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GlamWorship – You Wish I Had a Cock

Hello my dirty little faggots. Can we PLEASE stop with the “I’m not gay that’s why I buy your clips Miss Harwood.” Please. By the end of this clip you will be wanting cock and in particular my cock. This banana will work perfectly. I want you to picture a big hard cock. That’s right. Get on your knees like a good boy for me. Get that cock out and stroke it for me. Now get nice and close and suck this cock. That’s it loser. Suck this big fat cock! I should buy a strap on so I can fuck your ass with it. Bend over for me and spread that ass. Good boy. Just imagine that I’m fucking that tight asshole of yours. I bet you would love it. Nice and deep in that asshole of yours. Take that cock for me. Deeper and deeper. Now take it out of that asshole of yours and suck it clean like a good bitch for me. Get it nice and clean bitch. No, you don’t get to cum today loser, maybe next time! – Dannii Harwood
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TheQueens – Tiny Dick loser Exposed and Humiliated by Mean Girls

The hottest , most popular girls in school need your help with maths homework. They ‘re beautiful , but such dumb blondes! As a nerdy loser you ‘re shocked that they have your number , let alone want you to come over. What ‘s really going on here? However , despite your hesitations , you can ‘t help yourself but to give in to their requests. As you might have guessed , all is not what it seems and you ‘re in for the humiliation of your life. You ‘ll never get over the shame , and it will lead you to becoming the desperate sub you were born to be… Blondes aren ‘t so dumb after all , are they?
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You remember Me? Of course you do, how could you forget. You keep begging Me to come back to you. As your ex-girlfriend, I already know dumping you was the best thing I’ve done.

You keep thinking maybe you can impress Me into coming back? I don’t think so. You were a terrible boyfriend and a pathetic wimp.

I’m going to tease you, show you the body you miss so badly. You wish I would start dating you again but you haven’t earned My respect.

You jerk off for Me while I tease. You’re going to do anything to impress Me. You’re even going to eat your cum. That’s right, jerk your dick and lap up that cum like a good boy.

Maybe I’ll give you another chance if you work extra hard for Me, you poor loser.
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If you’re lucky enough to actually get a date with me, you had better not come up short!

Sydney’s excited today! She’s got a date with a guy she’s been chatting with on tinder for 6 months now. She’s gotten herself all dolled up and can hardly contain herself! He’s 6′ 2″ also! She really loves tall men! Suddenly he shows up at the door! She opens the door and checks out her date, but he’s not the tall guy she’s been hoping for.. he’s definitely not 6’2″!

She invites him in anyway, but demands to know why he lied on his tinder profile! He sheepishly says it was a typo, he’s actually 5’2″! She doesn’t really know what to say to him, this is the same guy she’s been talking with for a long time. She starts talking about how she’s into tall guys.. how it could never work with her towering over him, how it would just be weird.

She starts getting even more condescending, asking him even more personal questions and grilling him about his height, poking fun at how small his is! She can’t stop laughing at him and the humiliation shows on his face as he turns red. She might not want to date him, but it turns out she actually likes making fun of him. Now he just might end up becoming one of her little bitches!
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GoddessHarley – Touchless Footgasm Goals

Wouldn’t it be amazing if I made you cum. just by showing you my feet??? Mmmm, that’s the dream, huh??? Is it even possible??? Well, I think it is. I know it is. and it’s about to happen to you!
I mean you can’t even get hard for sex with girls anymore. what kind of amazing video is this where I’m gonna show you my feet and your gonna cum in your pants! Haha.
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MeanBitches – Alexis Fawx POV Slave Orders

Mistress Alexis Fawx is merciless! As you lay on the cold floor of her dungeon, you hear the sound of her high heels and you tremble with fear. Mistress Alexis walks over you as if you are piece of dirt and then spits in your face. She makes you crawl to her and worship her like the Goddess she is…..
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Clubstiletto – My Black Stud is trying to get Me Pregnant, hubby

Raevyn calls you from the closet where you have been waiting while her boyfriend has been over fucking her. How pathetic that you are the ‘man’ of the house but quietly wait in the closet while your sexy wife has men over to fuck her raw. As you crawl closer you can see her mans cum running from her pussy and down her legs. “A present for both of us, I had an orgasm and you get to eat his cum” she tells you. As you look at the cum she breaks the news to you that her black lover is trying to get her pregnant. “What are people going to think when I have a black baby?” she asks you. “Everyone is going to be looking at you differently” she tells you, and then adds that after she has the baby she will still want to go out and have fun with stud men, so that means you will be home babysitting and cleaning the house. She says she might even leave you a pair of her dirty panties to sniff if you do a good job.

