CfnmTV – Nurses 3

PART 3: Petrified John doesn’t dare move a muscle without the female doctor’s permission. His exposed dick and balls are aching after being so roughly handled by the female pair. What kind of an examination is this? Yet the doctor and nurse are so supremely confident that he daren’t question their authority.
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CfnmTV – The Cfnm Hotel 3

PART 3: It’s certainly a holiday with a difference for young couple Ashley and Sarah. They’ve only been checked in a couple of hours and already Ashley is in trouble. His inability to control his erection has angered lifeguard Miguel and Margaret’s solution to the problem is both painful and humiliating for the macho lad.
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CfnmTV – Army Interrogation 2

PART 2: Sam has been captured and dragged to a cold isolated room with no windows. He could be anywhere. No one but the officers who have trapped him know he is here. There is no chance or hope of rescue. It’s all down to him now and the steel of his resolve to deflect their incessant queries.
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CfnmTV – The Day of the Fight 1-3

PART 1: Two girls have entered the dressing room, ostensibly to make sure Dan is the correct weight for the fight. They claim that he is over the limit which makes the confused fighter take off more and more clothing. The bashful man eventually has no choice but to strip completely for the 2 women and now a bossy nurse…

PART 2: Things are going from bad to worse for boxer Danny McCloskey. He should be psyching himself up for his championship fight, instead he is being distracted by all these women! Julie, Lindsey and the nurse Heather have now been joined by a presenter and camera operator. It’s all too much for the simple man to take in.

PART 3: Boxer Danny McCloskey has been made to strip naked, undergo an intimate physical examination and masturbate by 5 women while being interviewed for a TV sports show! The confused man is now being rubbed down by 2 of the women while still trying to produce a sperm sample…
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PantyhoseTherapy – Mommy Makes You a Mummy

Today, we take a break from my aggressive flirting, over-the-top restraints and overall …. excessive nature–the amazing Ela Darling (seriously, check her out) brings her ethereal bohemian sex magic from sunny LA to Southie, and the results are just lovely…
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PrincessBeverly – Oops, You’re Dating A Domme

So, I have a secret I’ve been keeping from you. You have no idea what I’m really like, do you? You thought I was so sweet, shy, and loving, but I have a dark side. I know how obsessed you are with me. I’ve got you where I want you now. So here’s the truth: I’m a *DOMINATRIX*! Oh you think it’s a joke? Get on your knees! You have to ask me for permission to stroke, or to do anything else at all. You will be obedient to every utterance little slave boy! Looks like the only thing that will be getting fucked here is your mind.
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CumCountdown – I’ve Been Walking Without Socks On

ivebeenwalkingwithoutsockson1ivebeenwalkingwithoutsockson3Cum Countdown – I’ve Been Walking Without Socks On
The only thing my foot bitches love more than my feet is my smelly feet. Well my pets, I just did a nice long walk without any socks on and boy do my feet stink. Wanna stroke and worship them?
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Clubstiletto – Cocks, Feet and A Juicy Asshole!

TS Staci, Miss Jasmine, Mistress Kandy, and Koi Erotica have all gotten together for an evening of fun. The scene opens with the ladies directing slave one to suck slave G Nasty, whose cock is bound tightly with rope. Meanwhile, a third slave sniffs Mistress Kandy’s ass through her pants. Kandy tells her slave to pull down her pants, and when he does as instructed, he kisses her ass cheeks and licks along the crotch panel, trying to get at her asshole. Staci kneels over G Nasty and stuffs her cock down his throat.

Kandy tells her slave to focus on her asshole as the ladies enjoy watching Staci get sucked. Staci slaps G Nasty’s face with her cock while Jasmine and Koi squeeze his nipples. Kandy tells slave one to move away so the ladies can focus on G Nasty’s cock. They tug on it, slap it, and twist his balls. They decide to untie the rope from his cock and Jasmine wraps her feet around it. She works his cock until he’s ready to explode, and just as he does, she quickly pulls away in order to ruin his orgasm. Meanwhile, Kandy pulls her panties to the side in order to give her slave a clear path to her butthole, which he eagerly devours. Now how would the ladies put you to use if you attended this kinky party?
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FemaleWorship – Yes, Eat Me – Victoria Voxxx

Being worshiped by an adoring male is something Victoria Voxxx is quite used to. Lying back as they kiss and adore her body while she gazes down at them. But she will never say no to being eaten out if his mouth takes him there.
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Mean Bitches – Courtney Taylor POV Slave Orders 6

Your wife left you for another woman: Mistress Courtney Taylor! You go talk to her to find out what happened and she tells you that your wife is her whore and that you will be a good whore for her too!
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KinkyMistresses – Lady Estelles Deepthroat Slave

Lady Estelle want´s her strap-on deep, very deep in the throat of her Slave. And he is in a real helpless position
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GoddessFootDomination – Masseuse Strikes a Deal – Angelina Diamanti

This guy goes in for a massage and is fortunate to be assigned the lovely masseuse Angelina Diamanti. Before she can barely get started, the man begins groping her. She stops, steps away, tells him that his behavior is inappropriate and she’s going to report him to management. The guy apologizes and begs her to reconsider. He says he’ll do anything. Angelina accepts his offer to give a massage to her and still pay the full price.

Angelina is enjoying her break from the usual routine when she catches the dude pounding his peter. She can’t believe this guy! She tells him this has to stop, but he’s in too deep and can’t come back. The man agrees to Angelina’s new demand for double pay. He kisses, licks and nibbles each slender, pale foot while whacking his meat until dropping a huge load on those sexy feet. Angelina has him lick it off, then tells him to dress and get out of here.
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PantyhoseTherapy – Big, small — I Break Em All

You know me well enough now, you know I love b oys. All boys — I’m guy crazy, always have been, and I’m GOOD at men–I call it girl magic, and mine’s so strong I haven’t yet met a gentleman I couldn’t easily overpower with a smile and a shackle. CEO of a multi-billion-dollar software company? No problem. Professional bodybuilder three times my size? I’ll make him weak. But my favorite boys to mesmerize are the one who “warn” me they have big penises, like after everything you know I can do, somehow, my evil flirt magic will evaporate when faced with a big dick. (Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate it, but a male is a male is a male.) And if I’ve learned nothing else, the bigger they are, the easier they bust…
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FemaleWorship – You Brought Me A Muffin, You Deserve A Cookie

It’s always nice when a man demonstrates adoration of his owner by bringing her something he thinks she may need without being asked. So when he brings Lauren Phillips a cupcake, she rewards his thoughtfulness with her pleasure.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – More Feet, More Poppers

Hello foot slut. I know you love two things: being humiliated, and my exquisite feet. Today I’m going to take your love of both of these to the next level. Now, for this video you’re going to need to grab yourself some poppers and a sizeable dildo. You’re going to jerk to my feet and sniff those poppers. You’re going to imagine you’re sniffing my beautiful soles in all their sweaty glory. You’re going to keep jerking and sniffing until you feel like you can’t take it anymore and your mind is jello. Then you’re going to show me what a horny, pathetic, little slut you are by shoving a dildo up your ass. Watch my feet, fill your ass and sniff those poppers. Be reduced to the filthy whore you are. By then end, you won’t even remember what being a real person feels like.
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