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Clubstiletto – Tiny Penis, Giant Pain – Mistress Irene

Mistress Irene has her bitch all bound up on the kitchen island and he’s whining like a little bitch as she strikes him with an electric flogger. She’s already beaten him with a crop so his ass is covered in tram lines and the tight rope and cold ceramic counter is making his life miserable. She then starts to cover his balls and micro-cock with clothes pins. The slave is really crying in pain and Irene is just as happy as punch with the entire situation.

Now she again picks up the flogger and runs it over his ‘manhood’. She flogs the clothes pins and the little slut begs for mercy. She then yanks the clothes pins off and the slave is just in agony. Once they are all off she twists his cock and balls and slaps them too. This slave really puts on a show looking for mercy but Irene is oblivious to it all. She sticks a clamp on his balls and then slaps his little dick while commenting on how insignificant it is. Once sufficiently amused, Irene leave the slave there telling him she’ll be back in the morning.
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FemdomEmpire – Edging Nightmares – Adria Rae

Nothing satisfies Mistress Adria Rae more than denying a slave’s right to orgasm. Once under her authortiy, she controls every aspect of her slave’s sexual life. Orgasms are a privilege that must be earned but unfortunately for her slave he has a long way to go for such a special reward. Instead, she would rather make his bound cock suffer thru intense tease and denial as she edges his cock to the brink of madness. He can cry, plead and beg to cum but nothing will change the fact that his orgasms belong solely to Miss Adria. She has no intention of giving him a release any time soon as watching him suffer is just too much fun…
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TeaseandThankYou – Denial Girl + Denial Boy 4-eva – Mistress Mandy

Mandy has a sincere passion for couple’s therapy and I’m inspired. It’s hard work, but someone has to heal the rifts in all these fetish relationships since they always suck. Just kidding. -Kat
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MistressGaia – Purple Haze

I’m with my beautiful mistress friend at the House of Sinn. We are back to see how our slave is doing in his cage. Previously we left him there to suffer. His hands are bound to the cage, and his balls are tightly tied with rope. He can’t escape, and we are going to enjoy a relaxing cigarette while making our bitch suffer. As we light up he pleads with us to blow our smoke into his face, he coughs and chokes as we gladly oblige. With his balls and cock protruding out of the cage, we are tempted to apply a little heat with the hot tip of our cigarettes. We continue to torment our slut, spitting in his face and blowing our smoke at him. Finally we stub our cigarettes out on his tongue, leaving him with his throbbing cock and tightly bound balls in a purple haze…
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ObeyNikita – Playing With My Cock

The little worms that are fortunate enough to slither beneath my soles are well aware that little thing between their legs belongs to me. And they get to keep it as long as it remains fun for me to play with. I’ll tell it when to get hard, when to get soft, when to drip and when it can spurt. Slapping, poking, grabbing, and pinching are always fun, as is jamming my heel into that tender flesh at the tip or shoving large steel medical devices down that pee hole. No matter what I do to it the bitch still begs for release. It’ll have to slurp up every last drop from my long black leather gloves hands if it wants that privilege, of course!
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KinkyMistresses – Electro Sounds And Stretched Balls – Chloe Savage

Chloe Savage is a young, very sadistic lady who loves to inflict pain on her Slaves. Today she wants to use her submissive object, which she has tied to the love swing with a steel device. Stretching the skin of his cock with clamps and make his urethra vibrate with electro sounds
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Boardroom Torment!

A physical and psychological endurance test!

WOW this will test the strongest, toughest individual. Taking every imaginable ounce of energy and willpower the body and mind can endure before I finally permitted hobson to cum! Over 28 minutes of pure decadent erotica that will have you climbing the walls, as you watch dear hobson looking down at his caged penis in the hope it will be released. Playful, delectable, and pure torment to the nth degree! I must admit, after watching this movie back, even I found myself wanting to put him out of this never ending loop of pain and pleasure!

Oh dear goodness, what a challenge, what utter tease, edging in it’s purest form, and that’s exactly where I want to take you. On a journey with me, a journey of incredible indulgent, a most agonising teasing recreation. There are many ways to crack a nut, why take the direct route?! I’m all for taking my time!

