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Becky – Bubble Butt Blonde Smothers And Scissors Her Slave

Goddess Becky has the most amazing bubble butt! She sits directly on the slave’s face and uses him as a chair while on her cellphone. She happily texts away as the slave struggles to breathe. Pretty girls love human furniture! Becky smiles and bounces. This is the only way a loser could be involved in a pretty girl’s life, as her chair. Just to make him suffer, Becky puts the slave into a scissorhold. She squeezes its neck between her thighs. This is the closest a pathetic male will ever get to a Goddess as perfect as Becky.
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The stunning Riot Starter puts her slave through an ulstra sexy display of perfect, nonstop, gorgeous Reverse Facesitting and Reverse Headscissors! Alternating between the two, she slowly drains her victim’s life force steadily through several series of Face Grinding and Riding until one final Reverse Headscissor grips Riot’s seat’s neck so tightly, each of her pulsing squeezes puts his lights right out!
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Clubstiletto – I don’t want you Thinking, just Doing – Lady Lennox

Lady Lennox has been sitting on her hubby slaves face a lot lately and it really seems to have dummied him down even further. She slaps him gently across his face and tells him she is pleased with his improved disposition. She can’t take things for granted so tells him it’s time for even more time under her ass. “The dumber you are the more money you will make me” she says, as she is slowly starting his transformation into a tranny bimbo cocksucker as seen in the clip ‘I’m Fucking Your Best Friend But You Can Be Our Sissy Cuckold And Whore’. Once the hormones kick in ‘goldy’ will develop finer facial features and breasts and then with the right makeup will be getting fucked a lot and making money for Lennox and her boyfriend Francesco who just happens to be goldy’s boss. She kicks his little ‘clitty’ and tells him it will never feel a woman again and it is no good to anyone.

Now she sits down on his head in forward position and with a nice straight back makes sure he is feeling all her weight on his face. The fishnet stockings are sure to make an impression on him too. As she lingers on her head she says she will have to tell her boyfriend about this later. With a bit of luck he’ll be going to work with red lines across his face that look like someone sat on his face wearing fishnets, lol. Lennox gets up long enough for you to get some nice views of her voluptuous ass. She then sits on him in forward position and lifts her legs off the ground so he gets here full 150 pounds. The camera swings around to give you a great view upwards of her ass and body. She just loves seeing his legs kick about. While he struggles for air she tells him that everyone is laughing at him at the office as her boyfriend tells everyone stories about what happens in the house between the three of them. “I wouldn’t be surprised if Francesco starts to face sit you at work too” she says with a laugh. How humiliating! After a breath Lennox sits on him again, this time swinging her legs forward off the ground. When she gets up goldy moans and cries in pain. She tells him to take a breath and as she sits down again she tells him “The worst is still to come.”
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MeanBitches – London River 2

Wealthy hotel patron Miss River expects a lot of the hired help. When she meets Marcelo the bellhop, she is disgusted with him.. he is weak and stupid. She dominates him and uses him as her personal bitch!
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Clubstiletto – Best of Ass Love

A true slave knows that he isn’t good enough for pussy and his true purpose in life is to be an ass licker. He will eagerly accept any discipline his Mistress gives him in hopes that she may allow him to press his tongue against her pretty pink rose bud and suck and lick it for as long as she demands. In this hot clip you get six beautiful asses to serve including Princess Lily, Mistress Kandy, Domina Ruby, Goddess Mia, Miss Jasmine and Miss Raevyn. The scene opens with Lily kneeling on the bed looking over her shoulder as you gaze at her plump ass. She tells you to pull out your cock and start to stroke it. Be careful, the Mistresses will allow you to cum but not until the very last second. Can you control yourself for 7 full minutes?

Lily removes her panties and puts her hands on her ass and spreads her cheeks. “Is that what you have been dreaming about, calling my name in your sleep, oh Lily I live for your ass” she says. You get a great upward view of her ass and then her butt hole as she continues you to tease and torment you. The scene then rolls over and now we see Mia on the bed with her ass facing the camera. “This is your purpose, what you live for” she tells you and then details what that requires including full toilet duties. Next it is Lily on the bed and this time she has two slaves at her mercy. While one slave eagerly eats her ass she has another slave licking her stilettos. Ruby pulls her cheeks wide so you can see her hole as she then orders her slave to get his tongue inside her deep. “So lovely having two slaves, what a spoiled Mistress I am” she says. Next we find Ruby sitting on a stool with her ass hanging over the edge of the seat, a slave secured to it with cuffs. Again she spreads her ass wide and shows you her glorious love hole. “Get in there and lick it” she says. Meanwhile in another room we now drop in on Mistress Kandy who is also getting her hole licked. “I get so horny when my ass is getting licked” she says as she directs her slave as to how to give her the maximum pleasure. Kandy explains how she had her slave locked up for days and made him go without food because she wants him hungry for her ass. Kandy moves onto her back and starts to play with her pussy while the slave continues to lick her ass. Finally in the bathroom we see that Raven and Jasmine are in the tub. Their asses are right in your face. They fondle each others asses and spread their cheeks. They tell you to join them, this is your clue to shoot your load. You’ll be coming back to this clip again and again, ass licker.
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Be on alert everyone! Two dominatrixes in possession of weapons of mASS destruction are on the loose! They have booties of incredible size and power and have been known to use them to smother and flatten men!

