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GoddessFootDomination – Discipline and Maintenance

Sorceress Morgana is awoken by the sound of loudly clattering dishes. She is furious that her slave is making so much noise after she warned him that she’d be recovering from a late night out. The sorceress commences with a tongue lashing then commences with the punishment. She bends him over her knees and slaps his bare ass hard with her palm. In his current position, the slave has a great view of Morgana’s feet. He counts the licks on his ass and begs for more.
After the grueling punishment, Sorceress Morgana instructs the slave to prepare her bath. Once she is seated in the warm tub with a glass of red wine, the slave is told to worship her feet. The sorceress provides continual instruction and reminds the slave to only perform exactly as told. Once the complete tongue bathing of her feet is done, the slave sponges them clean with the bath water. This slave is fare from perfect, but Sorceress Morgana knows how to train him.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Alpha Cock

I bet you’ve fantasized what it would be like to have my hands run up and down your cock. You’ve imagined my breath warm and fragrant against the tip of your penis as I jerk it dangerously close to my lips. You’ve fantasized about staring down at my tits while I work your shaft. Too bad those are all ludicrous fantasies. You’re a slave, not a real man. Only real men get to feel the slick wetness of my hands. Only real men get to be teased and then satisfied by my body. So you, not even a real person really, will get to sit there and watch as a jerk off a real man. An alpha female like me only interacts with alpha cocks. After the screen fades to black, you can continue to pathetically fantasize about how he feels as he cums from my touch.
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Glove Mansion – Milked by kinky nurses

At the special clinic, for men only, nurses Annie and Coco sure know how to treat their patients. They are both such kinky girls and love to tease cocks with their gloved hands and their sexy lips and mouths! Watch how this threesome is both horny and fun. It ends with a nice cumshot after some very hot milking and jerking off by the two girls.
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Goddess Alexandra Snow – Black Lingerie on Red Photo Shoot 2

Another in my popular photoshoot series. Part 2 of the Black lingerie Photoshoot for Synical Magazine! “You all seem to love it when I put you somewhere and leave you be just to watch me, so that’s exactly what I did. You get to watch like a little fly on the wall as the fabulous Laura Dark takes amazing image after amazing image of my beautiful body. You feel so close, like you could almost reach out and touch my black nylon stockings or my silk corset. But you’ll have to sit there, unseen and quiet like a good boy. Watch as I work to provide my divine image to the masses. ”
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Lady Estelle – Suffering for my Fun

Big goes the Eyes from the Slave on the Fuckchair as he saw the M0nst3r Strapon. He know in this moment this one is for his ass in will go soon inside. I like it so much when I see him suffering for my Fun.
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Kinky Mistresses – Whipped by Anita Part 1

How much whipping and scratching can you take? Having you fixated, no way out, Italian Mistress Anita Divina,dressed in a skintight latex mini dress,is having sadistic fun with her whip.Do you enjoy feeling her long fingernails on your skin?Let`s see who has more endurance, you or the fit Lady…
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Mistress T – Humiliation For Small Dicked Virgin | Release Date: Aug 17, 2017

Custom vid, no name mentioned: You’re a porn addicted virgin with a small penis & nothing going for you. This vid is the closest thing you’re going to ever get to sex.
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Mistress T – Ruined Orgasm For Premature Ejaculator | Release Date: Jul 12, 2017

Are you a minute man? A 2-pump-chump? A quick cummer? A worthless lover? Do you like to be teased & humiliated for it? Get a kick out of ruined (abandoned) orgasms as punishment for cumming too quickly or without permission? Well, step right up cuz this is the scene for you.
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Your Goddess Vivian’s Cock-Sucker – Subby Hubby | Release Date: May 29, 2017

Goddess Vivian Leigh knows you like watching her stroke her hard cock. She stands in front of you telling you how wonderful her big cock is, and knows how desperate you are to taste and feel it. Do you think you are worthy enough to worship Goddess Vivian’s cock?
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May 24, 2017 Lydia Black | Matt Williams | Sergeant Miles – Sexually Broken

