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SubbyHubby – Sully Savage Trains a Cuckie Part 2: Chastity

Mistress Sully Savage has moved on to stage 2 of her cuckhold training of her pathetic husband. Cross dressed, her bitch cuck is on his knees, while his beautiful Goddess wife applies his makeup. He begins whining, and Sully Savage puts an end to that by threatening him with divorce. Knowing that he is at her mercy, the cuck fully capitulates, and gives into her every desire. She verbally degrades and humiliates him, locks him in chastity, and makes him perform embarrassing dance moves. Of course, that is not enough. She teases his caged up cock, licks his chastity device, an further torments him mentally. Sully Savage has her cuck husband under her full control, and reminds him constantly of his new, pathetic position in their lives.
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CumEatingCuckolds – Destiny Lovee Takes Black Cock

Destiny gets aggressive with her sissy cuck. She forces him to help her tame Sean’s big black cock. All three are loving every minute.
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MistressT – Cocksucking Mind Fuck Stop & Go Game

This scene covers a few hot themes: it’s a sexy latex gloved hand job…with a stop & go game for the guy & you, the viewer. There’s an element of seducing you & mind fucking you into wanting to suck cock…& there’s a glorious ruined (abandoned) orgasm at the end.
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MeanBitches – Raven Bay 5- Cuckold

You walk into your bedroom and find your wife sucking another man’s cock! Your wife looks up at you and smirks as she says “Remember that co worker of yours that you invited to have a threesome with us?”. It turns out that after the threesome he has been coming back whenever you aren’t home and fucking…
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FemdomEmpire – Cuckold’s Handjob – Chanel Preston

Chanel has been keeping you as her cuckolded boyfriend, she just has entered the room to find you naked and hard lying on the bed. You just listened to her get fucked by another man. She crawls onto the bed and tells you how good she was fucked and creampied. She inserts her fingers into her pussy and shows you the other mans cum. She begins to stroke your cock with it. It turns her on seeing how much power she has over you. She will give you a sympathy hand-job for being such a good cuckold.
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RubberEmpire – Rubber Slut must eat sperm – Lady Estelle

at the End of the Session i have a special Gift for my Rubber Slut. He must knee on all 4 in front of the mega Dong from my slave and i pump the hole Cum from the last 4 Weeks out of his dick. The Rubber Slut must swallow everything if he like it or not.
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SubbyHubby – Hadley Trains You Full Video

Watch Hadley Vascara tell her husband that from now on she is in charge around here and introduce him to a world of cuckolding in this entire movie of all 5 parts of “Hadley Trains You.” Get all parts for one low price!
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SubbyHubby – Reagan’s Cuck – Reagan Lush

Reagan Lush trains her submissive cuck to suck cock just like she wants him to do. He has to get to work on this cock for her, no matter how humiliated he feels doing it. It is about pleasing his Goddess and doing anything she says and wants. He takes that cock in his mouth like he has been doing this his whole life, while Reagan looks on with a grin. She instructs him on sucking like a good boy.
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SubbyHubby – Alissa Dominates The Family Part 3: Fucking StepDaddy

Alissa’s Stepfather has come home and found her and his son doing sexual acts. The father cannot deny that he is attracted to Alissa. Alissa is going to cuckold her stepbrother now while while she fucks his Father! Alissa has her stepfather fuck her with his huge cock and makes him cum all over while her stepbrother watches. She has her StepFather lick his cum off of her pussy.
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GloveMansion – Double drained leather slave

Addicted to leather, gloves and serving his Mistresses. The glove slave gets smothered by our long leather gloves, teased, intoxicated and jerked off. He has been a good boy and it is time we drain his heavy balls, but he will have to clean the cum of our gloved hands afterwards…of course!
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MeanBitches – Cuckold – Sarah Jessie

Its your wedding day but your fiancee Sarah did not show up at the altar. She calls you and tells you she’s having second thoughts… she just isnt sure she wants to marry a man with a small cock. You send in your best man to talk to her..and END UP A CUCKOLD! HOT CUCKOLD POV BLOWJOB AND SEX!
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HouseOfSinn – Ultimate Cuckold Humiliation

Mistress Kennya keeps Her slave hubby caged under Her bed, humiliated again and again with each and every bull She takes to Her bed. She loves to fuck real men, not the worthless wanker that breathes only to pay for Her lavish lifestyle. As She fucks the bull lovingly, the poor bastard wanks pitifully to the humiliation of hearing and seeing his beloved wife being pleasured by a real man. But the real nasty humiliation is yet to come; Can you guess what it is?
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SubbyHubby – Duped Into Domination Part 5: He-Bitches

Mistress Reagan Lush and Goddess Sasha Foxx are absolutely in the mood to fuck! It’s too bad their idea of fucking is a bit different than what the boys think it is. The he-bitches will be having sex all right, sex with the big strap-ons that these women are going to shove into their boy-pussies! The women go to town, fucking the guys deep and hard while they laugh. They really give it to them good between making them suck it and take it up their asses. The sluts cannot believe this is happening but must do as the women say. To make it extra humiliating, the women make the men hold onto each other while they both are fucked at the same time.
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Clubdom – Worship Your Cuckoldress – Ashley Edmonds

Ashley Edmonds is going to have her ass worshipped by her cuckold husband. He needs to worship her ass properly if he wants to be kept around. She could easily have other men, they all fall at her feet. She can get any man she wants. Her cuckold husband can only have access to her ass. He can only have her pussy if he is cleaning a cream pie out of it from a better man with a larger cock. Ashley Edmonds
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