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DirtyDommes – Rich blonde cuckolds Loser husband part 1

Nesty leads an awesome life, she has everything she wants, she is rich, blond and hot! Her husband is a loser though, fat and ugly…always drinking and he cannot satisfy her sexual apetitte. But the sexy blonde always finds a willing cock to please her. Today she invites her pool guy in to the living room…As her hubby is asleep, the couple start kissing and even fucking right on top of him! Haha, he has no clue…until he wakes up and he realises what his dear wife is doing
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CumEatingCuckolds – Jaycee Star Forced To Watch

Jaycee rides hard cock in front of her sissy boy. She forces him to watch, pulling him close to see the action. After she takes a creampie, sissy boy is forced to clean it up.
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Chateau-Cuir – The wedding anniversary cuckold part 2

Not like he imagined his wedding anniversary to be like, but he loves his leatherclad wife so much, he is willing to be cuckolded by her. At her feet he feels best as she gets fucked by her leather lover. He cums on her bare feet, right in to his mouth. He will taste his spunk and her leathers for a long time to come.
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From: Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery

NOTE: Part 1 is all cuckolding & “encouraged” bi. The pegging/strap-on is only in Part 2, to be released a week later.

My cuckold is so desperate to fuck me he’ll do anything I tell him to. He does not want to suck cock, on no. I tell him I’ll “fuck him” if he does. Reluctantly he agrees. He fluffs my lovers cock & watches as another man gets what he so desperately wants. I let him taste my pussy on that cock after it’s been inside of me. I even further debase him by having him clean my lovers cum off my pussy.

I then tell him I’ll fuck him…but I bring out a big strap-on dick telling him that I meant I’d fuck him in the ass! Poor fella. ha ha

(Part 2 contains all the anal play/strap-on ass fucking.)
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MistressT – Cheating Wife Encourages You To Suck Priests Cock

Going to Church has taken on a whole near meaning. Your religious wife has found a new way for you to worship. She’s been having an affair with your Priest and now she wants you to get down on your knees and take that holy sacrament.
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MeanBitches – Cassandra Cruz – Cuckold

Your wife Cassandra starts by telling you how she has lost all respect for you since you lost your job. She reminds you that she was never attracted to you because of your small cock. She calls you a loser and completely degrades you. Then she tells you that she met a new sugar daddy. She tells you how…
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FemdomEmpire – Owned by MILF – Brandi Love

Goddess Brandi Love gives you an up close and personal experience on what life would be like if you were her one and only cuckold bitch. Sometimes dreams do come true…
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MistressT – Cuckolded By Tough Guy

You groggily wake up to find your girlfriend fucking another man…

He’s a tough guy you had stupidly started a fight with. He easily knocked you out with one punch. As a gentleman, he helped your girlfriend drag your out-cold ass home. One thing led to another…
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SubbyHubby – Training The Loser Neighbor Part 1 – Foot Worship

Kendra James and Kiki Klout are pleasantly surprised when their neighbor offers them some flowers, but are less than happy when he admits to picking them out of their yard. Kendra and Kiki are amused that this loser thinks that he has any shot with them, so they invite him in, only to discover that he is already locked in a chastity device! The girls decide to train him as their cuckold and his first lesson is how to worship their shoes and feet properly.
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FetishLiza – My cuckold cum bucket part 2

Crawling at my booted legs, my cuckold slave must receive his first load of real man’s cum on his face. I love to put him in his rightful spot.
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Chateau-Cuir – The wedding aniversary cuckold part 1

Tonight is the night! It is their wedding anniversary but the husband is about to find out that his domme wife Nomi has something completely different in mind than him. Miss Nomi is horny but not for him! She has brought her own lover and her loser husband can now watch as his beautiful wife gets fucked by another man. A real man with a decent cock that can give her orgasmic pleasure. Subby hubby is only there to be humiliated, lick her feet and suck cock for his sexy wife. He will even get a load of real man juice on his face to lick and taste.
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MeanBitches – Richelle Ryan 6- Cuckold

Your wife Richelle gave away your chastity key last night while she was at the bar flirting with other men. She calls the guy who took it and he comes on over. He walks in and starts kissing your wife in front of you! He looks at you and tells her “I dont like him. I’m not giving the key back”….
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FetishLiza – My cuckold cum bucket part 1

My hubby is reduced to being my slave and my cuckold. I will no longer have sex with him and I am going to prepare him for his new role in life. He will still worship me but there are not going to be any orgasms for him anymore. The pleasure of sex is all mine and mine alone. I summon my bull and show my hubby how big this guy’s cock is…
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