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Chateau-Cuir – The wedding anniversary cuckold part 2

Not like he imagined his wedding anniversary to be like, but he loves his leatherclad wife so much, he is willing to be cuckolded by her. At her feet he feels best as she gets fucked by her leather lover. He cums on her bare feet, right in to his mouth. He will taste his spunk and her leathers for a long time to come.
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From: Mistress – T – Fetish Fuckery

NOTE: Part 1 is all cuckolding & “encouraged” bi. The pegging/strap-on is only in Part 2, to be released a week later.

My cuckold is so desperate to fuck me he’ll do anything I tell him to. He does not want to suck cock, on no. I tell him I’ll “fuck him” if he does. Reluctantly he agrees. He fluffs my lovers cock & watches as another man gets what he so desperately wants. I let him taste my pussy on that cock after it’s been inside of me. I even further debase him by having him clean my lovers cum off my pussy.

I then tell him I’ll fuck him…but I bring out a big strap-on dick telling him that I meant I’d fuck him in the ass! Poor fella. ha ha

(Part 2 contains all the anal play/strap-on ass fucking.)
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DirtyTransDolls – Bi rubber slut milking part 2

Both rubber sluts are getting very excited by pleasing their Mistress, she loves to see some dirty bi slut action! Miss Coco makes sure these two slaves cum hard, but on each other…good sluts always get covered in spunk!
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KatesPalace – Make Yourself Fuckable 1-3

Courtesy of Carmen Rivera

Part 1: The birthday of the ever horny house slave just has to be celebrated! That’s certainly what LADIES ELENA and CARMEN think. You know THEY mean to show him a good time when THEY take the special trouble to handcuff his wrists to his swollen balls. Celebrating with bio-champagne, THE JUBILANT MISTRESSES open the party with a bang and quickly get his cock so jerky it seems electric. THESE GIRLS know how to get a joint jumping. THEY soon have him stepping so lively he dances his party hat off his head. When he gets thirsty, LADY CARMEN is only too happy to share HER birthday bubbly. His nipples may seem saggy at first, but before he knows it, THESE CELEBRATRIXES have got EVERYTHING dancing to THEIR tune. Just goes to show; you can teach a birthday dog all kinds of new tricks. THEY’RE both so pleased THEY open THEIR presents just for him. No birthday party would be the same without balloons, and THESE GRACIOUS LADIES have lots of ’em. The birthday boy seems extra fond of LADY CARMEN’S special water balloons. And the beating goes on as THE BABES keep pounding rhythm to his ass.

Part 2: Not everybody wants a hard paddle-spanking at their birthday party, but you wouldn’t be watching this if you weren’t one of the chosen few, would you, so enjoy! The slave certainly seems to be having fun, expressing his gratitude after every love pat, as well he should. And what would a properly bizarre birthday party be without a bizarre birthday cake to match. THE SADOPARTY GIRLS have by no means been neglectful. THEY drill the birthday candles down deep into the sensitive slave meat, so they won’t topple over. Then THEY light them right up, so they can drizzle their hot wax where it will be most appreciated. After helping HERSELF to a piece of birthday cake, LADY CARMEN makes sure the slave pigs his fill. Naturally, it’s also necessary to get his candlestick holder ready for a little serious service, so THE HORNY LADIES freshen it up and give it a good polishing while those six birthday candles get better and better at lighting up his party mood. To show him just how enabling THEY BOTH can be, THEY allow him to decorate his own cake. Naturally, THEY’LL be serving him another big piece of it, and a very happy birthday it will be.

Part 3: Tightly fastened to the Fuck Bench, the birthday slave awaits an unexpected experience from a totally unexpected guest. Mr. P wastes no time making sure that his arrival is not taken for granted. After the slave is shown the unspeakable honour of polishing that hard Pirthday candle, THE LADIES return with the joyful news that it’s finally time to run him through THEIR fuckability test; and if THEIR candles aren’t realer, THEY certainly are a whole lot longer and fatter than the real thing. Before he can holler ‘Help me, mama!’ THEY’VE stuffed both his holes to the birthday brim. THEY soon have the slave wishing he was born everyday – right there in the PALATIAL HOME of the Red Hot Whopper. A noble premium bubbly enema provides only a brief cooling off before Mr. P parties the gaping asshole way out of bounds to its final spermiful climax. The slave’s fucking ability has now been properly demonstrated. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. It’s finger-licking good in there.with or without the whipped cream. “Happy Birthday to whatever is left of you, slave!”
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FetishLiza – My cuckold cum bucket part 1

My hubby is reduced to being my slave and my cuckold. I will no longer have sex with him and I am going to prepare him for his new role in life. He will still worship me but there are not going to be any orgasms for him anymore. The pleasure of sex is all mine and mine alone. I summon my bull and show my hubby how big this guy’s cock is…
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DirtyTransDolls – Bi rubber slut milking part 1

Coco loves playing enforced bi games with her rubber doll and latex slave. Both of her servants must please her by sucking each other’s big cocks. The Mistress wants to see some horny slut action!
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SweetFemdom – Black Canary Sells Robins Ass FULL

Robin and the Black Canary have teamed up to take down Night Shade. But when they arrive to confront him Black Canary knees Robin in the balls and lets Night Shade feel her up…

Not only has Black Canary betrayed Robin, she has sold him as a sex toy to Night Shade. “Batman didn’t mind at all. In fact, he was getting kind of sick of you…” she says.

