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CfnmTV – The CFNM Restaurant Part 2

The CFNM Restaurant is open for business and serving up the hottest, fittest male bodies for discerning women. So why not come along and peruse the menu? There’s sure to be something to tickle your taste buds!
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CfnmTV – Whatever It Takes Part 3

Valerie and Gary have both been working hard to keep their secret lives separate from their relationship. Valerie thinks Gary will dump her if he finds out she runs a successful male lap dancing club. Gary thinks Valerie will be disappointed in him if she finds out he’s been given the sack. But fate is about to throw the two of them together and the truth will out.
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CfnmTV – The CFNM Restaurant Part 1

CFNM has become more and more popular and astute businesswoman Amelia has seen an opportunity to cash in. She has opened the world’s first CFNM restaurant and is thrilled to be showing it off to her best friends. But she has an extra special surprise in store for them as they sit down to dine…
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CfnmTV – Whatever It Takes Part 2

The auditions are hotting up at male lapdancing club Mantis. Valerie and her team are putting their potential new recruits through their paces – demanding the strip totally naked for them and show off every inch of their bodies. For the wannabe strippers it’s a very challenging task that will take every bit of their courage.
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CfnmTV – Whatever It Takes Part 1

The women who flock to Mantis every night to party demand the very best strippers. Keeping them satiated is a difficult task requiring a constant stream of new men. Owner Valerie and her team hold auditions to find the best talent. Their standards are high and only those who make the grade will be considered. For the men trying to impress it’s a nerve-wracking experience.
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PureCFNM – Seeing Pink – Ava Austen, Georgie Lyall

When Ava and Georgie catch a male friend jerking off to a porn mag they want to know what was turning him on so much. He says he is obsessed with pussy so, to tease him, they flash him theirs! Staring at their beautiful cunts makes him horny and he starts jerking in front of them again. The girls then want a feel themselves and kneel down next to him and take turns to wank his huge dick. When they both milk his dick, he shoots a big load all over his stomach as the girls laugh!
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CfnmTV – Prince Ali Backsheesh – A Rich Boy’s Humiliation Part 3

The only way a beefy athletic stud like this will understand how important his studies are is to beat his arse. Ali’s bum has been expertly tenderized by the Headmistress and PE Teacher. But there’s more to do to teach this dumb stud his lesson…
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CfnmTV – St.Dunstan’s: Cross Country Runners Part 5

It’s been a tough ordeal for cross-country runners Ed and Dennis. Some after school training has turned into something considerably more unpleasant. The two young men are being used as guinea pigs for an article on prostate health which is turning out to be a very painful and embarrassing experience. Now standing there naked and confused they must submit to a further indignity.
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CfnmTV – Prince Ali Backsheesh – A Rich Boy’s Humiliation Part 2

The Headmistress of St Dunstans is not accustomed to not getting her way. So when another country is chosen to host the prestigious International School Sport Day Competition she is determined to get her revenge. And with the wealthy head of the delegation’s 18 year old son attending her school – she has the perfect opportunity to demonstrate she’s not to be trifled with, especially if it gives her an excuse to access his fit athletic body!
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CfnmTV – St.Dunstan’s: Cross Country Runners Part 4

Poor Dennis couldn’t stop himself – the intense sensation of being anally penetrated caused him to spring an erection right in front of Mrs Towne, Zara and Ms Halt. The furious women dismiss him as a model for their article on prostate exams and turn their attentions to a shivering Ed. As the women approach and surround him the terrified young athlete realises he’s going to have to endure the same humiliation as his friend.
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CfnmTV – Prince Ali Backsheesh – A Rich Boy’s Humiliation Part 1

The imperious headmistress of St Dunstans, prides herself on her institution having the brightest students and the most sterling athletic teams. Naturally she expects her school will be chosen to host the prestigious International School Sport Day Competition. Education is a business and the highest bidder will win. But what these Sheikhs need to understand is that she is not a woman to be crossed!
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CfnmTV – St.Dunstan’s: Cross Country Runners Part 3

Dennis’ evening has taken a turn for the worse. They were just enjoying a refreshing shower after their long run when everything suddenly changed. Now they are surrounded by fully clothed women having their naked bodies photographed. Ms Halt hefts their penis and testicles with her cane to demonstrate just how unimportant they are. But things are about to get a lot more uncomfortable after Mrs Towne comes up with a suggestion that shocks both of them.
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CfnmTV – Naked Bike Ride Virgins Part 6

It’s amazing just what you can get away with if you have a microphone and a determined expression. The naked men taking part in the bike ride believe every word our CFNMTV reporter says. Little do they realise that their nudity is going to be preserved for posterity in a way that would horrify them if they ever found out…
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CfnmTV – St.Dunstan’s: Cross Country Runners Part 2

While Ms Halt and Mrs Towne conduct their inspection of the St Dunstan’s sports pavilion, keen reporter Zara is on the lookout for a scoop. With a nose for a good story, she prowls around the seemingly empty building. She knows her readers aren’t interested in some dry and boring story about the state of the school sports facilities. She wants something juicy that will grab their attention and she’ll do anything to get it.
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CfnmTV – Naked Bike Ride Virgins Part 5

When the fully-clothed women encounter naked bike ride virgin Hugh, they are initially wary. But once he’s convinced them he’s raising money for charity they soon get into the swing of things. They secretly cannot resist the chance to touch a naked man that they’ve never met before!
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