CfnmTV – Prince Ali Backsheesh – A Rich Boy’s Humiliation Part 2

The Headmistress of St Dunstans is not accustomed to not getting her way. So when another country is chosen to host the prestigious International School Sport Day Competition she is determined to get her revenge. And with the wealthy head of the delegation’s 18 year old son attending her school – she has the perfect opportunity to demonstrate she’s not to be trifled with, especially if it gives her an excuse to access his fit athletic body!
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CfnmTV – St.Dunstan’s: Cross Country Runners Part 4

Poor Dennis couldn’t stop himself – the intense sensation of being anally penetrated caused him to spring an erection right in front of Mrs Towne, Zara and Ms Halt. The furious women dismiss him as a model for their article on prostate exams and turn their attentions to a shivering Ed. As the women approach and surround him the terrified young athlete realises he’s going to have to endure the same humiliation as his friend.
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CfnmTV – Naked Bike Ride Virgins Part 6

It’s amazing just what you can get away with if you have a microphone and a determined expression. The naked men taking part in the bike ride believe every word our CFNMTV reporter says. Little do they realise that their nudity is going to be preserved for posterity in a way that would horrify them if they ever found out…
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CfnmTV – St.Dunstan’s: Cross Country Runners Part 2

While Ms Halt and Mrs Towne conduct their inspection of the St Dunstan’s sports pavilion, keen reporter Zara is on the lookout for a scoop. With a nose for a good story, she prowls around the seemingly empty building. She knows her readers aren’t interested in some dry and boring story about the state of the school sports facilities. She wants something juicy that will grab their attention and she’ll do anything to get it.
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CfnmTV – Motor Maintenance Part 4

Carol Leon is upping the pressure on her new employees – and they must satisfy her demands or they’ll be out of a job. Having decided the business is over-manned she thinks a wanking competition would be the fairest way to decide who gets the sack. With the women as judges the men must work themselves up into a frenzy if they want to remain employed.
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CfnmTV – The Cfnm Hotel 4,5,6

PART 4: Margaret and Sarah have decided that the only way to control Ashley’s unnecessary erections is to drain him of his cum. To facilitate this, Margaret has suggested the rigorous use of a vibrator. But while Sarah uses the device to stimulate him, an angry Miguel has barged in and is shocked at what he sees.

PART 5: With Ashley’s balls drained of sperm and the poor lad lying exhausted on the bench, Sarah decides that it’s time to teach Miguel a lesson in manners. She’s not happy with the aggressive way the big Spaniard is behaving so pulls him aside and shoves her fingers up his arse.

PART 6: Sarah is determined to bring the angry Spanish lifeguard down a peg or two. Probing his arse with her fingers clearly wasn’t enough – so she decides to take things further. Draining him of his sperm should calm the big man down. So with great gusto she grabs hold of his penis and starts to wank him off.
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CfnmTV – Nurses 4,5,6

PART 4: John came into this office for a routine physical examination, then the lady doctor and nurse began carrying out a test that involves playing with his dick. Now they have him naked and tied so he can’t move his arms! It’s like they have some sinister sadistic plan but because the girls are in a position of authority he knows he shouldn’t question them. He thinks he must get through this to receive a clean bill of health.

PART 5: Big dumb rugby player John has no idea that the real doctor and nurse are bound and gagged in the cupboard in the very room that is the scene of his humiliation. While they squirm at the sounds of his pain, the two imposters are having a whale of a time with their plaything…

PART 6: John is stricken with an unbearable urge to ejaculate like he’s never had before. The perpetual toying with his penis, the tender kissing from the nurse and strangely the way they took his temperature earlier, have made his balls full of hot eager come.
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PantyhoseTherapy – The New NEW Workout Plan

Leg day for me means a squeezy thigh-fucking routine (there are some pretty decent reps in there; seriously workin up a sweat.) (I did, too!) Hard to say who’s going to be more sore tomorrow. Not me. Probably you.
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BratPrincess – Try and Survive This Trio of Asses

Three cruel girls, one old loser. Can he survive being smothered by the trio of big, perfect booties? It might just be too much ass! The girls take turns smothering and riding him. They want to control his breath completely. Losers shouldn’t think for themselves, let alone breathe. They should be told when to do that, too. The old loser’s face turns purple and blue. He will never even get to touch the ass that’s controlling his life. The girls all take off their leggings so that they can face sit him in their thongs. They take turns bouncing their bare cheeks on his loser face. What a tease! The loser must admit that he could never date or fuck a girl like the hot trio riding his face. The girls get very excited watching the loser’s veins start to pop out of his bald head from lack of oxygen. They giggle gleefully while he suffers.
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AmericanMeanGirls – Trampled by Designer Heels

This slave needs to suffer for me- just because I say so. And I think its funny that it loves my needle-thin designer heels, but they hurt him sooo much! Awww.poor slave LOL! Too bad. Slaves were MEANT to be walked all over! I mock it for being hurt so much underneath these heels that another slave bought me- just so that he could suffer underneath them!

I demand that this slave buy me a pair as well- but he eventually admits that he can’t afford it after I tell them how much they cost! (Haha I tell him that these shoes are worth more than his pathetic life!) So being the genius Mean Girl that I am, I make a decision and inform the slave that the sales of this clip will go toward buying a new pair of Louboutins for MY perfect feet! So since he is a broke loser slave, he just needs to SUFFER under my stilettos for as long as I decide it will take to earn me a new pair! And the longer he suffers.the more profit it will contribute toward my next pair of designer heels!

