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Clubstiletto – My Armpits Deserve Some Attention – Raevyn Rose

Miss Raevyn is one of the hottest new Dommes on the scene and at an early age she has discovered how she can control men with the snap of her fingers or a sideways glance. She tells you how she has put her slave through the grind today by trampling him, disciplining him and making him worship her feet. It’s all resulted in her working up quite a sweat and that means it’s time for her bitch to get up off the floor and lick them clean. First she tells him to sniff them, to savor the aroma and to get excited about the taste. The slave eagerly sniffs deeply and she says she wants that smell in his nostrils all day.

“I had my dirty socks duct taped in his mouth all-night” she explains. She lets him lick and soon he has the mixture of her foot sweat and her BO in his mouth. “There’s nothing he likes better than licking my dirty ass” she explains but adds that he likes everything from her body including her armpits. The slaves tongue works his way up and down the pit until she is satisfied, then she makes him crawl to the other one and do the same thing. The control really turns Raevyn on and soon she is playing with her pussy. “When you’re done here I’ll probably have you sniff my farts too” she tells him. Her hands now run over her breasts and then back to her pussy. “He could never live without me” she says as she orders him down to the floor on all fours. “I need a foot stool” she tells him, adding “I’m just going to rest here for a few hours.”
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Clubstiletto – Pits and Spit for Junior – Miss Muscle

Miss Muscle sits down after a long day of using and abusing her slaves. “I’ve worked up a sweat,” she says, as she calls her sweat-loving slave over to lick her clean. The pitiful creature lives like a common mutt and crawls in wearing a collar and leash, with the handle held in his mouth. Miss Muscle pulls his head into her crotch and orders him to sniff it. She tells him the essence of her lover should still be there for him to enjoy. “There might still be some cum down there; lick it!” she says to him and adds that she might need him to fluff her boyfriends in the future. “Today, however, it’s all about licking my sweat up,” she remarks.

She lifts her arm up to afford the slave access to her pit and he obediently licks it. She reminds him that anything about her body is an honor for a slave to have. “I bet you want to lie on the floor for a g0lden shower,” she says. She directs him to her other armpit, but not before she spits in his face a few times until the saliva drips from his chin. “It’s what my slaves use as a face cream,” she says. As the slave continues to lick her armpit, she raises her other arm to let you enjoy her armpit, too. She kneels on the chair, which positions her ass directly in the slave’s face. She orders him to stick his nose between her cheeks and to lick her there, too. Miss Muscle has a nice, plump ass that any slave would love to worship. This slave is clearly aroused, and she tells him to stroke his hard cock while he eats her, but not to cum. “I might cum multiple times a day, and if you’re lucky, you might cum sometime this year,” she says to him. The desperate thing just moans while he eagerly licks her ass.
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Enjoy this classic from 2017 all over again. Step-M0mmy lets Junior out of his cage to worship her nylon covered feet and legs. “I have a little treat for you today”, she tells him. She tells him she has been out spending his old man’s money and can only imagine what he would think if he saw his son here as her slave. She calls Junior up to her armpits because they are sweaty and she makes him lick them. “Look up at me”, she tells him and puts her lips together as to kiss him. Junior comes in close, excited for his first kiss, and then last second is pushed away. “You can’t kiss m0mmy”, she laughs, “Only lick me. What sort of pig and a pervert would want to kiss his own m0mmy.” After he cleans both of her pits she tells him to use his teeth to remove her stockings so he can suck her sweaty feet properly. “I never shower anymore now that I have you to lick me.” She says she will have old daddy, with his big pot belly and little penis do the same thing to her tonight, to see who does a better job. You can see that Junior is jealous. Then Kandy calls him back up to lick her armpits some more. She looks at the camers and asks if you’d also like to be her s0n. She will call you little johnny and your job will be to lick her ass. At that she spreads her ass cheeks and tells you to get in there and tongue her asshole and if you’re lucky she’ll fart in your face too. While junior licks her armpits you get to be her johnny asslicker. A Goddess needs more than one slave to be properly serviced.
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Clubstiletto – You And Him, My Armpit Lickers – Princess Lily

