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DivineBitches – July 16, 2019 – Gia DiMarco, Mason Lear

The House Slave: Gia DiMarco Brings Mason Lear Out to Play

Poor little Mason Lear is a slave who is kept locked in a dark cage by the super hot mistress Gia DiMarco. The only light this slave sees is when his master Gia uses him for her pleasure. She brings her slave out to play from one cage to another and quickly lets him know she is his mistress and his only purpose is to please her and satisfy her needs. She warms up her slave’s mouth by making him worship her feet while he is helplessly caged. She makes him beg for her pussy but Gia has no intention of giving her slave any pleasure. She rubs her wet pussy while Mason can only watch. Gia then zaps her helpless little slave while he is caged with nowhere to run. Then she brings him out of the cage for some corporal punishment. She asserts her authority over him with a few spanks. Then she catches Mason stroking his own cock so she has no choice but to punish him with a few hits from the crop. Then she puts her nice round ass in his face and makes him lick her up and down until she orgasms. This little slave likes to please his master so he begs to be fucked in the ass. Gia gives him a nice hard pounding with her big strap on to put him in his place. Then she uses his cock for her pleasure, riding it until she cums all over it. This poor slave is ready to bust his load but Mistress Gia has no plans of giving this slave any pleasures. He begs to cum but Mistress Gia already got what she wanted. After cuming over and over Gia locks this poor slaves cock in a chastity and is left denied. No pleasure for this house slave.
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DirtyDommes – Tricked to Suck Cock

When my slave said he would do “anything” for me, I doubt he meant what I have in store for him today. That’s right…he is going to SUCK COCK for me! I have blindfolded him to not spoil the surprise and bring in one of my wellhung slave studs. His dick is huge and I let him touch and taste it…he finally realises what he is about to do: sucking a real cock for me. He does not dare to say no, he will obey my wish and show me what a good COCKSUCKER he can be. Of course once he has made this throbbing dick hard enough, it will CUM…all over his face. Careful what you wish for. Tricked in to being a cock slut.
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TeaseandThankYou – Paging Dr. Marx – Kat Turner

The only thing better than having a fetish boy tied up on the bed, is having a fetish boy tied up on the bed while I’m on the phone with Miss Mandy Marx!
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Clubstiletto – Rejecting his Family for Her Ass – Princess Mia

Witness this pitiful slave laying on the floor while Goddess Mia works out on the elliptical occasionally bending over to spit on him. You get the slaves view of her magnificent ass. She tells him that she is working up a sweat and says someone will have to lick it up. She asks her bitch how her ass looks from down there and as he babbles on how amazing it is she spits again and then tells him to lick it up from the floor. He eagerly licks up every drop.

When she is finished she pulls down her pants and sits on the couch her ass facing towards her slave who she tells to come over to lick her clean. The slave licks frantically enjoying every drop of sweat on her ass. She tells him her boyfriend is coming over to fuck her so she needs a complete tongue bath. “After he fucks me I’ll be sweaty again and you’ll have to lick me clean again” she says. As the slave licks she reminds him how she has forbidden him from seeing any family and friends from now on. “All you need is me” she tells him adding, “It’s a small price to pay isn’t it?” She tells him his family would probably be disgusted if they knew what had become of him, abandoning them for a life of serving her, being spit on, kicked in the balls, being her toilet, hiding in the closest and listening to her get fucked by her boyfriends, then licking his cum from her body after. She tells the slave to move back because she knows you also want to admire her ass and if her bitch doesn’t do his job he might be returned to his family and you’ll be brought in to take his place.
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KinkyMistresses – Punished In The Old Factory By Calea Toxic – Calea Toxic

Today Calea is in a really sadistic mood and her Slave has to take some realy painfull games. She torments him with electricity, with a vacuum cockpump, put a long dildo deep into his throat and work on his nipples. Completely defenseless the Slave can do nothing except the pain for his Mistress and that makes her a lot of pleasure
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FemdomEmpire – Cock Teased by Feet – Jane Wilde

Mistress Jane wants to know how far her slave is willing to go to have sex with her. Will he lick the bottom of her soles? Smell her stinky stockings? Worship her sweaty toes? Of course he would! The slave happily submits his mouth to the will of her feet in hopes he will get the reward of a lifetime.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Whatever I Want

I just recently had a slave who booked an 8 hour session with me. He spent 8 hours in a dungeon with me doing whatever I wanted. Isn’t that grand? Don’t you fantasize about something like that? I bet you do. I bet you can imagine my heels as they walk past your cage. You can imagine the kind of toys and implements I would bring. Eight hours is a long time and I need to keep myself entertained. That’s what you would be. My entertainment. Doing everything exactly as I want it.
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DigitalSin – July 19, 2019 – Skin Diamond, Asphyxia Noir, Bonnie Rotten

Nothing beats a good ole lesbian chow down! Wehn Bonnie Rotten, Asphyxia Noir, and Skin Diamond get together that is exactly what happens. These sexual vixens get the juices flowing with their fingers, tongues and favorite strap-ons, making their pussies drip with sweet-tasting goodness!
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DirtyTransDolls – Spitroasted with Sasha De Sade Part 2

Our TV doll needs a good fucking and we love to spitroastthis horny and slutty creature. Penetrated from both ends, with a cock in her mouth and Sasha’s drill dildo in the ass, this is a great way of feminizing our latex doll even more.
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FemdomEmpire – Evil Chastity Screamer – Evelyn Claire

Regular chastity training has failed for Mistress Evelyn Claire’s slave. His dick still manages to always be on his mind putting his needs 1st which is a big problem for his servitude. Mistress Evelyn has been patient up until this point but needs to take it to the next level to get it thru his thick skull. Her evil chastity device firmly locked around his cock will make him submit physically and mentally whether he is ready or not. With the slightest erection, the spikes will dig deep into his cock forcing him to focus only on his Mistress’s pleasure. Training is never easy though as Mistress Evilyn sexually teases his locked cock making it as hard as possible to not get aroused. The more he screams the happier it makes her.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Draining Your Dignity

You’re here again, my pet. Which is good because I have something very important to tell you. I. Want. You. But I don’t just want your cock, I want every drop of your existence. I want you heart, I want your money, I want your very soul. I want every fiber of your being to have my name scrawled across it in perfect little letters. I want you to give me everything. I want you to spend, to cum, to tribute, to live for me.
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