And I even make this loser THANK ME for letting him “pay for” another pair of ridiculously expensive heels for my perfect feet in this manner- and BEG me to keep standing on him for as long as it takes to contribute to my shoe collection with his suffering!

Do YOU want to suffer under my heels, slave?? Then beg and PAY me for it, bitch!
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Humiliatrix – Princess Remi Promises to Let You Make a Worship Puddle


“You’ve been such a good shopping slave, lavishing me with everything I want. And now for your reward all you want is to drop to your knees, praise Princess Remi, and pump your throbbing little penis for me, until give you the cum command and let you make a mercy squirt. Is that what you want?…”
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PantyhoseTherapy – Niteflirtin Footjobbin

I’m a master of the multitask, using my melifluous guttertalk to get a pantyhose addict hard during a phone call–while using my pantyhosed toed, soles and gusset to cocktease my client into a weeping, leaking mess. Doubly denied — double the begging — do I give in, let either of them have that pantyhose climax?
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MeanBitches – Courtney Taylor POV Slave Orders 7

You were in a terrible accident and have been in a coma for the last two days. When you wake up , your wife tells you that to save your life, the doctor had to cut two inches off of your cock. Your wife tells you that no one could love a man like you with a tiny cock… HOT POV CUCKOLD, ASS WORSHIP,…
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DirtyTransDolls – Transdoll sex swing sodomy part 2

he fucking continues as I penetrate my TransDoll deep with my strap-on cock. She is such a dirty slut and always so horny!Once she has been pounded enough, I play with her clitty and make her cum hard.
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FetishLiza – Spunk on My Blue Jeans

Do you like my new jeans? Doesn’t my ass look amazing in it? Would you like to feel it on your face? Would you like to ride your cock inbetween my denim thighs? Just like this guy? I bet you can wait to shoot your load all over my booty in jeans. That is just so hot!
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DirtyDommes – Slave girl enforced to cum part 1

Seance in the dungeon with my cute slave girl and my obedient and horny slave boy. Today it is their task to amuse me and give me a little show. I want to see my slave girl be the best slut she can be and I want her fucked hard. Her nipples will be pulled and tortured, her mouth filled with his cock and she will get her ass plugged as well.
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GloveMansion – Handjob by doctor and patient part 2

What a lucky naughty patient! He finds himself in the capable gloved hands of Doctor Liza and her sexy female patient Tina. Both ladies love to tease his cock with their surgical gloves and bring him to a messy orgasm together.
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SubbyHubby – Raven and Alissa’s New Hire Part 3: Chindo slave

Sissy Cami is informed that inadequate sissy’s like himself do not get to fuck their Mistresses with their own tiny useless anatomy. Mistress Raven rams a dildo gag in her slave’s mouth. Cami is forced to please Mistress Alissa with the chindo. Mistress Raven humiliates and directs her slave how to please Mistress Alissa. Slave Cami is forced to pleasure Alissa in several different positions. Raven holds and pushes the slave’s head as he continues to fuck Mistress Alissa with the dildo gag. He is not allowed to stop until Mistress Alissa properly cums as many times as she wants. It’s really hard work being a sissy slut slave.
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GoddessFootjobs – First Time Footjob – Nova Cane

The lovely, young Nova Cane is showing off the pedicure on her sexy size eights. Can you believe no one has ever taken those toes into their mouth? This fortunate fellow is going to shoe Miss Cane what foot worship is all about. Nova is clearly enjoying his oral attentions as her tiny moans and sexy whimpers of pleasure indicate. After giving her savory soles a thorough licking, he wants to show her the proper way to wrap those tender arches around a fat cock. Nova takes to it like a fish to water. She is so lucky to have her first foot loving experience with a dude that really knows what he’s doing. The footjob training progresses to place her in the dominant position, strongly grasping that cock between her sexy feet and wanking away until she gets the splash of warm approval. She has not only experienced something wonderfully memorable, but more importantly Nova Cane has learned that she has yet another way to please a real man by using her sexy bare feet.
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TeaseandThankYou – The Overkill Session – Mistress Mandy

How about we give the new client what he wants? A cell, deep in the house. Real security, excessive straps. How about a second, hooded mistress you can’t see. How about my voice from elsewhere in the house while my partner fucks with you at my direction, always teasing, always denying. Advanced confusion tactics, wires and remotes. Expert fingers. How about I join in and we laugh at you. Two girls, out to haunt your dreams.
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GoddessAlexandraSnow – Shaven Smooth

I’m of the belief that a slave should be fully shaven down in his pubic area at all times. I think pubic hair is not becoming of a slave as it looks and smells dirty and disgusting. If a slave wants his balls handled for any reason, you best bet that won’t be happening if he’s got a scraggly mess of disgusting hairs down there. It’s unbecoming of a true submissive. So today’s lesson is going to be about shaving. How you should best shave your balls without injury or razor burn. Then when you’re done, you’re going to experience what a clean, shaven orgasm is going to feel like. With everything so sensitive down there, you’re never going to want to go au natural down there ever again. So go to the store and pick up some women’s shaving cream. You’re going to shave those disgusting things clean for me today.
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FemdomEmpire – Strap-on Cock Slut – Mistress Ivy

Before Mistress Ivy can whore out her slave she has to make sure his ass is completely stretched and loosened up for whatever big cocks she shoves in there. Ivy has the perfect strap-on built for stretching out a slave’s fuck-hole and pounds his ass turning him into nothing but a filthy cock slut.
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