Sensual Pain – Sep 20, 2016 – Modern Heuristic House of Ill Repute | Abigail Dupree

This is about edging and the almost non contact genital fetish imposing the psychology behind the fetish. The real face of the slave I fell in love with, a gift for you to see.. OK, this is the idea of the days of the house of ill repute come back full circle, or is still here because we, as a sociaty need this type of release. I am bridging the gap between the whore house of yesterday and the whore house of today. I have a whore that I am very proud of in more ways than I could physically explain.. I beleive in an abscurred thought that as a spiritual being, I have needs that require no words or meaning to compete, or battle the empty feeling I have when in need of release. An erge that we identify as sexual, spiritual or even demomic. Here in the raw, as I always seem to stress, is a recorded meaning that bridges the gap, we all feel as being human in this modern day. If you cannot get this, then I have not explained it in words or you have not first hand witnessed it in the raw. I fail as a Master and a teacher of the most important things in this existence.. Peace to all that cannot stop long enough to understand the building blocks on what everyone builds their life on, possibly in different words and physical witnessing.. Ok, feel free to fast forward to the parts that you do understand.

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