Are you able to endure my challenge?
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FemdomEmpire – Cock Reconditioning – Gianna Dior

When you belong to Mistress Gianna you give up complete control of your cock and every last one of your orgasms. Her slave still needs to understand this simple concept that his orgasms are no longer under his control. Mistress Gianna slowly and sensually edges his cock while making sure he is paying complete attention with firm slaps to his helpless balls. She shows him how good ownership can be for obedient slaves that know their place by edging out a thick load of cum.
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FemmeFataleFilms – Pain To Cum – Super HD – Lady Mephista


The esteemed Lady Mephista makes her tantalising debut for FemmeFataleFilms with a tormented face sitting and milking scene that will blow your mind! Watch how she revels in the slave’s suffering, how seductively she encourages him to take extreme levels of pain and see how she totally destroys his orgasm!
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FemdomEmpire – Chastity Drain – AJ Applegate

Mistress AJ Applegate is rewarding her slave with an orgasm after being so obedient while denied and locked in chastity for 30 very long days. But just because he is being allowed to cum doesn’t mean his cock is being unlocked from his chastity. He is about to learn chastity is now a permanent fixture in his slave life as she edges out a huge, thick load from his caged up and forever locked cock. Ruined Orgasm at its finest!
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Maya Liyer – Blackmail Fantasy with the Gimp

I love domestic slavery, I get so many messages from potential slaves out there begging to be one of my live in slaves. I usually keep two or three 24/7 slaves around my home and the types of slave I look for, generally fall into one of three categories. Domestic Slave: for cooking, cleaning, laundry and menial household duties. Whipping boy: What can I say, I like to beat slaves until they fall at my feet in a quivering mess. Fuck toy: I like to keep my slaves cocks under lock and key at all times, but the fuck toy is occasionally released if me or any of my friends want to coerce ourselves upon it and take what we need.

The fuck toy has been trained over a two year period through severe beatings and electric shock therapy to cum only on command, its cock is fat and it gets fucked daily by me and the ladys in any way we choose, occasionally I invite some male friends over and we all watch, laughing as they savage the fuck toy for our entertainment. I keep my house slaves in a full body suit which covers everything from head to toe, I never want to have to look at any of them, I find this hygienic and I a wonderful way of dehumanizing them even further. Only the fuck toy is allowed holes in its suit for its gagged mouth, butt plugged ass and caged cock. You will see more of these domestic slaves over the coming months, but for the next set of releases I am going to focus on the fuck toy.
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MistressTangent – Flash Session

This big slut was next door while we were filming and wanted Mistress Tangent and Mistress Severa to work on him. They obliged and was let out of his restraints to come in and take some punishement from these two friends and vixens. The decide some cock and ball treatment and NT is in the cards for this big fucker. They string him up and tied his big balls up and get some nice clamps on him. He gazes lustfully at their beautiful bare natural breasts and long legs in sky high heels while they work on him. Great double team torment from two of the hottest professionals in the world. The cut him down after some harsh CBT and NT and make him kiss their ass as they switch to some humiliation. They thoroughly enjoy humbling him and he worships their perfect hard asses as they laugh and tease him. Then he is made to go to his knees and the NT and CBT resume on his increasingly tender private parts. Mistress Tangent uses some electrics on him toward the end while he has a metal dental dam filling his mouth.He is bound on his knees, metal dental dam holding his jaws apart, helpless as Mistress Tangent and Mistress Severa deliver non-stop torment to his cock and balls as well as his nipples. All he can do is take it as they stimulate him to his limit. They each take turns shocking his cock with the violet wand and make sure he is taking torment top and bottom.This guys cock and balls are super sensitive and ready for clothespins. Mistress Severa clamps them on and the two vixens kneel on either side of him topless to continue their torment of his cock and nipples. His tied balls are pulled and hurt and then Mistress Tangent makes him worship Her ass. Mistress Severa jams a stockinged foot in his mouth as Her partner slides out of Her sky high heels and has him clean the bottom of Her bare foot. The get him to his back and Mistress Tangent positions Her pussy over his greedy face as they order him to start jacking himself off.The big slave gets to jerk his meat while he gets both their attention. One on his face and one tormenting his torso. Then they switch and as he is getting a whiff of Mistress Severa over his face he gets a vibrator to the balls from Mistress Tangent. This is too much for the pig and he is obliged to shoot his load as they laugh at him. He gets his cock and balls stepped on by the sky high see through platform slides Mistress Tangent has on for his trouble.
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