she will be kind today and reward him anyways. She gives him his dog bowl to carry and leads him to the bathroom. Her bodily needs are taken care of as he properly kneels with head to the floor, and then he is rewarded with the gift he so desires from his princess.
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The English Mansion – Cross Electrics

Manacled to the St Andrew’s Cross, Mistress Sidonia’s slave is prepared for a session of electrical torment on his nipples, cock and balls. Using her sadistic mind, she prepares various setups that push him to his limits of pain and ultimately, pleasure.
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Men Are Slaves – Show Me How Thirsty You Are, Part 1

With Princess Leya, rewards for slaves are rare. But if it is one of those rare days where she is feeling kind, like permitting this slave to drink her liquid waste, he will have to earn it with begging and suffering. He needs to demonstrate to her what a loser he is first by taking electric shocks to his cock before she will reward her little piglet.
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Electro Sluts – Oct 20, 2016 – Milcah Halili, Lilith Luxe

Bondage, Electrosex, and Gender Play!
Lilith Luxe and Milcah Halili play with gender, bondage and electrosex in a hot new scene filled with latex, e-stim, finger banging, pussy licking, a zipper, an electrified speculum, the zapper and tons of squirting!
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Electro Sluts – Sep 8, 2016 – Dolly Leigh, Veruca James

Adorable birthday girl Dolly Leigh, visits hot Dominatrix Veruca James for an electric birthday spanking, suspension bondage, zapping, e-stim sticky pads, copper wire, tons of pussy licking, and multi orgasmic electrosex!
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Men Are Slaves – I Want The Neighbors To Hear, Part 2

While the whip is fun, there are always other toys that are equally fun like the cock shocker. Shocking a male slave’s cock and balls is always pure entertainment for Nickey and Dava especially when they make him beg for the pain and look them in the eyes as he suffers. Dava especially loves his long drawn out screams, it’s so entertaining.
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Dominatrix Annabelle – Public Humiliation!

The life of a randy vicar can sometimes be hysterical, and for those who are familiar with this senior, it will come as no surprise when I say he had the most shocking time while in my rather sadistic hands!
I cannot express enough just how comical the vicar is, and it never ceases to amaze me the amount of times he puts his foot firmly in his mouth, and drops a great big clanger! A day out in London after visiting the dentist, had the vicar in a real fluster, so much so, he left his leather folder in a cafe!
As I arrived at St. Pancras, he greeted me with a wonderful smile, oblivious to my intentions and what I had planned for the day! I frog marched him to the public toilets and announced for all to hear that his catheter needed changing! Within the privacy of a cubicle, and before he could utter a single syllable, his pants were around his knobbly knees, while I strapped on a most powerful electrical cock ring!
WOW the range on this thing is impressive, as I beam a sadistic smile, eyes light up! The remote control has two settings, naturally the highest will do, with a superb and coat pockets!
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Men Are Slaves – Training Fido

All pets need training, and this male pet is no exception. That’s why Sara and Jessica are training him to take pain. And not just pain from them electrocuting his cock, but they also make him shock his own cock as a demonstration of obedience. That and because it’s also just too damn funny to make him punish himself.
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Men Are Slaves – Goddess Daisy – I’m Scared Of Your New Toy

Daisy’s slave is scared of her new toy. Truth be told, he has every right to be scared because Daisy has never used a cock shocker before so she is like a kid in a candy store with her new found power over her pet. One simple click of a button and he suffers for her amusement. She loves it and intends to use it on him quite regularly now. So I guess he was right to be scared of her new toy.
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