This is a unique clip where Lily has two slaves, the one you see in the video and the other slave being you. True Dommes expect slaves to work side by side and to compete for the Mistress’s attention. The scene opens with Lily standing outside her prison, with her slave kneeling inside where he has been all night, in the cold and dark. She decides to let him out as she needs him in the bedroom. As the scene rolls over they are both now on the bed. She explains that she has just had you lick her ass and that it got her so aroused that she is now all sweaty and she needs her body licked. That’s why she has let this slave out of his cage, because she needs both of you to give her a tongue bath. She lifts her arm and smells herself and says while she loves the smell, her boyfriend might not.

She calls her bitch who is on the bed stroking himself to start the licking. “While he licks my armpits, why don’t you lick my feet” she tells you. She spreads her toes and scrunch’s her soles to entice you. “Can you get them both in your mouth?” she asks you. She then has you run your tongue up her legs, into her thighs and then all the way up to the other armpit. “My two boys preparing me for my date” she says with a chuckle, telling you that you will be locked in the cage together when her man comes over. “Listening while I get fucked by someone that is twice the man you guys will ever be.” Now to humiliate you both she has you switch armpits, so you are not only licking her pits but the other slaves saliva. The other slave rushes over and starts licking without a second thought, anxious to show Mistress any command is eagerly followed and he wants to out perform you. Again she sends you back to her feet as she wants you to look up and see her playing with her pussy. She gets so turned on knowing she controls both of her slaves completely and as her armpit and feet are attended to, she closes her eyes and touches herself, thinking of her man who will be there soon.
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An Li – Armpit Slut

It’s been so hot in Los Angeles lately – summertime of over 100 degrees and I’ve been sweating up a storm! Extra stinky and extra salty. Don’t you want to get in there and smell them, kiss them, and worship them?

Good thing I have my slave boyfriend all tied up in bondage, ready to exploit his weakness. This is the closest he can get to me, with his arms restrained behind him in a leather armbinder and his legs frogtied together with leather straps. I make him chase my armpits to sniff, lick, and kiss them, locking him in head holds to fully smother my pits in his face before pushing him down to the bed and locking my armpits onto his face. He’s entirely helpless with my pits smothering his breathing, and I tease him by jerking him off while he breathes in my armpits…only to leave him desperate and unfinished with the scent of me on his face.
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Clubstiletto – I Like To Sit On A Slaves Face – Raevyn Rose

This scene opens with Miss Raevyn talking about how she does things in an untraditional way, like wearing bra, panties, garter and stockings to work out. and using a slaves face as her bike seat. As the camera pulls back we see her on the bike and a slave already kicking for air below her. Raevyn has such an amazing plump ass and it just wraps itself around the pathetic slaves head who despite his need to breath is in 7th heaven. The camera is down low and you get a great view upwards of her ass as it grinds the slaves face. Wisely the camera man just stays there for a good period of time because the view is just captivating. Then the camera moves back so you get a full view of Raevyn, the bike and her slave.

Once sweating heavily she stops peddling to insure there is a tight seal on the slaves face. He really starts to grunt and struggle until Raevyn finally gets up and moves to the couch. She lifts her arm in the air and you can see her pit is sweaty. “I bet you’d love to lick that up” she says looking right at you. Next she calls in her worm and makes him lick her left pit from top to bottom. She then lifts the other arm and tells you to lick it while her slave licks the other. There’s enough to go around for two slaves and she expects you both to keep the taste on your breath all day. “We’ll see who does the best job” she says, “and the winner gets to be my bike seat.”
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Clubstiletto – He’s Dumb and Obedient – Raevyn Rose

Miss Raevyn’s slave is dumb and obedient, just the way she likes them. The scene opens as she wakes up, her nose close enough to her armpits to alert her to the fact that she smells, having worked up a sweat earlier from beating her bitch. She lifts her arm up to give you a close up view of her pit. Mmm, it’s so close you could almost reach out for a taste! The camera swings around to show Raevyn’s slave, who has been kneeling by the bed the entire time, awaiting an order. She tells him to start licking her armpits, and as he does, she calls him a stupid beast not even capable of talking, just grunting. “This is as intimate as it will ever get between us,” she says to him, as she describes the other tasks that will be expected of him, which include sniffing her farts and being her toilet.