Raevyn recalls how your relationship started and you thought you’d be her man and how you even got to fuck her on your wedding night. Now five years later you haven’t fucked her since. While you are locked in chastity she has had at least 40 different men. “I’m sure you have been keeping track” she says, “but from now on I want an actual ledger so we know the number as the years go by, that way you will know how many men you have received cum from.” Now Raevyn rubs her pussy and gets some of the cum on her hand for you to eat. As you eat it she tells you how aggressive her man was, how he pulled her hair and made her scream. “You heard him tell me to get on all fours, didn’t you?” she says. She again recalls your wedding night how she couldn’t even feel your little dick and how you came in 10 seconds. Finally she calls you in closer, she wants all the cum licked off of her!
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A mesmerizing and haunting glimpse into the side effects of letting this Asian Goddess into your head. I am the voices inside your head. I know what’s going on in your head. Your brain is mine. Your heart is mine. There is no escape for you. I am all the voices inside your head: sweet and sexy, demanding and feisty, dominant and seductive. I control you. You know it. Trust me. Let go. You are mine.

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TheQueendom – Down Starry’s Throat HD

Miss Starry thinks your vore fetish is kind of sad and pathetic. Fulfilling your lifelong desire means being eaten alive and digested, it means the end of your life! It means the last days of your life will be spent in her pitch black, acidic, unbearably hot stomach. Your shrunken body will still fill Starry up so much that you’ll hardly be able to move, at least not until you’re digested enough that you no longer have limbs to move! But still, your desire to be eaten is overwhelming. Well, whatever she may think of you for wanting to be eaten, she certainly wouldn’t mind swallowing you whole! You’re far from the first man she’s eaten alive and truth be told she loves the feeling of a live meal squirming in her tummy!

Miss Starry gives you a long, close look at her mouth as you shrink. She describes your fate as she shows you her mouth and throat before eventually you’re small enough to fit entirely in her mouth! The camera switches to an endoscope view as Starry sucks on your and enjoys your flavor for just a little longer. When you finally do make your way down to her stomach you finally realize how inescapable your situation is. From the outside however, Miss Starry can’t tell if your struggles mean you’re excited or terrified. Either way she won’t be letting you out! When she pulls her dress back down and covers her belly all sign of your struggles are hidden. Now she can get on with her day without anyone knowing you’re fighting a losing battle for your life inside her stomach!

The clip ends with a short scene after you’ve been digested. Starry’s about to use the bathroom, but she’s already forgotten about you. Before she takes a seat she wonders if her latest ass slave is still with her (that clip coming soon). With a shrug she takes a seat anyway, caring no more about him than she did about digesting you alive!
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CumCountdown – Goddess Nikki – I Wanna Tease You Today

Time for some edging today my slave, edge while you worship me in my bright romper. Stroke away as you dream about touching me, about running your hands over my tight body. Edge but don’t cum slave, I just want to torment you today to remind you who owns that small cock of yours.
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TheQueendom – Just Another Snack 4k

When you were packaged into a container of cookies at the local, vore-friendly grocery store you never imagined it would be the infamous Mistress Kawaii that bought you! Yet here you are, in a grocery bag, waiting to be unpacked with the rest of Kawaii’s snacks!

The video starts with a mix of 3rd person and POV shots from inside a clear, plastic container. She places your container on the counter as she nonchalantly snacks on a few cookies, as though a tiny man wasn’t waiting to be eaten alive. You’re trapped underneath one of the cookies, staring at her belly, wondering when it will happen. After a few cookies, its finally your turn. She pushes the cookie off of you, and brings you up to her mouth. Without looking at you once, she pushes you against her tongue and gives you a few good licks, taking a minute to savor your taste like she would with any of her other favorite foods. Soon enough you’re in her mouth, down her throat, and filling her belly!

With some juice to wash you down and a small burp, Kawaii is done snacking for awhile! Kawaii moves over to her couch and relaxes while you lay trapped in her stomach, wondering if she’s even aware you’re still alive. As the digestion process kicks you in become desperate. Frantically, you start to squirm around, pushing against the walls her stomach. “Yeah, yeah, I know you’re in there,” Kawaii says, rolling her eyes as she finally acknowledges your existence. From the outside we can see Kawaii’s stomach move as you desperately try to escape, but Kawaii won’t be helping you. Instead she laughs at you, pats her belly and tells you to just calm down and enjoy yourself. You keep squirming though, making her stomach move around a bit while she relaxes, but that’s all you can do. Kawaii wishes you would be still and try to relax, but she doesn’t really care if you struggle either. You’re already in her stomach! Nothing you do can slow down digestion!