Before the deal is closed, Night Shade wants to “test the merchandise” so Black Canary pounds the boy wonder’s ass with a strap on and makes him suck on Night Shade’s cock. They completely humiliate and use him from both ends… Later on, Robin sulks in the corner forced to watch his trusted sexy friend, Black Canary, who just betrayed him jerk off his enemy.

She moans with pleasure while Robin’s enemy gropes her big natural tits and fondles her ass. Then she lets Night Shade cum all over her ass just so Robin will have to lick it up. She smiles and orders Robin to clean up her pantyhose and fishnet covered ass and thong leotard.

Before Black Canary leaves Robin to his new life as a sex slave for evil villains, she jerks him off just for fun. It doesn’t take him long at all to blow his last enjoyable load all over her tits while she smiles.
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DirtyDommes – Suck cock for Princess Nikki

Cruel Mistress Nikki loves to fuck with the minds of her pathetic slaves. This lowly male creature is particularly easy to manipulate as he is totally obedient and at the booted feet of his Mistress. His slave task is always to please her and that includes sucking a real cock in front of his Mistress. Not only does he need to swallow a dick but in the end he must swallow all the spunk that will be dripping out of the condom as well. He is being turned in to a cum dumpster faggot slave, ha ha.
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SubbyHubby – Teachers’ Pets Part 4: Cuckold

Stella’s pathetic slave doesn’t have a clue how to please a woman. He has never even tasted a pussy before! Even though his cock is useless, he could learn to please his Mistress in other ways. Helena is straddling her slave’s face as he eats her pussy. Stella informs her pathetic bitch of a slave that he will have to watch how a man pleases a woman. Once Helena’s pussy is wet from her slave’s oral worship, it’s time for her slave to fuck her with his big dick. Stella’s bitch is forced to watch while sucking Helena’s stocking clad feet and toes. The cuckold slave is completely degraded and humiliated by being made to clean the bull’s cum from Helena’s pussy. As the slaves finish servicing their professor Mistresses, the dean of the college, Mr. Valentine, walks in. He is furious at his employees for being intimate with students on the college premises. What Mr. Valentine doesn’t know is that Stella and Helena have seen his profile and know his secret. They have some plans for Mr. Valentine!
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SubbyHubby – Teachers’ Pets Part 3: Forced Bi

Stella and Helena have their pets naked and collared. Stella’s small cocked slave is on his knees in front of Helena’s well-endowed slave. Stella informs her bitch that his job now is to be Helena’s cock sucking assistant. The completely humiliated bitch is forced to stroke the other slave’s big hard cock. Helena begins giving her pet a blowjob. Sucking and licking his huge shaft. Periodically she stops to spit all over Stella’s slave’s face. To make sure the bitch knows his place, they have Stella stroke the endowed slave’s cock until he cums all over the degraded bitch’s face and mouth. That is the role of a pathetic small cocked slave!
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LadyEstelle – Sissy Slut must swallow

At the End of the Session i have a special Gift for my Sissy Slut. She must knee on all 4 in front of the Mega Dong from my slave and i pump the hole Cum from the last 4 Weeks out of his dick. The My Sissy Slut must swallow everything if she like it or not.
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The pool cleaning dudes are out of the heat and inside the house. They think that they have scored big time. However, Raven Eve and Bella Ink have different plans. They tell the guys that they are kinky. Really kinky! They tell the boys that they probably can’t handle it. The dudes say they are kinky too and are ready to get started with the fun. Bella and Raven tell the boys to take off their pants so they can inspect their packages. The dude with the long blond hair has a tiny cock. The other guy has a big package! Raven and Bella asks the guys if they would both like blow jobs? Of course, the dudes say, hell yeah! The boys must have forgot that these girls are into only the freakiest stuff. Bella tells the blond with the little cock to get on his knees. A second ago he was happy and elated about getting his little dick sucked, now he is scared and confused. They tell him to get down and start sucking his buddy’s big hard cock. Reluctantly, he does as he is commanded. Bella and Raven laugh at him and force his head deeper on the cock. He gags on the hard cock while Bella and Raven continue to force him to take more of the cock down his throat. The slut continues to suck his friend’s cock until he shoots a load all over his face and mouth! That’s the kind of fun Bella and Raven are into.
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They have now retreated into Kitty’s lair, on her bed. She is standing, stroking her slave’s cock while the bitch slave is on his knees at their feet. She tells him that if he wants to fuck Kitty then he has to fuck the bitch first. First the bitch is ordered to suck her slave’s cock. After getting the bull slave’s cock nice and wet, the bitch is fucked from behind nice and hard under the orders of Kitty. Kitty plays with her pussy using a riding crop as the bull continues to pound the bitch’s ass. When the bull slave is done fucking the bitch slave, Kitty pours all of the cum out of his condom on the bitch’s face. Kitty is pleased with her little bitch sub and decides to keep him around.
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A vintage clip remastered! And it is a kinky one with TS Liberty Harkness and Fetish Liza dominating a male slave and using him for hot latex pleasure.
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