CfnmTV – Jaime, fitness bighead part 2

Jaime’s cockiness has got him into trouble. Some of the lads have stripped him stark naked and left him alone in the nightclub toilet. But he’s not alone for long. When a group of women arrive to powder their noses they seize the opportunity to have some fun with the hunky fitness trainer.
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CfnmTV – Going for the Gold Part 4

The doctor’s offer to give Mr Hastings the same treatment as Steve is just too good for him to refuse. It takes him less than a fraction of a second to say yes and he immediately starts stripping off in preparation for his turn on the treatment table.
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CfnmTV – Breakdown Part 4

After accidentally breaking Yasmin’s much-loved and priceless vase, things have gone from bad to worse for businessman Ian. It started off fairly innocently with him having to wear a kinky outfit for the women’s pleasure. But it has quickly escalated into something far more humiliating. With photographs to blackmail him the women know he has to do whatever they say. And they are more than happy to use their power for their own financial
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CumCountdown – Smelly Shoes And Socks – Goddess Nikki

Which do you love better slave, my smelly shoes or my smelly socks? You can’t decide can you because you are addicted to my foot stink no matter where it is. Well I’ll be nice today and let you smell both. Who knows, I may even let you cum.
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DominatrixAnnabelle – Hypnosis! I have you under my Spell!

Stunning combination of sensual stimulation, taking hobson deep into a state of hypnosis, while he remains bound in my cast iron chair. A breath-taking intense eroticism, heightening all the senses, as I caress his face with my velvety lips, stroking his caged cock with my leather gloved hands, teasing and tormenting until he’s ready to burst from his metal cage! WOW!

I can feel his body tremble, as I continue whispering into his ear, lacing his throbbing penis with liquid silk, massaging it in with my leather gloved fingers. I slip my skirt off, and continue to tease his penis, sitting on him, oh my gorgeous fully fashioned nylon seamed stockings, lacy lingerie, corseted waist. As I continue to tease, leaning into his face, feeling his lips stroking my neck, sweet kisses, heavy breathing, panting, moaning. It’s almost too much to bear . . . . . !
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There’s a sense of power with me that you don’t get with anyone else. You’ve watched my videos time and time again and you’re devoted to me utterly. I can see that in you. My voice is the inner monologue in your mind. My power can reach in and do as it likes inside that mind of yours. I want this control to be complete over you. I want to be able to snap my fingers and send you spiraling down into trance in a moment. No induction. No countdown. Instant. This is your ultimate goal. If my videos have not already brainwashed your mind for total control, then that is your assignment. You’ll be mine in an instant.
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KatesPalace – Make Yourself Fuckable 1-3

Courtesy of Carmen Rivera

Part 1: The birthday of the ever horny house slave just has to be celebrated! That’s certainly what LADIES ELENA and CARMEN think. You know THEY mean to show him a good time when THEY take the special trouble to handcuff his wrists to his swollen balls. Celebrating with bio-champagne, THE JUBILANT MISTRESSES open the party with a bang and quickly get his cock so jerky it seems electric. THESE GIRLS know how to get a joint jumping. THEY soon have him stepping so lively he dances his party hat off his head. When he gets thirsty, LADY CARMEN is only too happy to share HER birthday bubbly. His nipples may seem saggy at first, but before he knows it, THESE CELEBRATRIXES have got EVERYTHING dancing to THEIR tune. Just goes to show; you can teach a birthday dog all kinds of new tricks. THEY’RE both so pleased THEY open THEIR presents just for him. No birthday party would be the same without balloons, and THESE GRACIOUS LADIES have lots of ’em. The birthday boy seems extra fond of LADY CARMEN’S special water balloons. And the beating goes on as THE BABES keep pounding rhythm to his ass.

Part 2: Not everybody wants a hard paddle-spanking at their birthday party, but you wouldn’t be watching this if you weren’t one of the chosen few, would you, so enjoy! The slave certainly seems to be having fun, expressing his gratitude after every love pat, as well he should. And what would a properly bizarre birthday party be without a bizarre birthday cake to match. THE SADOPARTY GIRLS have by no means been neglectful. THEY drill the birthday candles down deep into the sensitive slave meat, so they won’t topple over. Then THEY light them right up, so they can drizzle their hot wax where it will be most appreciated. After helping HERSELF to a piece of birthday cake, LADY CARMEN makes sure the slave pigs his fill. Naturally, it’s also necessary to get his candlestick holder ready for a little serious service, so THE HORNY LADIES freshen it up and give it a good polishing while those six birthday candles get better and better at lighting up his party mood. To show him just how enabling THEY BOTH can be, THEY allow him to decorate his own cake. Naturally, THEY’LL be serving him another big piece of it, and a very happy birthday it will be.