Half of the video is before being eaten and half is after you’ve been eaten with a lot of views of Kawaii’s squirming stomach.
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So you want to be eaten alive? Swallowed whole and slowly digested so you can experience being inside a giantess’s stomach for as long as possible? Well then, you’ve come to the right giantess! Mistress Kawaii is happy would happily shrink and eat you alive! The fact that you’re specifically asking for a slow, most likely painful digestion process doesn’t bother her at all, just don’t expect any sympathy! Before swallowing you Mistress Kawaii gives you a good close look at her belly as she describes what’s going to come. Before long she gobbles you up, never giving you the chance to back out.

“I can tell you’re trying to fight it now that you’re in there,” Kawaii says, laughing as she rubs her now full stomach. Inside her stomach your body is cramped and compressed, barely able to move, but she can feel you trying to escape. There is no way out for you though, you’ll be spending the rest of your life in her stomach! After a few minutes of talking to you Mistress Kawaii leaves to get on with her busy, Goddess life…

Several hours later Kawaii returns to her hotel and settles in on the couch with a delicious cup of hot coffee. She gets a stethoscope and listens to you squirm as she drinks, asking if you’d still prefer a slow digestion or if you’d like more hot, acidic coffee in her belly to speed things up! In reality though she doesn’t even give you that choice, continuing to sip at her coffee as she listens to you beg to be let out. She can’t tell if you’re serious or not though, after all you didn’t ask for any kind of a safe word and you did know being eaten also meant being digested… Despite your cries for help Mistress Kawaii is certain that you are exactly where you should be! She figures your screams for help are all just an elaborate role playing scenario. So she decides to embrace her role as the mean, uncaring giantess by removing the stethoscope, leaving you all alone as you digest slowly in her stomach.
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Goddess Kims Fantasies – Electro Milking Session

I am in the same position as in No Escape. Completely immobilized onto the special bondage chair and electrodes connected to all my sensitive male parts: cock, balls and prostate. This time the advanced electro stimulation device is running fully automatically on a very mean computer program that you designed for this purpose.
The clip starts with you entering the room. Wearing the same outfit as in No Escape. The electro device is already working on me, controlled by your computer program. You tell me that you are checking back on me and refer to the treatments that I had before in which I succeeded in avoiding being made to cum. Those sessions were just intended to make me more addicted to you. You made me think that I could resist you while you slowly conditioned my mind by showing your divine shape and letting me listen to your voice while sexually exciting me.
This time things are different. The electro will mercilessly force me to cum for you. And you are going to tease me verbally and with visual stimulation by showing of your divine body again. Your legs, your divine ass and latex covered mound. Sometimes bending forward, looking me straight into my eyes and whispering in my ears. You are telling me that I will lose control and get milked. I will ejaculate and give up the contents of my balls no matter how hard I try to resist. Teasing you are telling me to try to resist. But that it will be useless as the device will make me ejaculate anyhow. And it won’t stop. It will just keep on going to milk another load from me. The post orgasm torture will be devilish. The device will just keep on working on me to force me from one to the next involuntary ejaculation. Until my balls are completely emptied and my potency destroyed.
Yes my potency will be destroyed for at least a month after this electro milking session. Rendering my cock limp and useless. I will still be horny as hell but not able to do anything with my cock anymore. Making me your horny but harmless licking slave. You say that maybe you will lend me out to one of your girlfriends. And when you discover that my cock is recovering from the session you will submit me to the next electro milking session. To make sure that I am permanently impotent. In the end you walk out of the room while saying that you will check back on me later. While the electro device continuously keeps working on me.

Custom Clip Feedback: Thank You Goddess Kim, The video exceeded every expectation again. Your perfect interpretation of the plot, Your divine female shape, Your moves and mesmerizing voice. Making me wish I could really sit there, immobilized and at Your mercy, tortured and milked by such a mean electro device while You are commanding me to give up the contents of my balls for You.
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TheQueendom – Starry Swallows A Needy Fan

You’re a big fan of Miss Starry’s giantess videos, especially her ass slave videos! In fact, you’re such a devoted fan that you decided to shrink yourself down and mail yourself to Starry to become her lifelong, shrunken ass slave! There’s just one problem, Starry didn’t ask you to do any of that. In fact she’s not happy that you would just assume you get to live inside her panties. Its clear that you don’t understand how submission works, it doesn’t start with you demanding to be dominated! There’s no way that Miss Starry would keep you around as a slave, but there is another way she could use you right now. As a snack! It doesn’t matter if you’re into vore or not, your fate is to be slowly digested inside Miss Starry’s hungry tummy!

**This is another previously un-released clip of Miss Starry from 2014! The clip includes a short POV scene followed by a 3rd person scene.
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