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BananaJacks – September 4, 2019 – Bridgette B, Billy DeWitt, Mark Frenchy


YOUR WIFE BRINGS OVER HER NEW BOY TOY TO SHOW HIM HUBBY’S COCK IN CHASTITY. They have a good laugh at hubby’s expense. Then Wifey makes Hubby lick and suck her Boyfriends cock. Her Boyfriend gets her pussy and gets to suck her nice tits. But Hubby doesn’t get to. Hubby has to suck dick to get it ready for his Wife’s pussy. Hubby is made to watch Wife gets her ass licked and fondled by her new boyfriend. He has to suck cock while his Wife pushes her red heels against his chastity cage and balls. She has Her Boyfriend humiliate Hubby by cuming all over his face. All the while Wife keeps hubby in chastity.- HOT MAKE ME BI WITH FACIAL CUM SHOT – BRIDGETTE B.
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This little perv thought he could just peak in my windows, what did you think you were going to see, someone fucking. Or undressing ? I’m going to teach you a lesson you’ll never forget.

You’ll get your wish to see someone Fucking. The only difference is your the one getting fucked.

Now I wonder who you were trying to spy on , me? Or my little brother ? I have a nice little treat for you. Your going to suck his cock while I fuck that ass.

Stretch you out while you suck my little brothers dick. I bet you’ll never go peeping on anyone again.
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MistressT – Party Cocksucker

Keeping with the party theme, check out this classic: There’s no hiding now closet homo! Your secret desire to suck cock is about to be VERY publicly exposed. In addition to 4 Dominant Goddess’s there is quite an audience (just out of view). This is a party & you’re on your knees sucking that cock like the fag you know you are deep down…
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MistressT – High Class Sissy Trained

Not all sissy sluts are dirty little cum dumpsters. Some aspire to serve in a more refined setting. Finding the delicate balance between trashy and tasteful can take some training. This lucky sissy learns how to walk smoothly in high heels while carrying a serving tray. Then she practices her cock sucking skills while getting fucked in the ass with a huge cock. It’s important for her to be able to multi-task well and continue to keep her poise and technique.
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DirtyTransDolls – Double spitroasted rubber dolls part 2

Our latex dolls have strap-ondicks on as well, they need training before we let them use real cocks. But this is their first enforced step in to bisexual rubber fucking.
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BananaJacks – July 24, 2019 – Bridgette B, Mark Frenchy, Billy DeWitt


“AWW WHY ARE YOU WHIMPERING?” Bridgette sneaks up on her husband as he is sleeping. After he has woken up, she informs him that she has a present for him. In fact, she says she has noticed a few things about him…Bridgette has decided to help hubby come out of the closet. Bridgette says she is going to show hubby what a real dick should be like. She wants hubby to warm the real dick up so her boy toy can fuck her good and hard like hubby never does.
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DirtyDommes – Tricked to Suck Cock

When my slave said he would do “anything” for me, I doubt he meant what I have in store for him today. That’s right…he is going to SUCK COCK for me! I have blindfolded him to not spoil the surprise and bring in one of my wellhung slave studs. His dick is huge and I let him touch and taste it…he finally realises what he is about to do: sucking a real cock for me. He does not dare to say no, he will obey my wish and show me what a good COCKSUCKER he can be. Of course once he has made this throbbing dick hard enough, it will CUM…all over his face. Careful what you wish for. Tricked in to being a cock slut.
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Never trust sissies to behave themselves, they simple can’t. I caught them touching each other under the bed sheets! Just watch how their sissy clits are trying to escape from their chastitydevices!
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