“Look at how small he is!” Goddess Nyx says, delighted to have such a crush-able victim at Her disposal. “Yeah he’s so tiny,” Mistress Kawaii agrees, “such a skinny little wimp!” Goddess Nyx thinks that Her and Kawaii’s enormous asses can cover the man from head to toe and Kawaii agrees that its worth trying. While Nyx swallows the man’s face in an incredible reverse facesit, Mistress Kawaii stretches out her legs in a full weight chest sit. Their wimpy seat is completely overpowered, their combined weight easily pinning the man as they sit. When Mistress Kawaii spreads her cheeks for a full weight facesit the man’s face disappears beneath her!

Lots of great close ups as these Mistresses use their epic butts to smother, crush, and dominate their slave!
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Femmbreze – Mad in Nylon

What a beautiful day to relax. These are the sentiments of Adriana as she settle down on the matz for a little stretching and yoga exercise. Now right before Adriana was just about to find peace and tranquility her pompous ass of a sugar daddy interrupts her with insults and wanting her to cook dinner as he often do seeing that he is always over to her place… well his place because he pays for her to live lavishly but sometimes Adriana would wish he will fulfill his sugar daddy duties then stay away. With that being said, Adriana had enough and will no longer put up with his mess. She pulls him down with the chair on to his back and smashed her female pubic pantyhose area on his face suffocating him. “Not so fast” she thought to herself as sugar daddy frantically tries to get free from her, ripping away at her pantyhose. Now Adriana is really mad, she reposition herself for a side headscissor and no matter how much the sugar daddy pushes, tugs or squirm, Adriana enjoys delivery one slow crafted fatality.
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YoungGoddessKim – Latex Hotpants Smother

There are certain rewards that may cost the slave’s life. Sitting on My human cushions face with My latex hotpants is one of them. I take its position as a cushion seriously – that means no breathing… At first it struggles helplessly and pointlessly beneath My powerful ass. But is soon begging for more. I unzip My latex crotch and allow it to sniff and take its final breath buried beneath Me. There’s no better way to go.
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This collection features some of my hottest facesitting videos, 5 videos in one now for a fraction of the price! Enjoy!

If you cross me before a face sitting session, you shouldn’t be surprised when I take matters in my own butt cheeks.

Your mistress is here for your facesitting session. You know the rules, pay up first. No one gets to touch Sydney’s ass without paying first. She’s pretty adamant about that. And when she smacks you in the face, you get worried that this session might turn out a little different than what you had anticipated.

The second hit to the face actually puts you on the floor. At least you’re in a great position for face sitting now. Actually, today’s session is called “No Tap out Facesitting”. At first it doesn’t seem too bad. But it looks like this session will end with you passing out.

Face Sitting bitches while drinking wine is the highlight of this night!
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TheLaughingLatina – Xmas takeover! HD

You are a secretary at a local large company at Christmas.Your boss has asked you stop by his house on the way home to finish off some paperwork. Your boss secretly has a thing for you and you know it. You have dressed in your sexiest work wear and have on a Christmas hat as you have had a little Christmas party at the office. Your boss lets yo in and you sit on the rather grand throne that he has in his front room . He sits on the couch as you get out the paperwork. You notice he’s a little nervous this close yo you with it just being you & him. You decide to tease him by opening your legs and flashing your panties at him. He cant help but notice and pretends to drop his pen on the floor in front of you.

While crawling over & picking it up he is looking up your skirt. You see this and decide its time to take advantage. You pretend to be shocked and ask what he is doing. He is speechless, so you go to him and force him to lie back using your feet. You s tep astride him and tell him how you have seen him looking at you in the office and you have wanted to be his boss. You sit down on his chest and ask how he likes you being in charge. He does! You ask as he was looking up your skirt would he like a closer look at your panties and inch up to sit on his neck, pinning his arms under your knees. You ask how it feels to have you sat on top on him. Then you ask if he would like a closer look which would mean you sitting on his face. He’s not keen, but you’re not bothered, so you squat on his face trapping his wrists under your heels.

You like sitting on your boss and had this planned as you have in your bag a document transferring 75% control of the company to you. You tell him that as you are sat on top of him and he is helpless that you are going to sit on his face for progresily longer periods, in all positions, until he signs the document. He is shocked so you get on with the plan, which involves grin ding and bouncing on his face and smothering him to near suffo-cation. Near the end you sit back on his neck and tell him that you will sit on his face every day if he signs the document, which he does. Once signed, you tell him that he is now the sleeping partner but you are going to put him to sleep permanently. You sit back on his face in the squatting position, with his wrists pinned and tell him you will sit on him until he passes away. When done you thank him before collecting the document and leaving.
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TheQueendom – Crushed by Mistress Kawaii 4k

