CfnmTV – Naked Bike Ride Virgins Part 3

The men who’ve assembled for the World Naked Bike Ride have stripped off for a good cause – the environment. But our cunning female reporter has her own cause – measuring the penises of as many men as she can!
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CfnmTV – Motor Maintenance Part 3

For loafers Mark and John, working at MacLean’s Garage used to be perfect. They could spend most of their day chatting and leering at female customers. Occasionally they’d fit in some motor maintenance in-between reading the paper and having tea breaks. But new owner Carol Leon expects her employees to work a lot harder for their money. Or else.
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CfnmTV – The Cfnm Hotel 4,5,6

PART 4: Margaret and Sarah have decided that the only way to control Ashley’s unnecessary erections is to drain him of his cum. To facilitate this, Margaret has suggested the rigorous use of a vibrator. But while Sarah uses the device to stimulate him, an angry Miguel has barged in and is shocked at what he sees.

PART 5: With Ashley’s balls drained of sperm and the poor lad lying exhausted on the bench, Sarah decides that it’s time to teach Miguel a lesson in manners. She’s not happy with the aggressive way the big Spaniard is behaving so pulls him aside and shoves her fingers up his arse.

PART 6: Sarah is determined to bring the angry Spanish lifeguard down a peg or two. Probing his arse with her fingers clearly wasn’t enough – so she decides to take things further. Draining him of his sperm should calm the big man down. So with great gusto she grabs hold of his penis and starts to wank him off.
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CfnmTV – Nurses 4,5,6

PART 4: John came into this office for a routine physical examination, then the lady doctor and nurse began carrying out a test that involves playing with his dick. Now they have him naked and tied so he can’t move his arms! It’s like they have some sinister sadistic plan but because the girls are in a position of authority he knows he shouldn’t question them. He thinks he must get through this to receive a clean bill of health.

PART 5: Big dumb rugby player John has no idea that the real doctor and nurse are bound and gagged in the cupboard in the very room that is the scene of his humiliation. While they squirm at the sounds of his pain, the two imposters are having a whale of a time with their plaything…

PART 6: John is stricken with an unbearable urge to ejaculate like he’s never had before. The perpetual toying with his penis, the tender kissing from the nurse and strangely the way they took his temperature earlier, have made his balls full of hot eager come.
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CfnmTV – Army Interrogation 2

PART 2: Sam has been captured and dragged to a cold isolated room with no windows. He could be anywhere. No one but the officers who have trapped him know he is here. There is no chance or hope of rescue. It’s all down to him now and the steel of his resolve to deflect their incessant queries.
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CfnmTV – The Day of the Fight 1-3

PART 1: Two girls have entered the dressing room, ostensibly to make sure Dan is the correct weight for the fight. They claim that he is over the limit which makes the confused fighter take off more and more clothing. The bashful man eventually has no choice but to strip completely for the 2 women and now a bossy nurse…

PART 2: Things are going from bad to worse for boxer Danny McCloskey. He should be psyching himself up for his championship fight, instead he is being distracted by all these women! Julie, Lindsey and the nurse Heather have now been joined by a presenter and camera operator. It’s all too much for the simple man to take in.

PART 3: Boxer Danny McCloskey has been made to strip naked, undergo an intimate physical examination and masturbate by 5 women while being interviewed for a TV sports show! The confused man is now being rubbed down by 2 of the women while still trying to produce a sperm sample…
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MeanWorld – Kayla Green

Glenn’s new Assistant Kayla is very bossy. She makes him fetch lunch for her and then makes him sit in the corner. He tries to be the boss but she is just too beautiful and powerful to resist. He soon finds himself on his knees kissing her feet and licking her ass like a good bitch! HOT ASS WORSHIP,…
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MeanBitches – Gia Vendetti 1

Jason’s new boss is a MANEATER! She looks at him with disgust and tells him she doesn’t tolerate losers. She makes him beg for his job and then to keep it, he has to get on his knees and kiss her sweaty asshole. She teaches him how to succeed in her company!
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FetishLiza – Punished by My pointy pumps