She verbally directs the slave in order to ensure that every inch of her pit is properly licked. While the slave licks, the camera pulls back to show you Raevyn’s deliciously plump ass. What torture! She says she prefers dumb slaves because they just do as they’re told. She flips onto her back and says she’s going to close her eyes and think about her lover while the slave licks the other pit. She touches herself and talks of the way her boyfriend will be making love to her and all the slave will get is stinky armpits. “You must feel so inferior,” she says to him. The slave just grunts and continues licking, and you can clearly see that he loves the taste of her sweat and having his tongue on her flesh. She wouldn’t give him a second look if he tried to be more than what he is, a lowly slave, doing whatever she tells him to. She sniffs her pits again and says that while the sweat is gone, now she has the slave’s nasty breath on her and she’s going to have to shower. First, she rolls back onto her stomach and tells the slave to kiss her ass. There are some nice feet shots for you, too. “Such a pathetic worm” she says to her slave. or maybe to you. who knows?
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Clubstiletto – Submissive Bitch – Miss XI

Miss XI relaxes on the bed while she leisurely checks things out on her phone. Her slave lies on the floor beside her with his head locked in her toilet box. “I’ve been selling a lot of ballbusting clips, so we need to get your pain threshold up so you can help out with that,” she says to him. A muffled reply comes from the box. XI rises to her feet and kicks the box before she removes the lid, in order to see her slave through the toilet hole as she asks whether he heard her. When he replies, she shuts the lid back down, not at all interested in his pathetic babbling.

She decides to let him out of the box because her armpits are stinky and she needs them licked, so she undoes the lock. She lifts her arms and makes him smell her pits before she tells him to lick up and down, in order to get all the sweat. This is such an intimate moment for the slave, and it’s more than he deserves, really. She makes him lick her pits, spits in his face, and then sticks her nylon feet in his face and into his mouth. She makes him thank her for her attention, then kicks him with her perfect size four feet. She decides she needs a shower so tells him to get his head back in the box, and when she returns, she’ll be dousing him in a pitcher of her chilled p1ss, which she has waiting in the fridge. For now, he will wait in the box with the taste of her sweat on his tongue.
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Enjoy this classic from 2016. Mistress Kandy and Miss Jasmine have been sweating profusely under the hot lights during an all-day shoot. We rounded up two new slaves with similar interests; namely a scent fetish. These losers seem to get excited at the scent of a sweaty female body, and they are soon put to work on our pungent feet. In fact, Kandy expects these guys to commit to full body worship; no stinky unwashed sweaty body part should go unworshiped! Both men are equally adept at massage and taking an entire foot in their mouth. Not to mention their similar builds. Kandy and Jasmine wonder aloud if there is a deeper connection between these two, given the shocking amount of similarities between them. Little do the slaves know that the Girls put this whole thing together with a little detective work. They tell the slaves to look at each other and then pull off their masks. Much to their horror they realise that they are father and son.
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Mistress Irene calls her slave over as she relaxes on her discipline bench. She tells him to sniff her shoe, and when he does, she laughs at him and says “You idiot, that’s my boyfriend’s shoe.” She has him remove it and asks “Do you really think I wear a size 12 shoe?” with no concern for the fact that his eyes are covered and he can’t see a thing. She tells him to suck on every toe, and as the camera pans down, you get an amazing up-close view of Irene’s beautiful feet and toes. and of the slave worshiping them. She tells him her feet are perfect, just like the rest of her, and it’s true – she’s one in a million, with gorgeous feet, large breasts, and the most amazing ass. “As for you, you’re mangled human garbage,” she tells him. When he doesn’t lovingly reply, she tells him to thank her or she’ll kick him in the face. His manners quickly come around and he whimpers a thank you to her.

