Hope’s Return – Hope Howell

Duration: 01:06:12
File size: 696 Mb
Format: mp4

hoping that I wasn’t aware that she had shot with Bane domming her a couple years ago on SocietySM…and possibly, I thought her a newbie, as to get kinder treatment, she was mistaken…we bend her over a pole and begin to teach her the rules, and when she fails she is denied permission to cum….we flip her over on her back and discover another secret that Hope was probably hoping to hide…she’s ticklish…it’s now time to invade her pussy with a pounding of the dildovibe combo rig…that leaves her begging for relief after cumming twice….Such a lithe young body deserves tight rope, so I put her in a classic box tie with her feet on an electrified bar…she struggles to understand what’s truly happening to her, before I put clamps on her pussy and tie them to her toes…advising her to keep still while she cums, lest she rips the clamps off…finally, I place her seated and introduce her to the violet wand which gets her squealing…and to top the day off, I strap our largest, widest dildo onto the jack from my car and jack it up into her until she can’t take any more…something she’ll remember for quite a while I suspect…as will I… Dominus Feenix…


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