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MistressGaia – Ball Abuse Pony Training

Today I’m going to train my little ponyboy. He’s been in the cage all day waiting for me to arrive. However, before I let him out. He has to show me that he’s a good slave, and lick my beautiful riding boots. After a good licking session I get him to crawl out of the cage. He’s already wearing his little pony tail, and ready for some intense training. I have a nice dressage whip to hand to make sure he obeys my commands. I give him some basic knees up and posture positions to warm him up. Then I put him on the bench to get him ready for some riding. I wasn’t completely happy with his postures, so I have decided to make him suffer. I have a tight ball brace on him, and I attach his nuts to the suspension cable. I so enjoy hearing him squeal as the cable tightens and his swollen balls change to the colour purple. I then place the saddle on him and mount up. Once again I have my whip to hand. Of course I need to make sure he’s going in the right direction. So I place the bridle and bit in his mouth, grab a hold of the reigns, and we’re good to go. I ride him gently at first, before picking up the pace. My little ponyboy squeals and neighs, as his balls get tugged tighter and tighter with every thrusting push from me in the saddle. It’s great fun, and my pony boy is learning fast on day one of his ball abuse pony training…
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inside a routine chastity check-up. My visitor is two weeks into his monthlong chastity contract, and visits twice weekly to make sure everything is secure and safe–and make sure to “wake things up” with some very kinky cockteasing. I love chastity…
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Kat Turner – An Electrifying Tease

Deep punishment and retraining is required for theis houseboy. But mistress is kind and willling to teach. Stroke, tease, stroke tease. The simple technique is very effective on boys who require a little reminder of their place.
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DivineBitches – May 21, 2019 – Mia Little, Papa Georgio

Little Man: Mia Little Punishes and Pegs Papa Georgio

Divine goddess Mia Little is the kind of sadistic mistress that likes to keep a spare man-slave locked up and restrained in her garage. Her sex-pet, Papa Georgio, is fully incapacitated by stiff, leather wrist and ankle cuffs that make it impossible for him to escape. He sleeps on a pile of cardboard and trembles restlessly in anticipation of the stern hand and sadistic whims of his mistress. He hears her stir and he startles awake. From the basement garage he can hear Mia pleasuring herself and purring with sexual moans. He can feel his cock stiffen with hunger to serve his master. The masochistic man-whore hears Mia approach so lifts his head to make sure that she knows he’s fully attentive to her presence. Mia then drags him upstairs to punish him with brutal corporal punishment and impact play. She makes him crawl across the floor to fetch her large wooden spoons so she can beat his undeserving ass. Mia spanks him until it’s raw and swollen from her stern hand. She proceeds to hit and abuse his balls and taint which causes her pain-pig’s cock to drool pre-cum. He can’t help himself; the mere touch of his mistress fills him with delight. He lives to be punished because he knows how unworthy he is. Growing tired of his cries and yelps of pain, Mia tosses him onto his back and makes him watch as she toys and plays with her tight and hungry pussy. She grinds her ass on his face and shoves her stocking covered feet into his gaping mouth. He devours the divinity of her foot worship and chokes out platitudes of thanks and praise. Mia grinds a vibrator onto her pussy and her male sex slave begs to watch her cum. Mia cackles and pleasures herself over and over and watches her servant drool with desire. Now that he is warmed up Mia yanks his legs into the air and jams her strap-on dildo deep into his tight asshole. He howls from the pain of the anal penetration, but a little man like him relishes the attention. His asshole quickly gapes open and Mia begins to slam his asshole, pegging him into submission. As the giant dildo massages his prostate his cock uncontrollably oozes precum and grows stiff with desire. Mia begins to stroke his shaft and laughs at his pathetic pleads for release. She cruelly milks his dick and repeatedly and relishes in her slaves pain as he winces from the of orgasm denial. He entreats his mistress to allow him to cum and when he can’t possibly hold it another second, Mia allows him to blow a giant load all over himself. Tired of her little slave, Mia tosses him to the floor and makes him crawl back to his hovel in the garage.
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TheEnglishMansion – Rubber Bondage Supremacy – Lydia Supremacy

Lydia Supremacy has her slave in tight rubber bondage and gasmask, tied tightly to the bench, ready for her attention. She delights in total control, connecting a rebreathe bag, using an Electrostim on his cock and finally expertly playing with the Venus 2000 milking machine to administer a ruined orgasm
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FemdomEmpire – German Cock Tease – Anny Aurora

German Mistress Annie is bratty socialite who brings an unsuspecting man back to her home and tricks him into thinking he will be having sex. Instead, she ties him down, locks his cock into chastity and turns him into a helpless play-toy to tease and torment for her own selfish entertainment.
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FemmeFataleFilms – Cybill’s Way – Super HD