She has him stick his tongue between each toe while she calls him demeaning names. She says that while he licks her feet he’s likely fantasizing about licking her armpits. The camera zooms in on her delectable armpits, and under the hot studio lights and the heat of a summer day, you might even be able to smell them through the screen. “And if he was licking my armpits he’d probably be fantasizing about sniffing my farts,” Irene laughs. “They’re always so confused,” she adds. She tells the slave that the reason she keeps him in a cage is so he doesn’t hurt himself or society. As she has him kiss, lick, and suck each foot and all of her toes, she reminds him that the day she kicks him out is the day his life is over. She makes him open his mouth and sticks her entire foot into it. She tells him she knows he must like fucking so she’s going to face fuck him. She sticks both feet in his mouth next, which causes him to gag, before he’s called over to lick her armpit. He licks up and down and clearly savours the taste. “Anything that comes from my body is a gift” she tells him. She goes into detail as to just what all those body treats are, and the list is very comprehensive! She turns her attention to you next and calls you a pervert. Irene knows you would do anything to be in the position of this garbage slave, getting belittled by her.
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Mistress Irene towers over her little slave as she is 6’3″ in her stilettos. As it’s a super hot day she starts by making him lick her armpits. She then puts him in a headlock and throws him to the ground. “You are going to behave day or you will be hurt badly” she tells him. Worship my shoes she tells him and the pasty white bitch eagerly does as told, you can see the fear in his every move. Irene is not only towering but she has trained in martial arts and could snap her weak slave in a second. The slave whimpers like a little bitch and she calls him a piny little thing. As he licks one shoe she puts the heel of the other on his head and then scrapes it across his back.

