Surprising a Friend, Part 2 – Brooklyn Daniels

Duration: 00:32:38
File size: 352 Mb
Format: mp4

Brooklyn’s first experience being dominated sexually has been going so well that Dane and Sasha decide to keep letting her submit. They have her tied suspended over the bed with her legs spread so Dane can pound her beautiful, tight gash while Sasha clamps her nipples and shoves a very large dildo down her throat to get her ready for Dane to be in her mouth. At the end of the day, Brooklyn is tightly bound with her arms behind her back and he knees together on the bed, free for Dane to maneuver however he pleases. He roughly flips her over to get access to her pussy from behind. When Sasha comes back in the room Dane puts Brooklyn’s head in her lap so Sasha can tease and pull on her breasts while Dane tickles, licks and sucks Brooklyn’s tiny, perfect toes. Finally, he cums all over her face after she takes his whole cock in her mouth. But Dane isnt quite through, he flips her over one more time to fuck her hard from behind, and he shoots his load all over her lovely sculpted ass. As Sasha and Dane leaves Sasha lets her friend know that they won’t be untying her, but rather leaving her there for the next guy….


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