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FemmeFataleFilms – Face Sitting – Lazy Scumbag

The slave had one simple job whilst being left alone in the dungeon, yet when Mistress R’eal returned to inspect his work, all she could see was dirt. He had little in the way of an excuse, in fact he was pretty much mute before his Mistress. Nothing was lost then, when she smothered his face firmly with her beautiful breasts and her perfect posterior!
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Mistress Irene has an amazing ass and there’s nothing she enjoys more than having a slave fight underneath it to breath. In this scene Irene rotates from sitting full weight, on his face, to watch the him squirm to punishing his face by bouncing up and down on it. While sitting she wiggles her ass to demonstrate how big and plump it really is. Irene moves from forward to backward positions in this clip and she comments how amusing it is seeing the slaves little dick wiggle in unison with her bouncing.

Next she moves back onto the slaves chest and has him smell her pussy while she pulls back the top of her outfit to touch her divine breasts. She orders him to touch himself. Again she sits full weight on his face and wiggles her ass cheeks. When she gets up she orders him to sniff her ass and at this point the camera zooms in so your entire screen is just Irene’s ass. She finally tells the slave she is sitting on him and not getting up until he cums. The slave strokes madly, using only two fingers because he is so small. He’s out of air and starts to panic and then just in the nick of time he lets lose with a big load of jizz. Irene gets off of him and as she walks from the room she says “You’ll have to eat that and then get back to work.”
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Miss Xi is wearing beautiful ankle strap stilettos on her tiny size 4 feet and a sexy latex outfit. She has her slave on his knees kissing and licking both shoes. She then lets him kiss all the way up her leg until he gets to her butt cheek. She grinds her skirt into his face and says “Do you realize how lucky you are being able to kiss my ass?” She then has the slave sit on the floor with his head resting on the end board so she can slam her ass into his face as his head takes the full impact of the oak frame.

She then creates a tight seal with her skirt over his mouth and nose and laughs as he kicks. She waves her ass in front of his face and tells him to admire her ass through the see through fabric. So close but so far. She torments him about how her lover has just finished pleasuring her and then sits fill weight on his face before resuming the bouncing threatening him she might go get her lovers used condom and feed him the cum. then sit on his face some more.
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TheRealQueendom – Warming Up The Video Slave Part 1 HD

Life as a video slave is hard, but rewarding. Today the video slave is in for a long day of being smothered under the beautiful Madam Jada. Goddess Holly is filming and decides they need to do some warm up smothering to make sure the slave is worn out and compliant for his long day of smothering. Madam Jada plants her big butt right on the slave’s face and completely buries him beneath her. Holly keeps time while Jada pins and smothers the slave, together they make sure he goes for longer and longer each time. “Are you struggling? That’s 5 more seconds,” Holly says. Jada removes her tight leggins to reveal a very sexy thong. Now her ass can make a perfect seal over the slave’s face with her weight and soft cheeks holding the slave’s head filrmly in place beneath her. “5 more seconds you piece of !” Holly shouts as the slave tries to push Jada off of his face. “I could sit here all day,” Jada says with a smile.
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TheRealQueendom – Smother Madness Round 1: Domina Helena Locke

Its time for the first ever, Smother Madness Face Sitting Tournament! 12 Mistresses will face off and compete to be crowned The Queendom Smother Queen! The winner of each bracket will be the Mistresses who’s Smother Madness video gets the most sales over 7 days. What do you do if you already bought a video, but want to help your favorite Mistress win Her match-up? Send a tip/tribute and mention which Mistress you want the tip to count towards and it will be added to her sales for the contest. The Mistresses who qualify for the Face Sitting 4 and championship rounds will all receive cash prizes so support your favorite Mistresses!

“Are you nervous?” Domina Helena asks her helpless slave. “Good, because I’m feeling revved up!” Domina Helena has been looking forward to this competition for some time now and She definitely came to play today! She slams her big, sexy booty onto the slave’s helpless face, grinding into his face, before closing Her thighs and burying him alive beneath Her! All the slave can do is wimper, but the slave’s pathetic, desperate moans and struggles only motivate Helena even more. “You know this is a fucking competition, I’m not getting up so easily!” She shouts as the slave tries desperately to breathe beneath Her. “I just want to abuse you more and more!” Helena definitely loves her work and it shows! She even breaks out a special, signature 360 move without ever lifting Her ass off the slave’s face! One this if for sure, whoever wins the tournament, this slave will be lucky if he survives!

Round 1, Helena Locke vs Bella Bathory will run from March 1st – 7th, ending at 11:59pm est.
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Clubstiletto – Big Booty Beatdown – Mistress Irene

This scene opens as Mistress Irene as relaxes side-saddle on her slave’s face. Irene has a world class booty and the slave is just swallowed by it. She orders him to keep his head straight, so he gets the full impact of her ass when she bounces on him. As she settles in, the slave soon begins to kick for air, so she slides down onto his chest. She moves back up to his face but enjoys bouncing on him so much that she decides to switch back and forth between his chest and his face.

