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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Take It In Your Slutty Mouth And Ass

Miss Jasmine has you on your knees in front of her. “You know how you love seeing me get fucked by big juicy cocks, well I have a surprise for you” she says as the camera scrolls down to her 12” strapon cock. She strokes it and tells you how she is going to fuck you for the first time. She tells you to open your mouth because you are going to have to take it all the way down your throat first. “It’s not going to be easy but I want you to take it all the way down your throat because when I fuck you, you are going to want as much lube on this as you can get” she laughs.
She now orders you to show her your man-gina and says she has seen enough hints from you to know you want it and she refuses to take no for an answer. She explains how the penetration also stimulates her as the end of the dildo presses into her pussy and gets her hot with lust, your discomfort of little concern to her at that point. Jasmine looks amazing as she taunts you with her body, turning and twisting, standing then sitting on the couch and raising her legs in the air, to insure you see all of her. Now she again forces the cock down your slutty mouth until it’s nice and wet. “Spread your man pussy for me” she tells you. She starts by pressing just the tip into you, fucking you slowly and then a bit faster. She tells you to make her proud, she wants you to be her personal porn star and then she rams it in all the way. Miss Jasmine will be seeing you get fucked daily from now on.
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Jerk To My Feet – Mia Martinez – Niece’s Sweaty Feet

You’re hosting your niece Mia Martinez while she visits Florida. She already knows about your proclivity for feet, but she’s still surprised that you want to smell her dirty, sweaty, funky feet. Mia doesn’t really understand your weird perversion, but she’s having fun learning about it. She peels off her damp socks and lets you take a big sniff. Mia knows you are already hard and props up those sexy soles right under your nose and invites you to jerk off while smelling her rank soles. Mia is impressed that you can deliver such a huge steamy load for her sweet feet.
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Goddess Harley – Cuckolding Isn’t Enough

You don’t even get to touch you without permission. Hence the chastity device that has been on you for several months. So we made our little arrangement that I would get to fuck whoever I want you and you would get to serve me in any way I please, as well as the men who fuck me. I wanna push it a little bit further. I wanna take you from a boring cuckold, to a cock sucking cuckold! And the best part is that you’re going to swallow down all the cum that they have for you, every single load. And then you’ll thank each one of them for their loads and then you will get down on your hands and knees and kiss my feet and say, ‘Thank you for humiliating me.’ Goddess Harley
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Astro Domina – CARNI-Eat SESSION

You walk into your session with Goddess Sydney and explain to her that you would like to do a Eat session. She informs you that she can actually shrink you. For real. You have no idea that she’s had plenty of clients already that were turned into a mini version of themselves and ended up in her belly. She makes you come closer and look at her mouth. Her lips, her tongue, her mouth are all mesmerizing to you. You can feel something peculiar happening. She is the succubus of man and threatens to make you real small. Before you know it, you’re only 3 inches tall and Sydney is threatening to put you in her belly.
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Humiliatrix – Princess Trina Titty Teases You into Total Submission to Her

“You can’t stop drooling over my massive tits, can you? Tell you what. Let’s play a game. It’s called “If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine.” If you can get me excited by your cock? I’ll undo my bra and smother you in my big beautful tits. But if you’re tiny where it counts? I’m only gonna humiliate you. Ready to play…?”
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – A Month of Cock Control – Week #4

Welcome, my little jerk addicts, to week 4 of my Cock Control Program. If you haven’t watched “A Month of Cock Control” 1, 2, and 3 then go watch those first and come back on the fourth week for this clip. So far your jerking sessions have been for 5, 10, and 15 minutes. But we’re going to ramp it up this week and give you 20 minutes to jerk that cock of yours. You are so lucky. In this 20 minute jerking session you’re going to get 2 orgasms. You are unlucky in the fact that you’re going to have to get something with a bit of menthol to jerk with. We’re going to make these the most difficult orgasms yet. Oh, and grab some ice as well. I want these orgasms to be a challenge of mind and sensation. I want you to jerk through the burning and the cold. I want you to prove to me that you can produce an orgasm whenever I say, no matter the circumstances. This is the result of 4 weeks of hardcore orgasm training.
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Mistress Kennya – Stroke that worm for Me

Of course you are a useless wanker with a half sized dick ,it’s hardly a dick at all, it’s a small worm not deserving of My attention but you will stroke it for Me and you will cum, feeling happy to be humiliated by Me!
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How flexible are you? Physically that is. It’s been a while since Sydney asked you to bend over backwards to jerk off into your own face. Which is exactly what she wants you to do today. Prop yourself up against the wall or the back board of your bed and jack off straight into your mouth. So go ahead, find a semi comfortable spot against a hard surface and get ready to start jerking off. Pull down your pants, whip out your dick, spit on that cock and follow all of Sydney’s instructions until you blow your load into your mouth.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Worship Your Deity

