DOC Redux – Bound and Fucked by Deen – McKenzee Miles

The sly, young James Deen is back for more bondage romping at the dungeon. He asks us to find him a cute little blonde and we recruit Mckenzee Miles to be his fuck-bitch for the day. James enters the steel dungeon and meets the Pope. Mckenzee is hanging in a hogtie, high in the rafters and the Pope lowers her down to a more appropriate hieght. James takes his time getting to know his slave as he tells her how it is and gropes her very fine, pink pussy. He uses the magic wand to make Mckenzee cum before putting his cock in her mouth. He takes turns fucking her from behind and fucking her face. In the next scene, Mckenzee’s wrists and ankles are locked into a cuff spreader. Laying on her back, her pussy is exposed and helpless and James fucks her well. He stuffs his hand in her mouth, he rubs her clit as he fucks her until she explodes in orgasms. He rolls her onto her front side with her ass high in the air. He pounds her from behind as he swats her ass. Then onto her back again for more fucking. He spits on her face and spells out the word slut on her forehead. In the final scene, Mckenzee is spread out. James uses the magic wand on her pussy as he throat fucks our sweet slave. Then he holds the vibrator on her clit as he fucks her and Mckenzee begs to cum. James moves around front to cum on her face. Then gags her and plays with her a bit more before leaving her bound, wet and exhausted.

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