Whatever happened to the office slave that did not meet my quote? He got punished! My So Kate heels are perfect for inflicting pain with their super thin stiletto heels. He will feel the full weight of his failure on his body. Stepping on his face, marking and scratching his skin with my shoes and trampling his entire body. He will step up his game after this heel torture incentive.
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FemdomEmpire – Forever Denied – Chanel Preston

The more sexually frustrated her slave becomes the happier it makes Mistress Chanel. She loves nothing more than seeing that desperate look on a slave’s face begging to release but never allowed the opportunity. His cock, his hands, his entire body are completely helpless leaving Mistress Chanel to do anything she desires to make him that much hornier.
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FetishLiza – Goddess foot and shoe worship

What a gorgeous afternoon…lounging in my garden with one of my loyal slaves nearby. I am wearing my sexy lady peep high heels and I find it so erotic when they get worshipped gently. My slave gets summoned to put his lips and tongue on my luxurious footwear…he slowly starts to kiss them…lick them… Then I order him to do the same with my perfect bare feet. His mouth will give me pleasure as I sip from my drink and relax.
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FemmeFataleFilms – Stretching Limits – Mistress Serena

Mistress Serena likes to challenge her slaves and this one has been doing his best to please her in the ball stretching area. He’s taken some hefty weights before in an effort to please, but just how far will he go now. Mistress Serena notches up the stakes in this session and an almighty amount of weight is strung from his already stretched and swollen testicles… When she starts to put her weight on the ball parachute, via her exquisite thigh length boots, in addition to the dangling weights, the agony and the ecstasy is almost too much for the long suffering slave to bear!
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AmericanMeanGirls – Caning Madness

This particular clip is JUST the CANING portion of this slave’s Torment test…it was really struggling to survive this haha. Which made us enjoy tormenting it even MORE, tbh lol.
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FemdomEmpire – Raven Bay – Owned by Raven

Your dream of being completely owned by Goddess Raven is officially a reality as she transforms you into the perfect bitch boy. Ohh you thought being a slave was going to be easy? You thought you got to decide what she owns, controls and takes from you? You were wrong! Your mind, your body and your wallet now belong to your Goddess whether you like it or not.
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Clubstiletto – Hard For Trans Cock

It’s party night and a couple of slaves are lucky enough to be in the presence of Mistress Kandy, Miss Jasmine, Koi Erotica, and the well-endowed TS Goddess Ms. Staci. The girls enjoy some drinks as they make slave 1 suck slave 2. The women rest their feet on #2, twist his nipples, and verbally abuse both slaves, in general. Staci uses #1’s back as a stool, which allows you to have a few glimpses of her cock. Jasmine moves onto the chest and then the face of #2 while Koi twists his nipples.

Jasmine moves off his face in order to stroke his dick and give #1 a chance to catch his breath, while Staci shifts positions in order to fully expose her cock. She places her foot on #1’s back and forces his mouth down on #2’s cock. Throughout the entire scene, poor slave 2 gets his nipples tortured until he’s finally permitted to get up and told to suck Staci’s cock. It turns out that sucking TS cock is just what the doctor ordered because he’s soon rock-hard! This impresses Jasmine so she starts to stroke him and the race is on to see who comes first. Staci starts to thrash about and moan, before she delivers a load of hot cum down the throat of #2, who is denied release. Such is the life of a lowly slave!
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RubberEmpire – Rock his Balls – Lady Lilith

Rubber Goddess Lady Lilith knows how to handle the balls from her Slave. She rock his Balls with every whip on his ass and make him cracy with every soft touch to his dick and the poor slave must endure everything in his absolute degradation helpless and uncomfortable position. So Rock his Balls!
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MeanBitches – Kat Dior 3

Mistress Kat Dior is the Master of Mind Games. She taunts and teases slave jason until his head is spinning with confusion. He grows weaker and weaker as she degrades him and ruins his self esteem. She uses him and abuses him… all for her amusement!
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