Part 3: Tightly fastened to the Fuck Bench, the birthday slave awaits an unexpected experience from a totally unexpected guest. Mr. P wastes no time making sure that his arrival is not taken for granted. After the slave is shown the unspeakable honour of polishing that hard Pirthday candle, THE LADIES return with the joyful news that it’s finally time to run him through THEIR fuckability test; and if THEIR candles aren’t realer, THEY certainly are a whole lot longer and fatter than the real thing. Before he can holler ‘Help me, mama!’ THEY’VE stuffed both his holes to the birthday brim. THEY soon have the slave wishing he was born everyday – right there in the PALATIAL HOME of the Red Hot Whopper. A noble premium bubbly enema provides only a brief cooling off before Mr. P parties the gaping asshole way out of bounds to its final spermiful climax. The slave’s fucking ability has now been properly demonstrated. Talk about having your cake and eating it too. It’s finger-licking good in there.with or without the whipped cream. “Happy Birthday to whatever is left of you, slave!”
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FemdomEmpire – Cock Cum Guzzler – Angela White

Good boys swallow and Mistress Angela White loves to make sure her slave boy is always reminded of that. She uses her big strap-on cock to tease and humiliate her restrained bitch while stroking his lubed up cock. Mistress Angela milks the cum out from his balls right onto her dick and immediately shoves it down his throat making him gag and choke on his own semen.
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Clearly, I’m having a horrible time during this scene, and regret my decisions to enter the adult workforce and it’s just so hard to get up in the morning and force myself to fake my way through scenes like this and make boys blubber while playing doctor. Woe is me. Hahahahahaha.
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Clubstiletto – Miss Jasmine – Owned and Rewarded

Miss Jasmine is sitting on the bed with her slave but she quickly bounces onto his face. As she removes her stilettos she talks about what he has endured today, including trampling and more, so this is a reward of sorts even though that does mean some kicking for air will occur. Her plump ass looks amazing on his face and you can see he loves it as his cock is rock hard. She scrapes her nails over his cock as she lifts up and he gasps to breath. Now she gently strokes his cock and tugs on his nipples. She is pleased at this ability to hold his breath without making a big fuss. “I own his breath, I own his cock, his body, his orgasms, his entire life” she states.

Now she wiggles her ass on his face and says she could make it all end for him right there and now and it would be a perfect way for him to go. “Imagine the last thing he ever sees is my ass, and imagine the obit, everyone would be so jealous.” Now she moves into a forward position and feeling pleasure from his nose on her pussy she touches her clit. She then stretches her legs out and totally crushes his face with her ass. When he finally starts to kick she comments that his movement feels good on her pussy and then again moves to a reverse position. “Play with yourself” she tells her slave, happy enough with him that she might just let him cum. She grinds her ass all over his face while he strokes his cock. She spends most of the scene sitting on him full weight with only momentary breaths of air allowed. She tells him he can cum as she sits on his face and pulls on his nipples and having not cum in a long time it doesn’t take him long to explode all over his own body. Now he needs air and starts to kick frantically, Jasmine sits firmly and laughs at his predicament.
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DivineBitches – Jan 15, 2019 – Mona Wales, Papa Georgio

Mona Wales milks her daddy’s new associate for assets

Mona Wales knows a man whore when she sees one and Papa Georgio is the biggest man whore around with access to her father’s assets. Georgio doesn’t stand a chance against Mona’s wiles. Impressed by her boldness and eager to serve, Georgio agrees to help her rip off her father. But first Georgio must prove his loyalty and Mona puts him to the test to ensure he won’t crack under pressure. She brings him to his knees and has him worship her stocking-clad legs. She takes him over her knee for a hard spanking before handcuffing him and cropping his cock. She kicks his cock and balls, and laughs as she notices his hard cock is leaking. Mona gags him, ties him up, flogs his chest, and sits on his face. Helplessly turned on, Georgio is so happy to have his body used by a sexy Goddess like Mona. He eagerly laps at her perfect cunt, swearing his fealty. Mona winds a trail of close-pins from his tongue down his chest to his cock. She ties up his cock and balls with twine and then fucks his brains out. She uses his whore cock to for her own pleasure, and cums all over him before allowing him to orgasm. He blows a fat load all over his chest right before Mona rips off the close-pins. Finally, Mona gives this slut what he wants, her hard lady strap-on cock. She milks his prostate with her fingers before fucking his whore ass and taking everything she wants from his body. Georgio trembles in agony and pleasure as Mona plunders his ass. She waterboards him with her squirt and makes him swear loyalty. Georgio swears to be hers and she seals the deal with a final kiss.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Hitchhiker Victim – Part 2

This is the continuation from my wildly popular Hitchhiker Victim Part 1 clip.