She only lets him up to remove her boots so she can sit more comfortably on his face. “Back on the couch!” she demands, and this time, she hikes up her dress to fully expose her divine ass before she sits on him again, this time, in reverse position. In no time, we hear the slave’s muffled scream for air, coming from beneath Irene’s ass. She doesn’t care though, because she likes to see him thrash and kick; everything moves except his head. She finally lets him breathe, but only for a second, before she’s back down on him again. She tells him to kiss her ass, and to encourage him, she bounces up and down on his face. She moves into a forward sitting position and does it all over again before she leans forward and jiggles her ass right in his face. Those cheeks are powerful, and they can do serious damage to a slave’s face! She finally settles onto his face with no intention of getting up and mentions how good his nose feels up her ass. When the slave starts to kick again, Irene laughs out loud with excitement.
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Clubstiletto – Toilet Training For Big Brother – Raevyn Rose

As Miss Raevyn sits on the toilet, she tells you that her brother is on the floor in order to hear her, to smell her, and to condition himself to becoming her full toilet. “I know he loves the smell,” she says with a giggle. As she relieves herself, Raevyn waves her hand between her legs and towards her brother’s face, so that the smell wafts over to him. While she uses his body as a footrest, the camera moves in and you see Raevyn’s amazing pussy as well as her cute little landing strip. As she starts to pee, she tells her brother that this could all be going into his mouth tomorrow if he proves to be a good slave. She stays on the toilet until she’s sure she’s finished, and while she waits, she decides to stick her toes in his mouth.

“I have so many people writing me about being my toilet. Maybe I should have you dig in the toilet once I’m done, to retrieve the logs so I can sell them,” she says to him. “They have to be worth $100 each,” she adds, and then questions why she should allow her brother to get his for free. Hmmm! Raevyn tells her brother that it’s time for him to lick her ass clean. She gets up and sits her dirty ass down, right on his face. She calls him vile names and tells him that he’ll always do as she demands, or their parents will see him eating her waste. “Maybe Mom will want to make you her toilet, too,” she suggests. She makes him stroke his cock to show her how much he loves her candy and tells him to think about Mom’s candy, too. She sits full-weight on his face and restricts his air while she continues to say vile things to him. “Eat it all up,” she tells him. “Oh, here comes another one!” she says, and then just as he’s about to cum, she tells him to stop. “You’re never coming again,” she says to him. She gets up, spreads her ass cheeks wide, and asks if it’s clean. “Yes, yes, Miss Raevyn, it is,” he says, fumbling for words and feeling overwhelmed by her power and beauty.
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Clubstiletto – Mistress Irene – Enjoy This Perfect Ass

Mistress Irene has a legendary ass and this scene opens with her ass engulfing a slaves head who is already kicking for air. Her slave has a tiny little cock and that gives her the urge to want to hurt him. She pulls out a bunch of clothes pins and attaches them to his balls and nipples and then sits full weight on him again. This time she gets creative and starts to apply the clothes pins between his fingers and then some more on his little berries. She shifts and he catches a quick breath so she reminds him to breath when he can because she might get comfortable and forgot about him all together.

She orders the slave to touch himself and she turns on a timer to see how long he can go without breathing. At 30 seconds he panics so she lets him breath and then says she needs 40 seconds this time. The slave squirms from lack of air, the pain of the clothes pins, and he strokes himself frantically. He makes it over 40 seconds so she gives him some more air but tells him he needs to do better and wants him to work up to 5 minutes. To help she will have her big fat girlfriend over everyday to work with him until he reaches his goal she tells him. Again she sits down and this time doesn’t look at the time, she just settles in and the slave now seems to be getting more comfortable accepting his place under her ass where he dreams of spending hours every day until the end of time. “Enjoy this perfect ass” she tells him.
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Mistress Kandy has been out in the bush for hours, and as the scene opens, we find her sitting on a log with her slave’s head beneath her. He’s deep-rimming her ass because she needs to take a dump. “Rimming my ass and being my full toilet are part of his job requirements,” she says, as the camera moves to the backside of her ass, where you see the slave licking it like there’s no tomorrow. Kandy also says she would never sit on a nasty, dirty log, and she finds the slave’s face helpful in that respect as well. The birds chirp and a plane flies overhead, but Kandy and the slave just carry on as if this were an everyday occurrence, and in Kandy’s world, it pretty much is. She suddenly lets out a ripe fart right into the slave’s face, which makes her laugh. This is also a sign that things are loosening up and soon she’ll be able to feed her bitch and get some relief.