ALT beauty locked into the perfect slave position with hard metal, while two cock ravish her throat!
You have seen Lydia on our site in two other scenes. This is actually the first scene we shot with this hopefully nominated performer of the year. This girl is sex personified.
This is where we discovered what a sexual talent Lydia really is, it’s the first time we have worked with her, so we set up a simple but effect scene. We have no idea what to expect.
Bound on her knees, trapped in a custom device, that places our sexy little throat slave in the perfect “Slave” position. Palms up, on her knees, mouth open tongue out, while she mumbles, “Fuck my throat Daddy” It an amazing image! Now the Daddies of Sexually Broken bring the cock. Easily one of our best throat fucking scene we have filmed over the years, Lydia is simply in a class few performers will ever attain. This is breath play and orgasms at it’s best. Just check out the trailer, and we will see you inside the best (BaRS) site on the net!
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May 24, 2017: Syren’s Sucky Day | Syren De Mer | London River – Hardtied

Syrian Gets Her Punishment For Showing Up To London’s Shoot With Bruises
London had been dying to work with Syren for a while. Syren is hot and just the kind of woman that London typically ends up drooling over. So when Syren showed up to shoot with London heavily marked from a previous shoot, London’s feelings were just a little hurt. London punishes Syren by adding suction to her purple butt cheeks to make the bruises even worse before starting to cane her tender ass.
London then ties Syren so her breasts and pussy are completely exposed. She adds suction to Syren’s tits and her clit. The suction on Syren’s clit makes it sensitive and London can’t resist playing with it. Just when Syren is moaning the loudest with pleasure, London slaps her sensitive pussy making Syren squeal.
Finally London Ties Syren on her back. Syren is helpless as london begins working her over with a spatula. Syren’s screams of pain excite London, so she straddle’s Syren’s face to smother. London likes eating girls out as much as she likes hurting them, and this shoot is the perfect mix of severe pain and girl on girl sex.
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May 23, 2017 – Moka Mora, Tommy Pistol – The Training Of O

Breaking in the New Recruit: Moka Mora
Fresh faced and eager; the stunning new bondage whore Moka Mora was blushing with excitement when she met James and Tommy for the first time. She likes it raw and was hungry for it all. But enthusiasm for hard fucking alone isn’t enough to make a girl into a real submissive. Very few have the discipline, comportment, and appreciation that James demands from his potential new sluts. Moka is pushed almost immediately to vocalize her experiences to the skilled observations of her trainer. James senses that Moka is intimidated by the experience and probes deep into her psysche and demands her attention. She lacks focus. She lacks discipline. She lacks the ability to anticipate her trainers desires. But James approaches cautiously as one might handle a spooked animal. He soothes her as Tommy wales away on her ass and pussy with a flogger. She remains focused on James, processes her first experience, and has her first success as a wanton submissive. It was little more than a meek expression of gratitude, but her breathy utterance of, “Thank you sir,” let’s James know that he is on the right track. He throws her a bone to keep her placated and engaged by telling her very quietly, “Good girls get rewards.” She expressed a keen desire to experience electro stimulation and James was only happy to oblige. Electro-stimulation pads are taped to her inner thighs and she was placed into a squatting position over a vibrator. Here she learned to exude unflinching gratitude as her handler stimulates her pussy and thighs with both pain and pleasure. All the while Tommy is jamming a long dildo down her throat as if to coax the gratitude out her vocal cords with the skilled manual manipulation that one might expect from a master plumber of whore holes. Even as she gags she whispers, “Thank you sir.” She moans with pleasure as the vibrator edges her towards an orgasm only to be denied at the last second by the rush of an electro-shock. Exhausted from her first two scenes, Moka is now ready to have her holes examined to determine their worthiness. And Tommy is only too happy to oblige. He fucks her pussy, her asshole, and her mouth relentlessly, slamming the table that she is on clear across the room. He doesn’t let up and slides his cock in and out of her tight asshole and then directly into her tiny pussy. She coo’s with delight and whispers never ending thanks and praise for all the attention that she has received from her stewards. James told her at the beginning of the shoot that all good girls get rewards, so Tommy delivers her pussy and asshole a big cream pie. She says thank you over and over again as she watches Tommy’s load ooze out of her broken whore holes. Moka learned her lessons well.
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Natalia Forrest – Milked All Day – Hucows

Poor Natalia Forrest! Now she is pregnant and she has been given the task to milk herself every day, a few times a day, to get her milk flowing. Already, she is producing some amounts but she still hasn’t gone into full flow yet. She has a special milking bra and a double breast pump so she can do her daily things without holding the pumps. She tries to go about her business as usual, reading, online shopping, and watching movies, but the continuous milking is getting really uncomfortable. We can’t wait until she starts producing buckets of milk! Any moment now!
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