The slave guy thought he was going to get a boot worship session, but Cybill Troy decides to make his life a little more challenging. If he wants to lick and suck on her sumptuously soft black leather thigh boots, he needs to earn the privilege, do as he’s told, endure whatever form of suffering she desires… he’ll have to do it Cybill’s way!
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Clubstiletto – I Don’t Need Counselling Anymore – Raevyn Rose

It’s hard being a young and beautiful woman, listening to catcalls and warding off unwanted advances from men. Fortunately for Raevyn when she gets frustrated she just takes it out on her blackmailed brother. Today she is busting his balls. As the scene opens Raevyn is dressed in a sexy black dress while her chubby brother is completely naked and standing, as she has taught him, with his legs spread to take her foot in his groin at any moment. The kicking starts quickly and as he bends over in pain she proclaims “You know, which sister doesn’t like to kick her brother in the nuts after a sh1tty long day.” Raevyn scolds her brother when he doesn’t thank her for kicking him and says that if she ever feels he doesn’t appreciate her enough she will have no choice but to show dad the video of him sniffing her and moms worn panties.

She tells him to thank her after every kick. After kicking him while he stands she tells him to stay on all fours after she has dropped him to the ground. She goes behind him and starts kicking him from there. She then makes him beg her to kick him in the balls and since he asks so nicely she has no choice but to kick him as hard as she can. When he goes to the ground she steps on and over him and then spits on him. “Get back up on your feet” she tells him. Again she kicks him and then rotates between kicking and hand slaps of his cock. She laughs that he is getting hard from the attention and she decides that from now on he will be in permanent chastity when he is not in her presence as she wants him aroused 24/7. Now she gives him a volley of kicks to the balls until he collapses. She sits down on him and says “You’re my possession in every way.”
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Meet Marina, the absolutely DROP GORGEOUS ballbuster we were lucky to find. She Has a loto of power, and delivered several great strikes to his gonads.But her beauty makes it so less painful for him, what a lucky bastard. It’s a privilege to have your nuts touched by such a goddess. Excuse me now, I gotta go ask her to marry me…
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Pumping and Revving!

My gentleman friend approaches the black wrought iron gates, knowing how excited, yet anxious he will be, before entering my grounds. It’s a long angonising approach before he steps out of his car and knocks on my door. As I swing open the door with such enthusiasm, he steps back with a WOW!

Adorned in my exquisite leathers, ready to take him down into my intimate dungeon for a pleasurable journey of decadent anal debauchery! Pumping his arse with my meaty strap-on, delving deep into his penis using my chrome sounds. Nipple torment, and sensually erotic tease while bound on my bench.

I love watching him enduring such tease and torment, knowing how painful his nipples will be long after he leaves my Manor. A gentleman’s rendezvous continued as we drove to a most idyllic pub set deep in the countryside. I will tease you with my leathers, while you listen to the hum drum of the engine as my leather boots pump and rev. What a way to finish the day! Thank you so much david for another most enjoyable day.
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DirtyDommes – Destroyed boots and balls part 2

With every hard kick, you can see bits of her boots fly off, the slave’s balls getting more and more swollen and red. Nomi has no mercy for her boots nor his balls, they will both get fully destroyed!
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PantyhoseTherapy – You Say Torment, I Say You’re Welcome – Christina QCCP

… why does everyone call it “post-orgasm-torment” or “-torture”? I’m Christina damn QCCP; any second you get my hands on your body is a blessing, not a punishment.
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DivineBitches – May 7, 2019 – Bella Rossi, Lewis Long

The Salesman’s Bargain: Bella Rossi Takes Advantage of Lewis Long

Bella Rossi is getting her ropes in order when tractor salesman Lewis Long stops by to sell some tractors. Bella isn’t too interested in his tractors, but she does thing Lewis can help fill some positions around her ranch. She makes him a bargain, if he’ll do anything she says for one hour and gives being a ranch hand a try, maybe she’ll buy one of his tractors. Lewis is hesitant but figures helping out this buxom beauty won’t be too difficult. Soon Lewis is strung up to the barn rafters as Bella tests his strength with flogging, close pins, and edging. Lewis’ cock is leaking pre-cum and soon he’s begging for more. The next test Bella puts Lewis through is an anal test! She stretches his ass open on her cock and fucks his ass. Lewis moans as Bella plunder his hole and gets a special treat when Bella takes off her bra revealing her perfect big tits. Bella spits on her tits before pressing them around Lewis’ cock and giving him a titty fuck while she fucks his asshole! Lewis is overwhelmed with sensations and begs to cum but Bella has other ideas for this salesman. She sits on his fact and uses his tongue to bring her to an orgasm before sinking down on his hard cock. She fucks him so good, cumming over and over again on his cock. Each orgasm only makes her more insatiable. She pounds his cock and then leaves him high and dry, dick in the wind.
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