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Clubstiletto – Lady Bellatrix is The Cock Whisperer

Lady Bellatrix is the Cock Whisperer and she knows the way to a man’s soul is through his cock and when you cage the cock you control the man. In this revealing POV clip, Bellatrix explains how she conquers the opposite sex. All smart Ladies know a locked cock is the way of the future.
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Flip the Switch – J and Elise Graves

Playing with Elise can be a bit of a shoot – sometimes it is pure bliss for her play partners and other times, it is absolute suffering. Elise is most entertained, however, when her friend, J, is vacillating between anticipation and regret. Elise straps straitjacketed J into a police chair donning a gas mask. She then hooks him up to her laptop which controls a timed valve, which opens and closes at a set interval. This allows Elise to focus on adjusting the electro levels in J’s ass as well as the Hitachi strapped to his dick as J focuses on when to take his next sip of air. Good times.
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TeaseandThankYou – Goddesses At Play feat. Mandy Marx

The house is bouncing these days with Lucy learning, me being katty, and Mandy coming and going every day. It’s so much fun to be running a ball-busting scene and just say “Hey, Mandy, want to kick a dude? He can’t stop us!”

Also–first news to members–starting the beginning of Octobah we’ll be offering bonus updates every month, a selection of scenes up each month from the best and most exclusive of mistresses, of course. A batch of clips will go up, but that same batch will come down at the end of the month to be replaced by another batch. So stick around, and enjoy!
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TheEnglishMansion – Cock Cruelty Pt2

Looking stunning in her tight latex, Princess Aurora sits above her lucky slaves face, giving him a privileged view, which costs him a cropping on his hard dick. She decides to add to his confusion with the Erostek electro box, shocking him from the inside and outside as she teases him with her perfect body, the CBT increasing, her control total and absolute.
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Leather Cock Torment!

Bound to the cast iron chair beneath the oak floors of my Manor. Waiting for what would seem like an eternity, listening for my leather booted footsteps to appear. It’s utter torment, as he sits wrapped in exquisite leather. Finally I arrive, well, it’s a woman’s prerogative to arrive late, I’ll keep a man waiting if I feel it’s appropriate, and in hobson’s case, it most certainly is!!! I do so love to tease.

As you will witness throughout this wonderful movie, not only is hobson adorned in leather, but so too am I, dressed in full leathers with gloves and leather stiletto boots. Just listen to it’s signature creaking sounds, of course, I have the pleasure of it’s divine smell, and hobson is teased with it as I sit on his throbbing bulging penis and balls.
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BallbustingWorldPPV – Harsh Ballbusting Double Team

There probably aren’t another pair of ballbusters as sadistic and brutal as Nikki and Chloe, and in this clip they double team Nadman’s balls, leaving them swollen and broken. The more pain his balls are in, the more Chloe and Nikki laugh and smile, savouring every moment of their vulnerable male victim’s suffering and knowing how weak his balls are, and how easy it is to put him down.
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FemdomEmpire – Marley Brinx – Chastity Misery

30 days kept bound, helpless and completely denied in chastity is exactly what’s in store for Mistress Marley’s bitch. He has shown no restraint in controlling his horny desires and must be punished with a 30-day chastity torture treatment. Miss Marley isn’t about to make it easy for him and uses a special toy and her sexual power to make his cock as miserable as possible.
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EurasianPersuasion – Chastity Footjob Extreme

You come over thinking you are just going to receive a sensual footjob from me. When I find out that you have never been in chastity before my devious imagination starts going. This 4k video begins with you locked up with my beautiful blue pedicured toes rubbing up and your tightly caged cock. Teasing you with my soles and ass. I even lick the cage but not you. Enjoy the most extreme footjob ever. Beg to be let out so you can cum all over my perfect feet.
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TeaseandThankYou – Girlfriend Fetish Study – Mandy Marx

Oh my gosh… I’ll be in town again soon. I guess that means I can’t stay away from silly little Western MA and all my boys. And if you see this, I know you’re a supporting member so you can write me for a free session.

Just kidding. But you can write in to book a day! After watching this badass tease, you might need to.
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FemdomEmpire – Anny Aurora – Blown Out Nuts

No reward is ever as pleasurable is it sounds when you are an owned slave to strict German Mistress Annie Aurora. Her slaves must earn the right to orgasm even after they have already been blessed with the promise of a reward. If Mistress Annie’s slave really wants to bust a nut he has to prove how badly he wants it by taking blow after blow to his precious balls.
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DirtyDommes – Boots made for ballbusting

These black boots bring fear to his eyes as he knows I will want to test them on his balls, ha ha. They have the perfect heavy and hard toe for accurate ballbusting and I love to use his crotch as my target. My kicks land precise and are lethal. There is no mercy for his balls, I want them inflated, red and sore. I love destroying this guinea pig’s nuts.
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TheMeanDiva – Barefoot Ball Crush

The slave’s cock and balls are exposed and vulnerable through a hole in the center of a cockbox, Goddess Adrienne steps on them with her bare-feet. She flattens out his balls and cock and squashes and stretches them with her feet. Watch as the slaves cock and balls suffer in The Mean Diva’s very first cock box crushing video.
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Clubstiletto – Miss XI – Ball Busted Little Bitch

The scene opens as Miss XI delivers a hard kick to her slave’s nuts. She looks stunning in her green latex dress and stylish stilettos. She asks her slave how his balls feel after yesterday’s session, and instructs him to remove his package from his shorts, to prove he has no padding underneath. As he shows himself, she delivers another solid kick that crushes his cock and balls and brings him to his knees. Miss XI uses the opportunity to walk around and kick him from behind. Each time he stands, she kicks him from the front and whenever he goes down, she gets him from behind. The poor guy he doesn’t know if he should stay up or go down. Miss XI orders him to say, “I’m a little bitch,” and reminds him to thank her as well.

She bends over to show him her sweet little ass and says that if he pleases her, she might sit on his face. She removes her shoes to improve her balance, which will allow her to kick even harder. When the slave falls, she approaches from behind and uses her f1sts on his nuts, showing no mercy whatsoever and laughing as he cries in pain. She pulls, squeezes, and twists his balls before she punches them again followed by a volley of kicks. More punching ensues, as well as some slapping, and then it’s back to the front for even more kicks. XI seats herself and tells the slave to put her shoes back on her. Once they’re on, she says, “Spread those legs,” and the stupid, disoriented slave reaches up to spread XI’s legs instead of his own. XI laughs as she mocks him, and of course, this means he has to be punished. The nerve of him! She gets him onto his feet and lands four full kicks that bring him down onto his stomach. He’s ordered back up on all fours and she kicks him again until he collapses. She tells him to kiss his ball sweat off her shoes while she looks for a used condom for him to suck, in the garbage.
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