My unlucky hitchhiker is beginning to come to consciousness after my special drink had him out for several hours. Honestly, I’m surprised he’s even survived at all to this point. No matter. I’ve decided to have a bit of my own fun with him before he meets his end. See, I have a thing for beautiful places. With all the waterfalls around I’m sure I’ll be able to find a nice spot to get my souvenir from him before sending him to his demise. I’ll jerk him off to get his seed, and then I’ll put him down with my breasts. He should be thankful though. His last glimpse of light will be the lovely waterfall, and then my beautiful breasts. My scent will be his last experience on this earth as his breath leaves him.
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QueensofKink – Cock, Balls and Face Trampling

Down and under my bare FEET as he belongs. His head crushed underneath my FOOT SOLES, his COCK and BALLS stepped on, stomped, busted and tortured. I use him as just another step on my clear staircase. My FEET dominate his body and mind. He must suffer and present himself for torment.
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Clubstiletto – It Feels So Good When We Hurt Him

Lady Bellatrix and Miss Jasmine are together for the first time in a couple years and the first thing they want to do when they get together is hurt a slave. Jasmine is sitting on his face and tells Bellatrix that this slave is pretty good at taking abuse. Jasmine slaps his cock and balls and then Bellatrix squeezes his nuts and twists his cock which forces the slave to blow air up Jasmine’s pussy which she says feels really good, thus leading her to encourage Bellatrix to hurt him someone. Bellatrix cups his balls and slaps them repeatedly while they chat to catch up. They talk a bit about their philosophy but don’t let up on causing the slave to cry out in pain, although it is muffled under Jasmine’s ass.

Bellatrix has had a long 11 hour flight and suggests she would enjoy a bumhole message as well so the two switch positions. Bellatrix settles on his face and Jasmine takes control of his balls from behind. Bellatrix comments that her panties are dirty from the gangbang event she was at the previous night and tells the slave to inhale them. They chat about how cum can often leak out quite a bit later, often to their own surprise. Bellatrix tugs on his nipples and Jasmine twists his cock and balls and comments that he is getting very hard. Bellatrix moves to a forward position so the two ladies are now facing each other. They decide to take turns punching him in the balls and they try to outdo each other which means a lot of pain for the slave. Only Bellatrix’s ass muffles his screams. Jasmine takes it to another level by standing up and crushing down on his balls with her foot and then goes back to punching. This slave is a big fan of ballbusting but these two take it to a whole new level. Just as they are about to stop they notice some pre-cum on his cock. “Pre-cum means he wants more” Jasmine says and the punching resumes.
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SubbyHubby – Kiki Trains the Bitch Part 4: Squirt On His Face

The dildo was nice but Goddess Kiki wants more! She commands her bitch to bring over her Hitachi vibrator. She also makes him put plastic dick sucking lips on so that he can drink all of her juices that are going to squirt out while using her Hitachi. The sissy kneels down before his goddess, still wearing his hot pink dress, chastity cage, pink collar and his dick sucking lips. Goddess Kiki lays back and spreads her legs, letting her vibrator please her. She makes her sissy get right next to her pussy so he can get a close and personal view. She gives herself multiple explosive orgasms and shoots her load all over her sluts face. What a pathetic sissy. Obviously, he loves every humiliating moment! Goddess Kiki has more in store for later. I wonder if he can handle it?
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Clubdom – Vanessa Tortures your Cock and Balls POV

Do you like how your Goddess looks? You better like how your Goddess looks! You know that you want to touch your little cock at the sight of the gorgeous Vanessa Cage. However, it’s not that easy today. Goddess Vanessa wants to torture your cock first. Then, maybe you can play with yourself! Maybe, if Goddess Vanessa allows it. She is going to instruct you to grab your cock and balls, scratch them, smack them and pull on them. You will do whatever your Goddess says. How can you resist?
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