“I had eggs and tacos today,” Kandy mentions, as she sits down on him full weight. He kicks for air, but Kandy wants to hold off for as long as she can, so why not have some fun in the meantime? She looks at you and says, “If you were here now, you’d be on the ground sucking my toes.” How dirty is that? She’s filling a slave’s mouth while you’re on the ground, worshipping her feet at the same time. Kandy does love nasty things. “Some of it will miss his mouth and fall on the ground, and I’ll use my toes to pick it up and stick it in your face,” she says to you. Two slaves feeding at once really excites Kandy. Meanwhile, the slave thrashes about as he tries to breathe, but Kandy is so busy talking about what a dirty s-eater he is, she barely notices. She raises her legs to make absolutely certain all her weight is on his face. She suddenly shifts and spreads her ass because she needs to deliver a few more farts into his face. She’s getting close. “I love fucking farting,” Kandy says, enthusiastically. She pulls off her panties and you get a beautiful visual of her puckered pink anus. She sits back down on the slave’s face and delivers him his lunch. “When you’re done, you’re going to lick my fucking ass clean,” Kandy tells him.
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MeanBitches – Holly Hendrix

Holly’s new stepdad loves to buy her new shoes. And each time he buys her a new pair, he kindly offers to get rid of the old pair for her. She’s no dummy… she recognizes a foot perv when she sees one. She turns him into her slave and after she makes him clean her feet with his tongue, she sits on his…
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“Aren’t you in a pickle?” Amethyst asks her helpless slave. The slave is zipped up tight in the sleepsack and completely at Amethyst’s mercy. Unfortunately for the slave, Amethyst is in the mood to smother! She starts off with some hand over mouth smothering, cupping her hands tightly over the slave’s nose and mouth, laughing as he squirms. “Are you purple yet?” Amethyst quickly clamps her hands tightly over the slave’s mouth after each, short breath. She decides that from now on the only words the only words the slave will ever be allowed to speak will be “Yes Goddess.” Soon Amethyst decides to smother the slave with her dirty, sweaty feet! She covers the slave’s face beneath her soles and pinches his nose shut between her toes. Each short breath Amethyst allows the slave to take is heavily scented with her foot sweat. “I want you to squeal!” She shouts before clamping down for more brutal foot smothering. “I’m in control of your breathe so therefore I’m in control of you and your entire existence!” To emphasize her point Amethyst springs onto the slave’s face, burying him beneath her big ass and strong, thick thighs! “Now you’re really fucked!” She says before moving forward for full weight facesitting. She mixes it up between forward and reverse facesitting, never giving the slave time to recover as she switches positions. She cups her feet behind the slave’s head, locking it firmly into her amazing ass. “Such a little puny head underneath my big booty!” She teases the slave, asking him which type of facesitting is the worst, but never actually giving him the chance to answer. “Say you love it,” Amethyst says before jumping back onto his face. He had better love it, because being Amethyst’s smother slave is all he will ever be for the rest of his life!
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TheRealQueendom – Scissor or Smother?

“Ready to film some head scissor?” Queen Riot Starter asks her helpless slave. It doesn’t really matter what his answer is, his head is going to be crushed between her thighs whether he wants it or not! (Really tho, who wouldn’t want that??) That’s not all this slave is in for though, Riot Starter also enjoys smothering her slaves! She expertly switches between head-crushing, breath taking scissor holds and intense ass smothering! As soon as she releases her scissor-hold she quickly sits up and buries the slave’s face beneath her, cutting off his breathing just as he gasps for air. “I go from taking your breath away to not letting you have a breath! I like being a Goddess!” In fact, Riot Starter is having so much fun that she’s decided she’s going to keep this slave zipped up long term! He’ll stay right here and be her permanent scissor and smother bitch for life!
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Clubstiletto – How Does That Feel – Miss XI

Miss XI is clad in a sexy latex outfit, which she loves to wear whenever she sits on a slave’s face. She mentions how hard it is for the slave to breathe with a mouth full of rubber. “I wonder how long he can hold his breath,” she says, as she stretches out fully across his body, her ass on his face while her stilettos rest on his balls. She bounces a bit but does not lift enough for him to get any air. The slave goes a full minute before he starts to move his arms and legs about, desperate to breathe. Finally, XI rolls slightly in order to give him a short breath of air, but she kicks him in the balls at the same time which prevents him from breathing in deeply. This time, the slave finds he needs air within seconds and XI expresses her disappointment by punching him in the balls.

She digs her heel into his cock and continues to block his air, letting him breathe occasionally but kicking him in his nuts whenever he attempts a breath. After almost four minutes, she rolls onto his chest and permits him to catch his breath before she takes her place back on his face. The slave is starting to get a bit frantic as he struggles for air but XI only laughs at his predicament. She orders him to stroke his cock, and laughs as she says that the oxygen in his head will now go to his cock and make his demise even quicker. The slave gets hard quickly but before he can cum she orders him to remove his hands from his cock. He’s so desperate for air that he instinctively reaches up to touch her. “Take your dirty hands off me!” XI says with a laugh; she has no plans to get up.
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