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MeanBitches – Kiara Cole 4- Cuckold Sex

Your teacher gave you an F on your exam. You hate him… he’s a bully and wants to ruin your life. Your girlfriend Kiara says she will handle this, but when she confronts him, he starts groping her and grabbing her ass right in front of you! Even worse – SHE LIKES IT! She tells your teacher that you…
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SubbyHubby – He is Crying Cum with Megan & Emanuel

Mistress Megan and Emmanuel London are savages. They lure a famous football player back to their house with the promise of hot three-way sex. Once in their house, the ladies strip his clothes off and sit him down. The poor guy thinks he is getting laid. Instead he is getting blackmailed. The ladies show him photos of the three of them in the club they picked him up in. Does he want these photos going to his wife and the press? He is already on thin ice after his last scandal. The football player is terrified. He agrees to do anything for the master copy of the photos. All hell breaks lose as the ladies proceed to ass fuck the womanizing slut. Just when he breaks down in tears, it gets even worse. Megan brings in another man who shoves his cock down the slut’s throat and then shoots a huge load all over his face. The humiliation is HEARTLESS as the ladies parade the bitch boy around and make fun of him. They flip him on his back and jerk him off in his own face. The humiliated man tries to resist cumming but his body betrays him and soon he is shooting cum in his own face. Megan laughs as tears and spooge drip down the slut’s face. The ladies lock the slut in a cage for the night. The next morning they demand that he worship their smelly shoes and worn stockings. By the time they let this bitch go, he is stripped of not only his manhood but any dignity he ever thought he had. Megan and Emmanuel love it. They live to prey on egotistical male pigs.
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SevereSexFilms – September 13, 2019 – Victoria Voxxx, Dee Williams, Jason Michaels

Cuckolded By My Mom! (Part 1 or 4)

Jason isn’t having much luck finding a girl online (his nasty troll approach leaves much to be desired), so he hires an escort. Cheyenne (Victoria Voxxx) is grossed out by his dirty, messy basement room, and annoyed when he tries to haggle about her price. And she absolutely refuses to get on sheets that haven’t been changed in ages. Jason stomps off and returns with a pretty comforter, ready for his blow job. But not so fast. Jason’s mother (Dee Williams) barges in, pissed off that Jason has taken the comforter off her bed. Jason tries to pass his escort off as his girlfriend, but it doesn’t help that he doesn’t know her name. Cheyenne thinks it’s hilarious that Jason lives in his mother’s basement, and the two women start to chat. And pay each other compliments. Pretty soon, mom kicks Jason off the bed and starts to kiss Cheyenne, all the while insulting her loser son. Jason sits by helplessly as the women undress and mom starts to lick Cheyenne’s pussy. (Part 1 of 4)
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Raven tells her husband, Marcello, that she wants to start dating again. His penis is too small to satisfy her. She feels entitled to getting fucked by a guy with a nice cock and retaining her marriage to her wealthy husband. Marcello is kept locked in chastity by his wife because his cock is useless to her. She explains to Marcello that her daughter, Kimber, will be in charge of him while she is out on dates. Marcello hates being entrusted to his stepdaughter. Kimber is so cruel to him. Raven has her first date scheduled for later this evening. She can’t wait to get fucked while her husband stays at home with Kimber. Raven sends her husband to get his wallet because he will be paying for dinner for her and her date. After dinner, Raven returns home with a little treat for her husband in a napkin. Inside the napkin is a full condom from their date. Raven forces her husband to drink her lover’s cum from the used condom. She wants him to do it to prove his devotion to her. Raven’s husband is obedient to her and swallows as his wife commands.
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SubmissiveCuckolds – Mistress Melanie Mayer

Dominant young wife calls her bull after her slave/hubby fails to get it up once again. She makes out with this alpha male while her slave gets to eat that ass. She blows the lover and spits cock juices into her slave’s mouth. She lets him lick her freshly-fucked pussy, gets boned some more in missionary. The scene ends with demeaning snowballing.
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BananaJacks – September 4, 2019 – Bridgette B, Billy DeWitt, Mark Frenchy


YOUR WIFE BRINGS OVER HER NEW BOY TOY TO SHOW HIM HUBBY’S COCK IN CHASTITY. They have a good laugh at hubby’s expense. Then Wifey makes Hubby lick and suck her Boyfriends cock. Her Boyfriend gets her pussy and gets to suck her nice tits. But Hubby doesn’t get to. Hubby has to suck dick to get it ready for his Wife’s pussy. Hubby is made to watch Wife gets her ass licked and fondled by her new boyfriend. He has to suck cock while his Wife pushes her red heels against his chastity cage and balls. She has Her Boyfriend humiliate Hubby by cuming all over his face. All the while Wife keeps hubby in chastity.- HOT MAKE ME BI WITH FACIAL CUM SHOT – BRIDGETTE B.
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MistressT – Freak Cock Cuckolded & Ruined

This is the slave from “Ruined Orgasm for Freak Cock”. He so badly wants to be my sex slave but his cock is too big. I tease him & make fun of his freaky giant cock…I humiliate him by making him suck the cock that does get to fuck me (ENCOURAGED BI), watch me have sex & then I make him CLEAN UP the CREAMPIE! As if that wasn’t enough I then manipulate his horny freak cock, telling him how useless he is until he starts to cum then I RUIN HIS ORGASM & make him lick up the escaped cum off the floor!
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TheEnglishMansion – Rubber Cuckold Fluffer

The Masked Mistress is always firm but fair, so when two of her slaves have been behaving at different levels of expectation, she decides to reward and punish them in equal measures. The good slave is allowed to worship her beautiful breasts and body whilst the bad slave is locked in chastity, teased and humiliated mercilessly. This cumulates in him orally fluffing the other slave, making good slave’s cock hard for Mistress to fuck, right over bad slave’s face. This is the ultimate incentive to improve his behaviour in the future!
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Chateau-Cuir – Her fluffer and cuckold husband part 1

He already knows what is going to happen when he sees his sexy wife entering the house with yet another guy. He is her cuckold hubby and she is his precious, dominant Lady. He has no say in the matter, he knows his position in this marriage and kneels on the floor, ready to be of service to her and her boyfriend.
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