She threatens to kick him in the head before telling him to worship the other shoe. Now she sits down and tells him to remove her shoes and to lick her sweaty soles. Sucking her toes is as close as he ever gets to sex and she mocks him for being so small in the meat department. “Obviously that thing would never get anyone excited” she says. She tells him she is sure he is a virgin and when he says he isn’t she laughs and even he has to laugh knowing he’s been busted. Irene’s feet and toes are long and so delectable and the slave opens his mouth as wide as he can so she can face fuck him with all five toes in his mouth. Now she gets up and crushes him under her ass but not before making him kiss each cheek with love and devotion.
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It’s a hot summer day and Goddess Mia and Princess Lily are on the bed and talking about how badly they are sweating from the heat. Lily tells Mia she has just walked along way to get home and with the humidity is just sticky wet. Lily sniffs her pit and realizes she has a strong smell. She asks Mia to smell her and Mia says the smell is not to bad but in truth the cameraman’s eyes were watering. Mia smells herself, then Lily smells her and they agree that yes they stink. What a thrill for any slave to literally be able to lick all the sweat from their owners bodies and today that lucky bitch is you. Lily calls you over and lifts her arm for you to get a close look and smell of her pit. Then the girls expose all four armpits and Lily jokes that you probably wish you had four tongues so you could lick them all at once.
The two ladies look so hot laying on the bed in lingerie and now you are between them licking their armpits. “I did put on some deodorant today” Lily says and then tells you to just lick that up too. They direct you where to lick and how, they want it done just right. Mia is pleased with your enthusiasm, it’s clear you are a natural born sub and just want to please beautiful and powerful women. Lily says you will be badly beaten if you don’t do it right then Mia suggests that Lily lay on top of her so their armpits are together and you can lick both at once. She warns you not to touch their boobs though, that you are not good enough for. Now as the camera moves around behind the Goddesses you get an amazing shot of Lily’s ass and her sweet little anus, winking out from behind her g-string. If you do a good job you might be licking that in time too. Lily again lays on the bed and now they want final service. You are to lick up and down each armpit until you’ve done all four. They then smell and agree the odor is all gone… you however will be tasting it in your mouth all day. They send you back to your closet and say you had better get a good nights sleep because it’s supposed to be hot tomorrow and they plan to have 5 or 6 girlfriends over. You’re going to be busy.
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Gorgeous BBW Goddess Jewels has her slave secured by wrist cuffs to the ceiling and has just released him to worship her feet and armpits. She tells him she will probably lock him back up for the night when she’s finished with him. As she takes her place on her throne, the slave goes to his knees. She crosses her leg, which affords him the necessary access to worship the first foot she proffers. It’s dirty from being in the yard and she wants it clean. “It’s so fitting; you on the ground and me on my throne” she says to him. She tells him this is the way the world was meant to be and that chairs were not intended for slaves; especially thrones. She tells him to get his tongue between each toe, and humiliates him further by remarking that he probably wishes her toes were little cocks for him to suck. He licks up and down the sole, getting all the grime.
This slave has spent years as a live-in domestic for the Goddesses of Club Stiletto, and because he has no other life, he has become very stupid and docile. He has nowhere to go so says little and always does exactly as he’s told. Jewels smells her own body odor and orders the slave to lick her armpits. “That taste should be in your mouth all day” she tells him. He licks the entire length of her left pit before she sends him around to service the other one. She’s pleased with his efforts and tells him he’s a good boy… magic to any slave’s ears. “Maybe later I’ll even let you touch yourself” she says, but adds that he won’t be coming today, even though it’s been months since she last permitted this. Such is the life of a good boy in a FemDom world!
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Princess Lily really works up a sweat on the elliptical, and looks hot in more than one way, in her sexy matching bra and panty set. Her stupid slave serves as a table for her water bottle. As she exercises, she asks the slave if he enjoys helping her with her workout. “It’s good you can be of some use to me” she says, adding “Generally you’re useless.” She taunts him by saying she knows he wishes he were kneeling behind her so he could catch a whiff of her sweaty ass. “Someday maybe I’ll let you sniff it. Until then, you’re doing a good job as a table.”
You get some great angles of Lily’s fine ass and body as she continues to verbally humiliate her slave, who stays still in his role as the table. Lily raises her arm and you get a clear view of the sweat in her armpits. She tells the slave he will be licking those once she’s finished. “I’m so generous” she says. Eventually Lily stops, moves to the couch, and has her slave/table crawl over to lick her armpits. She loves the way it feels and the slave eagerly licks every inch. She directs him down to her stinky feet and has him lick those, too. “My slave does have a purpose after all.”
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Miss Xi walks in on her obedient slave, who has been kneeling by the bed awaiting her return. She asks if he heard her kicking the other slave’s balls and presents him with her stiletto to caress with his tongue, telling him he must first lick the other slave’s ball sweat from them. “I want these shoes nice and clean because I’ll be wearing them on my date tonight, and you know how my boyfriend loves nice shoes”. She warns that if he doesn’t do a good job she’ll take the dildo she had molded from her lover’s cock and shove it right up his ass. The camera pans over to the dresser to show the giant tool Xi has placed there to make sure the slave remembers how tiny he is in comparison. She makes him suck the six inch heel to demonstrate his sucking abilities for her. She directs him to the other shoe next, and when he’s finished, she orders him to take both shoes off so she can inspect them and decide just what his fate will be. Uh-oh! She notices a streak and crooks her sexy finger, beckoning him closer. She slaps his face and makes him lick the streak away. She teases him mercilessly by wiggling her toes before instructing him to bring his nose up close to sniff the sweat on her feet. She lets him know she was just trampling slave number three in her bare feet and his ball stench should still be quite strong on them. He knows he has no choice but to tell her he enjoys the smell. You get some very sexy upward angles of Xi’s shoes and feet as she gracefully lifts them up and presses them down onto the slave’s head. She wastes no time telling him he’ll be used as a footstool now while she surfs the net and answers her email.
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