I am your Goddess. Your deity, the vessel of your worship. I am a divine being and you owe me your utter obedience, your absolute surrender. Drop down to your knees, slave, and show me your humility. Press your forehead to the floor and soak in my beauty and grace. Worshipping me is your goal now, your only purpose.
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Goddess Foot Domination – Goddess Adrienne – Get Hard for Me

Goddess Adrienne is relaxing on the sofa when you arrive home. This beautiful lady knows what you like and is eager to give it to you. Oh man, you are the king! She slips off her sexy pink platform heels and begins rubbing her gorgeous tanned feet together. Adrienne tells you to whip it out right away because she loves to watch your erection grow as she wiggles those perfect little toes. This goddess instructs you to smell, lick and nibble her perfect feet while you stroke yourself. She can’t hide how much she loves what you do. Slap that dick on her succulent soles like a foot boss. Feel the texture of her brown skin and savor the aroma of her sexy bare feet. Oh dude, you’re in heaven. Don’t hold back; give her what she wants. Blow that load all over the soft soles and tasty toes of your divine princess.
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Femdom Empire – AJ Applegate – Mindless Ass Addict

AJ Applegate has an ass of true perfection making you crumble to your knees at just one glance. You will live to worship her ass and learn there is nothing greater in life than being smothered by the big booty of your Goddess. AJ knows the best way for a slave to become a mindless ass addict is by being buried deep in between her royal cheeks.
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Princess Ashleigh Turns You into Her Pet Piglette in Pink Panties

“I’m a Princess and you are nothing but a dirty little pig. If you want to worship me? You’re going to do it as my pet pig, grunting and oinking for Ashleigh on all fours. Also, I prefer you as a girly pig, a piglette, which means you’re going to wear tight pink panties to prevent your filthy pigtail from stiffening and squirting…”
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Clubstiletto – I Don’t Shave Office Boy, Now Eat My Pussy And Ass

Lady Katy is sitting at her desk as you crawl in. You are her new office slave and she tells you to kiss her feet. She tells you she is different than the other ladies in the office in that she is the dirtiest of them all. “You’ve probably been in other offices just worshiping feet, but here worshiping feet is just a start” She warns you. She tells you that you will be worshiping every inch of her. Prepare yourself as she directs you from her shoes, up her legs, up to her panties for a sniff and then the reveal of her massive hairy pussy. “I don’t shave”, She informs you, and explains the hair insures all of her sex clings to her making for a delightful fragrant smell that will be in your nostrils all day.
She tells you to kiss her pussy and says you will hate going to other offices once you have experienced her. “By the way, in this office you are also my toilet”, she adds. “When I have to piss you will open your mouth wide and when I have to take a dump you will open your mouth wide for that too.” She tells you she expects everything to be consumed then turns around and removes her panties, spreads her ass cheeks and you see her dirty hairy ass. She gets into some graphic talk here so you better be one of those subs who enjoys being completely used and debased. If that arouses you, then this is the clip for you. Katy sticks her finger up her ass to give you a taste and them laughs saying she knows when you crawl out of the office all the other girls will know exactly what you have been subjected to.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Yes Goddess Trance

If you’ve experienced my trance videos, then I’m sure you know the overwhelming power of words. With just the sound of my voice and a few well-placed sentences I can make you go down into trance and open yourself up to me. Through my perfect lips you may hear every word you’ve ever needed to hear to bring both relaxation and arousal. Out of every phrase though there is one that I like to hear most of all. “Yes Goddess”. When you say to me “Yes Goddess” you open yourself up to my whims and wants. There is no negotiation, only servitude. “Yes Goddess” is the portal to your innermost subservient self. There is never anything else you need to say to me.
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Clubstiletto – Lick My Ass And I’ll Sit On Your Face and Make You My Toilet

This scene opens with gorgeous BBW Goddess Jewels laying on her stomach on the bed. “One of my favorite things is having my ass licked” she tells you. “My slaves go crazy for it, kissing it, sticking their tongue between my ass crack and then inside me, and they love it when I sit on their faces.” She mentions that some slaves are even toilets and wonders if you would like to be her toilet too? She then calls you in to her ass and tells you to kiss it before ordering you to get your tongue between her cheeks and into her crack. “Do you like a clean ass or a dirty ass?” she asks, adding that you do seem pretty dirty. She teases you with her pussy but tells you that it’s not for you, your purpose is to service her ass.
After letting you gaze at her amazingly huge ass she tells you that once she has had enough of your tongue she will get you on your back and sit on your face. She wants to see you kicking for air. “Do you want me to fart in your face?” she asks. Now she surprises you by sending you off to the corner as she calls her other slave in. She wants you to see how eager this slave is and how well trained he is to tongue fuck her ass. She says her ass is like his morning cup of coffee. Goddess likes seeing you jealous, she wants you desperate to be in the place of her other slave. When she gives you an order you will do it because you do not want to lose your place under her ass. Now she tells her slave to get on his back, she is going to crush him under her ass. She sits on his face and the dumb slave is fighting for air within seconds. She laughs but is disgusted with his effort and it might just be time for your chance after all. Are you ready?
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