Clubstiletto – Gimpy cocksucker Mistress Staci

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Clubstiletto - Gimpy cocksucker Mistress Staci
Mistress Staci


TS Goddess Staci has found a rich and powerful sugar daddy which means her husband has been downgraded to gimpy p-oo. He now spends most of his time locked up in a dark cage, allowed out only to do housework, maybe to be disciplined, and so on. On this day however sugar daddy is away on business and Staci is horny. She drags gimp out of the cage and removes his mask so he can service her. Under his d0wg mask is a cloth mask which Staci keeps him in as she has decided she does not want to see his face again, he is no longer her husband but her gimp and must appear so. She makes him bark like a dowg and you can tell he has been beaten into complete servitude, truly nothing more than a pet who wants to rub against her, lick her feet and follow every order. Soon he is ordered on his back so she can sit on his face. She orders him to eat her ass and you can see the doggy is eager and licks and probes her ass as deep as his long tongue allows. She then turns and faces him, sticking her cock into the slaves mouth until leaning forward and fucking his mouth like it’s a cunt. Staci comes and makes the slave swallow all her cream… then it’s back into his cage.

Mistress: Mistress Staci

Clubstiletto - Gimpy cocksucker Mistress Staci


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