“You look like you’re a little nervous,” Mistress Kawaii says as she gets ready to crush her skinny slave’s chest under her big, round butt! Kawaii laughs when the slave says he only weighs 150 lbs. “As you can tell, I weigh way more than that, way more!” she says as she drops and grinds her ass onto the slave’s weak chest. Mistress Kawaii has the slave placed on a foot rest with barely any padding, letting the slave feel her full weight as she sits. Mistress Kawaii uses all over her nearly 200 lbs to completely crush the slave, dropping on his chest multiple times as she switches positions, making sure to crush every inch of the slave’s torso. “Feels like I could crush your inside huh?” Kawaii says as she notices the slave struggle to breathe beneath her. After 5 minutes of dropping and crushing Mistress Kawaii settles into a brutal full weight positions with her big butt centered on the slave’s chest, right over his diaphragm. She kicks her legs out, putting every ounce of her weight on the slave as she grabs his wrists and settles in for a long, long sit. She doesn’t plan to lift up until the slave’s chest is completely flattened by her spectacular ass!
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Clubstiletto – Not Breathing Is A Privilege – Mistress Bliss

Mistress Bliss is tired from a hard day of using slaves so to relax and also invigorate herself she sits on her slaves face where she can also stimulate her pussy on his nose. He is bound by his wrists and ankles to insure he stays right where she wants him. She turns his head as if it’s a giant vibrator and moans in pleasure. What a thrill to know your queen is using you for her sexual pleasure, well worth the hard day of work and abuse. She slaps her sluts cock a bit and her ass bounces on his face as she pleasures herself. Now she settles right down to make him fight to breath before getting off and smothering him with her tits. She hugs his head until he becomes desperate once again for air then gets back up and this time facesits him in a forward position.

His nose is now up her ass crack. When he starts to squirm she tells him that it’s a privilege to not breath under her ass. To get his mind of breathing she starts to slap his cock and balls and says it feels a bit like riding a bull. When she finally gets up he gasps loudly but she reaches down and squeezes her hands around his neck. She slaps his chest and wiggles her sweet ass all over his face. Next she pulls on his cock and stretches it before running her fingernails over it which gets the slut erect. She flicks his cock head with her finger and then again sits down to relax while puffing on her vape. The slaves nipples and cocks are abused while she spends a good deal of time resting on his face. Eventually she is bored with him and decides it’s time for him to go to sleep. “Just drift away” she tells him as she puffs and he kicks.
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Clubstiletto – The Chocolate is so much Sweeter with a tongue up Your Ass

Mistress Kandy is enjoying a stiff whiskey and some chocolate. See says she’s sitting with her chair backwards because chocolate is so much Sweeter with a tongue up her ass. The camera moves around and find her slave bound to the stool and eagerly eating her hole. Kandy has a gorgeous plump ass and any slave would love to be in this slaves spot. The slave is also in chastity so the only one getting any pleasure is Kandy. “We might pull an all nighter here” Kandy says, adding that if they go all night the slave will probably get some ‘chocolate’ of his own. “If you know what I mean”. Kandy is lactose intolerant but she loves chocolate so the slave should be prepared for anything.

Now Kandy moves the slave back so you can come and inspect her hole. She asks you if it’s clean and she wonders if you could so better. Kandy explains she doesn’t care how big or hard a slaves cock is but his tongue is a different story. Suddenly Kandy lets out an unexpected fart which startles the slave a bit. She says she might have to relieve herself soon and it’s the slaves job to make sure things don’t get messy. Now Kandy waves her feet at you and says if you were there she might have you worshiping them. The best slave will get her ass, the other her feet. “You’ll both be in chastity though” she warns you. As the slave thrusts his tongue in Kandy’s ass it makes it bounce in a most enticing way. What a prize to fight over!
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BratPrincess – Karma – Strong Scissorhold Puts Ass Addict Under

Lady Karma scissors her slave’s neck between her powerful thighs. The slave suffers greatly. Karma does not care. She scissors his neck until he goes limp. Karma sits on his face. He is buried underneath her ass. The slave is completely smothered underneath her. He struggles for breath and Karma’s indifferent. Karma keeps at it until the slave’s vision goes black.
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TheQueendom – Madam Jada – Give Me One Minute!

Madam Jada is pissed off at her slave. She’s heard that he’s been bragging to other seats about how long he can hold his breath, acting like he’s the greatest seat to ever live. Obviously that kind of cockyness in a slave needs to be dealt with so Jada’s going to put his boasts to the test, with intense ass smothering! First, Jada stuffs her sweaty, well worn gym socks into the slave’s mouth, next she drops her incredible ass down and begins the smothering! It turns out the slave, despite his bragging, can’t seem to hold his breath as long as he used to. Within about 30 seconds the scrawny seat begins to flail around beneath Jada, but with his arms wrapped tight in plastic wrap there’s nothing he can do to shift the mountain of ass that’s settled on his face! Eventually Jada lets the slave breathe, but she’s determined to teach this cocky slave a lesson so she starts a timer to track his performance as a seat. Jada demands that all of her seats be able to last at least a minute beneath her, but this slave seems to be having trouble with even that! Its going to be a very long, breathless day beneath Jada for this slave!
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